Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1395: Jumping in the tub? Together?


Wu Yan threw himself into the bed of a presidential suite. He looked up at the posh ceiling before sighing in relief.

In the quiet room, he could hear something ticking away. He looked at the source of the sound on his wrist.

It is a silver watch that was made from costly materials.

It is also proof of a Dragonar.

Only those with Maestros can call themselves Dragonars.

When citizens evolve their dragons to Maestros, they will get these watches.

Before this, Veronica made him fight a duel as part of a bet.

He came out of that duel as the victor after trouncing Captai Ursula who was known as the strongest Arch Dragonar. He got Veronica’s approval and this watch is the proof.

He demonstrated incredibly deft fighting skills, and his dragon's white flames far exceeded the powers of any Maestros known throughout history. It was also apparent to the viewers that his dragon had an aura that far surpassed normal Maestros. His dragon also emitted immense magic power during the duel.

Just using the white flames was enough to get the title. The weird nature of the white flames themselves was the icing on the cake.

Taking into consideration the fact that he defeated Ursula, the title of Dragonar is beneath him.

He defeated the strongest Arch Dragonar. The very least they could have given him was the title of an Arch Dragonar.

But, Arch Dragonars need an Arc Armor. He never pulled out his Arc Armor so he was ultimately disqualified from the review to grant him the Arch Dragonar title.

Not that he cared, a title is only useful in this world. It won’t do him any good in other worlds and universes.

In this aspect, the silver watch is a better reward.

He looked at the watch.

“Ah, it’s night already.”

He looked up at the ceiling.

Two days until the Continental Summit.

The leaders and kings of the world will convene and discuss the future of this world.

Wu Yan will attend that event as a bodyguard contracted to the Royal Family.

As a guard, he gets no say at the table.

However, attending this summit is already a big deal in itself. For one thing, once news of this gets out, he will become more famous than ever before.

There is a cap on how many guards one can bring to the summit. Hence, getting chosen as a guard meant that his employers trusted him and his abilities. It was like picking the best out of millions of candidates.

It won’t be long before Wu Yan becomes a figure more famous than Ursula.

Fame is only useful in this world, this is why he never gave fame much thought.

His eyelids felt heavy as he slowly dozed off.

Before he slipped into the sweet embrace of sleep, however, a knock woke him up.

He sat up before patting his cheeks.

“Come in.”

“Sorry for the intrusion.”

Cossette’s lovely mien appeared.

“Ah, Cossette.”

Wu Yan greeted her.

“How can I help you?”

“Lord Rowan.”

Cossette giggled.

“The Knight King is hosting a dinner, he asked me to invite you.”

“A banquet?”

Wu Yan sensed trouble.

“Can I sit this one out?”

Cossette wasn’t sure whether she should cry or laugh.

Other than his daughters, Veronica and Silvia, Wu Yan is probably the only one who can turn down a king’s invitation without second thoughts.

“No, I don’t think you can.”

She rolled her eyes.

“The King’s order isn’t a request you can turn down. At least, attend it just to give him some face.”

“Give him some face, hah.”

He rubbed his aching temples.

“Fine, I guess I will go.”


“Please, take a bath before you go.”

“Jeez, I need to take a dip before attending a banquet? Sucks being a royal…”

Wu Yan shook his head.

“Whatever, I am going.”


Cossette bowed while leading Wu Yan there.

He failed to notice the cheeky glimmer in Cossette’s eyes when he agreed.

Ferdinand, in a large bathhouse that had bathroom pools that were basically mini-lakes.

With steam in the air and shampoo permeating the area, the bathroom smelled like a lake in the forest.

A naked lady is currently soaking in the huge tub.

Her tantalizing mammaries floated near the surface, dyed red by the warm water, and her glossy golden locks went well with her beautiful face.

Leaning against the statue of the founding Knight King, Silvia wiped her body down with distant eyes.

It looks like she is thinking about Milgauss.

She is hoping that Milgauss is Julius but she doesn’t want to accept that outcome either.

She should be happy since her brother didn’t die.

However, that would also mean her brother survived and became a giant menace to her country as he tried to destroy Ansullivan and her school.


Silvia sighed, she stretched a bit as her natural baby bottles jiggled.

Then, a sound came.

“She’s here…”


Silvia stood up.

“I should get out.”

She froze when she heard another sound.

“Cossette, don’t tell me you want to join me for a dip?”

“That sound…”

Silvia’s eyes widened in disbelief.

She knew who it was, that is the sound of the man she will always remember for the rest of her life.

Wu Yan is outside her bathroom!

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