Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1394:

At night, Ferdiand city appeared to be no dimmer than its dusk.

Colorful lights lit up the city as night fell.

There are dragons flying around in the sky. Hence, the presence of dragons and airships meant that lights had to be used to differentiate friends from foes.

The lights in the skies mostly came from the patrolling guards.

These days, the night is brighter than usual because of the tightened security as the Continental Summit draws near.

A large airship was cruising toward the capital.

It is bigger than Veronica’s Silvanus.

Like a giant cruise ship with wings, the metallic construct dominated the sky with its immense size.

The lights from the guards converged on the flag of the ship before they returned to their patrol routes.

They allowed this huge airship to enter.

This ship belonged to the Zepharos empire.

There is a giant crest at the side of the airship.

That is the crest of a famed noble, the Viderhausen house.

The old emperor of Zepharos chose to send VIderhausen to represent him for reasons of ill health.

There is a blonde guy with a pair of gray eyes standing on the main deck. Near him, a guy in a silver mask stood ready.

Milgauss accompanied this blonde man. Klaus Viderhausen, the heir of the Viderhausen is attending this time’s Continental summit.

Klaus took Milgauss in when he needed him the most.

Milgauss is now working with Klaus.

“The capital of the Lautreamont Knightdom, hmm…”

Klaus swirled the red wine in his cup.

“Looks pretty, but, not my taste.”

Klaus looked at the Maestros flying around in the skies. He was mesmerized by the dragons.

“On the contrary, these majestic creatures, their tout bodies, those elegant flights, impressive powers, I just can’t enough of them.”

“Let us end the empty talk here.”

Milgauss said.

“Is it ready?”

Milgauss talked in a brash manner with his boss. Klaus isn’t mad, he just sighed.

“Cold as ever, but, that is a part of your charm, I suppose…”

Klaus chuckled.

“Yes, the magic equipment we dug up is being prepped for deployment. The experts are infusing Millenium Fafnirites into it.”

“Millenium Fafnirites, eh?”

Milgauss nodded.

These millennium Fafnirites are not simple secretions from dragons.

These are fossilized magical remains of dead dragons.

The energies stored up within these crystals over countless years can be compared to the full magic reserves of a grown dragon.

Incredibly potent and rare, these crystals are normally used as fuel for airships. These crystals are generally not used on equipment.

To need such a high concentration of power, that magic equipment must be extraordinary.

And, they brought the machine with them.

“Okay, what’s the progress?”

“The prep work is mostly done. However, with the Millenium Fafnirites in it, you need to be careful with the equipment. Final checking might be in order…”

“You need more time?”

Milgauss frowned.

“We don’t have time to spare.”

“A night, that is the minimum prep time we need.”

Klaus giggled.

“We can start our experiment tomorrow afternoon.”


Milgauss looked down at Ferdiand city.


“Why are you so worried?”

Klaus swirled his wine again.

“I need that equipment to work. Although, I am still skeptical of its effects.”

Milgauss turned around, Klaus wasn’t smiling anymore.

“Can that equipment make the Avalon imperial dragon’s scion awaken? Can I see her true form?!”

Milgauss growled.

“Are you doubting me?”

“No no no, I would never.”

Klaus said.

“I believe you, my beloved Milgauss…”

“Klaus, just trust me on this.”

Milgauss snorted.

“Follow my words and the powers of the dragons will be yours. With the might of the dragons backing you, the emperor’s seat is as good as yours.”

Klaus showed a look of avarice when he mentioned the emperor’s position.

“I am looking forward to that day, Milgauss…”

Klaus gazed up at the dancing dragons in the distance.

“Truly beautiful creates, the power they have, I will use those superhuman powers to get the emperor’s seat!”

With Klaus in his daydream, Milgauss decided to part ways with him.


Klaus asked.

“Where are you going?”

“Getting the experiment materials.”

Milgauss said.

“We need experiment materials, the equipment isn’t enough.”

Klaus grinned.

“Sure, go catch that feisty young material.”

Klaus said. Then, Milgauss entered the interior of the airship.

As he walked along the dark paths, the slit in his silver mask revealed a pair of bestial eyes.

Those eyes looked serpentine, like those of a mix of tigers, wolves, and foxes.

No, those eyes belonged to a dragon.

Milgauss sneered when he thought about his plans that are coming to fruition.

“Scion of the Avalons, also that white dragon…”

“Eco, Rowan, I am coming for you…”

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