Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1390: Arriving in Ferdiand city

Ferdiand city, the capital of Lautreamont Knightdom and the site of the royal castle.

Compared to Ansullivan city, this place is bigger and more developed.

There are planned streets, the infrastructure is also modern. There is a river running through the city like a proper mini country.

The capital is populous. Although it is not yet at the stage where people are crowding out one another, the buildings here were built to be tall. The architecture here also copied those found in Chevron kingdom.

Looking from an aerial view, the capital formed a certain symbol.

It is the sigil of a Star Brand, the insignia of the knightdom. There is also the flag of Chevron built into this formation. This level of architecture is cutting-edge for this world.

Ferdiand also had different segments. The central area is the most developed compared to the other four cardinal directions.

The Dragonars gathered today for a grand ceremony that involved circling the skies of the capital in full coats of arms and serious looks.

These dragonars are all a part of the royal knight order.

With so many VIPs coming to this place, they raised the security level to prevent any mishaps that can devolve into a political mess.

Lancelot & co arrived at the capital as they were met with the magic storm created by hundreds of dragonars emitting their magic powers.

"Princess Silvia!"

The dragonars recognized the princess immediately.

"Thanks for keeping an eye on things!"

Silvia praised them.

With that, the Dragonars dispersed, and they returned to their posts to patrol once more.


Ash is sweating cold bullets.

"Talk about tight security."

"This is the Continental Summit, we need to be careful."

Wu Yan looked at the Maestros flying in the air.

"Even the big countries would feel restrained when they bring out the big guns.

"Of course!"

Silvia puffed her chest out proudly.

"The knights of this country are known throughout the lands as strong and gallant. We might be small but our military might is on par with any country you can think of."

"Because of the dragons' support!"

Eco added.

"Without dragons, where will your country be?"

"We are one, what does it matter?"

Silvia mumbled.

"Don't separate the dragons from Lautreamont people."

"T-That's not what I mean."

Eco turned her head the other way.

"I am just saying, don't forget to give credit where credit is due."

"The knights will always remember the debt of gratitude they owe to their dragons."

Silvia said.

"Eco, don't ever say that again."

"Sheesh, it was my fault for bringing it up, okay?"

Eco relented.

Lancelot slumped down in front of the main gates.

They started sizing up the castle when they arrived.

It looked like a medieval castle. It had the pointy spires one would see on old castles and some other large solitary towers. The shiny exterior suggested that metals were used in the construction of these walls. It would be hard to pierce through such an impregnable defense in the case of a siege.

They looked at the two dragon figureheads in front of the castle doors. They could see glimmers within the eyes of the statues.

Silvia led Wu Yan, Cossette, Eco, and Ash onto a raised platform. Then, they entered the interior. A fancy hall appeared in their sights.

The pompous halls were decked with dragon riders and their dragon Pals. Then, two neat columns of maids are waiting to do their bidding.

There is a head maid type of lady standing near the center, she has glasses. Ignoring the glasses, she would look like an older Cossette.


The maids lowered their heads to bow.

"Princess Silvia!"

The maids greeted the princess loud and clear. Ash and Eco didn't know what to make of this.

Silvia looked at the chief maid.

"Long time no see, Frieda."

"Yes, Princess..."

Frieda stepped forward.

"The king is waiting for you."

"I am showing my friends around."

Silvia said. But, Frieda insisted they follow proper decorum.

"Greet the king first."


Silvia nodded.

Then, Frieda looked at Wu Yan.

Frieda analyzed him before speaking.

"Lord Rowan, I presume?"


Wu Yan continued.

"What about me?"

"The king ordered me to pass a message."

Frieda said.

"He will meet Lord Rowan with the Princess in tow."


Wu Yan frowned.

"S-So soon?"

Silvia also gasped.

"Is he that desperate?"

"Please, come with me."

Frieda said, she gestured for them to move along.

What a haughty maid.

Wu Yan nodded.

"Sure, whatever."


Silvia sighed.

"We will go on ahead first."

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