Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1396: Is this coincidence or by design?


Silvia was flabbergasted.

Why is he here?!

She reckoned that her dad had invited Wu Yan for dinner but who would have guessed he would be taking a bath right at the same time as her?!

This royal bath is reserved for the king and his family only. Wu Yan shouldn’t be here.

Did she mishear?

No, she couldn’t be.

“Lord Rowan, the dinner is about to begin, you should hurry up.”

“Yes, sure, once you get out.”


“I am a guy, you know I am about to get naked, right?”

“Ara, do you not want lil’ ol me to get in the bath with you?”

“Sounds like a good offer but this is the men’s bath, no?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, this bath is a little special, only invited guests can enter.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to make me meet up with girls inside the bathroom?”

“No, I assure you only VIPs can enter.”

“Okay, fine, I am not a VIP.”

“It’s fine…”

“No, I think you’re acting suspicious. I am going to a normal bath.”

“Lord Rowan, as an esteemed guest, how can I make you go take a dip in a normal bath?”


“Just leave it to me…”

“Fine, have it your way…”

Silvia finally recognized the culprit.

Her maid, Cossette is up to it again!

Silvia is shivering with anger.

Her maid got her here.

In other words, this was pre-meditated!

“You cheeky little…”

Silvia gnashed her teeth.

“Lord Rowan, go on…”


Silvia started panicking when a masculine silhouette approached her in the bathroom.

Silvia dived into the pool before swimming behind the statue.

Wu Yan entered the bath. Then, he leaned against the statue where Silvia was hiding at.

“Hmm, nice smell, this isn’t your average perfume…”

Wu Yan assessed.

“Don’t tell me someone was using this bath?”

He guessed correctly.

Silvia’s heart started thumping as her face went red.

The two of them were separated by a statue.

She could see his body if she peeked. In fact, her mind started wandering to previously known areas of Wu Yan’s body.

She saw Wu Yan and his sheathed Excalibur on Silvanus when they bathed together. Recalling this only served to make her blush harder.

She is a princess. How can she be thinking about his moist, glistening and cut body?

Yet, the more she tried not to think about him, the further her fantasies went until her blood boiled with youthful passion.

Silvia almost fainted when she heard something.


Wu Yan heard someone splashing in the bath. He opened his eyes to look at the source.

Then, he pinched his nose on reflex.

He could see a voluptuous female figure in the distance. She wasn’t even trying to hide her swimsuit spots.

Her Howitzers bounced around as she waddled over.

Her porcelain white skin tinged with the blush of a young maiden, that scene unfurled in front of his eyes.

She had a towel but she isn’t afraid to show him her goods. She rubbed away the slight sweat on her cheeks as Wu Yan felt his blood gushing.


He didn’t expect to see her here.

“Yo-you’re too generous.”

“Lord Rowan, you’re behaving unlike when you were bathing with the Princess….”

Cossette fidgeted with puppy eyes.

“Are you hating the idea of skinny dipping with me?”

“No, I don’t hate it.”

Wu Yan suppressed his urges.

“This is much more stimulating than I had imagined…”

“Oh, really?”

Cossette gave him a dazzling smile.

“Lord Rowan, there is something more interesting waiting for you…”

“There is?”

Splish splash

Before he could react, Cossette glomped him. Her feminine scent and floral perfume overwhelmed his nasal cavity. She combined her purplish eyes with her tender voice in a deadly combo.

“Lord Rowan, allow me to massage you…”

With her curvy body pushing up against him, Wu Yan could feel any part of her body if he just moved slightly.

He subconsciously wrapped his arm around her lower back. Evil ideas appeared in his mind.

“Rather, let me do the honor.”

Wu Yan started touching her up and down as she moaned.

The two started getting into the heat of the moment when one of them was close to increasing the volume of fluid in the water by releasing her pleasure.

But, a voice stopped them. It was a voice of shame, hysteria, and anger.


Silvia jumped out from behind the statue before parting the two lovebirds.

“Shameless! You lewd fiends!”

She trembled as she shook Cossette.

“I couldn’t believe it, my own maid, playing with a man in the bath!”


Cossette feigned ignorance but a part of her knew she would come out sooner or later.

“Why are you here?”

“Why am I here?”

Silvia got angry.

“You’re the…”

Silvia shoved her before she could finish.

“My hand slipped!”


Silvia fell toward a stout body.

Wu Yan caught her with his torso.

They fell down into a shallow area of the bath. Silvia was on top of him.

Wu Yan subconsciously gasped but this only opened up Silvia’s mouth.

Silvia also accidentally slid her tongue into his mouth.

Silvia’s eyes widened while Wu Yan opened his mouth further.

Then, the two started the snakes of their mouths in a sensual dance.

Moans and panting sounds filled the bath.

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