Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1397: The dinner, a tough one to swallow

Ferdian city, inside a luxurious hall.

There are statues lining the corridor that stretched into the ceilings.

There are also sofas, chairs, tables, and lamps lighting up the place. The hall led to a huge door at the end that would open up to reveal a dining room fit for kings.

Wu Yan was in one of the rooms meant for guests as Cossette got him into a suit. After that, she adjusted his tie outside the room as Ash approached them while tugging his own tie. Meanwhile, Eco is staring ferociously at the door to the dining hall.

This dragonoid girl is already thinking about huffing down the food beyond that door.


Wu Yan is already annoyed by the tight clothes he is wearing.

“I can’t believe we need to go through so many hoops just to dine with the king.”

Preparation time took 2 hours.

Wu Yan ended up tonguing this kingdom’s princess after Cossette set him up. Then, they started picking out clothes for the dinner. After picking out one set of clothes from a tiny pile of clothes, they started rehearsing proper etiquette in another room.

Why do they have to trouble themselves with so many hurdles?

Just eating dinner took up 3 hours of a single day.

This is too much hassle for anyone.


Ash also grumbled.

“But, since we are dining with the king, we should respect the customs.”

“Ash is right, for once…”

Cossette tidied up Wu Yan’s clothes.

“The palace court is just another battlefield. In the past, people without manners brought the king much trouble so with hefty punishments waiting for transgressors, it is wise that you take this seriously.”

“Keeping up with appearances, huh?”

Wu Yan thought about the epic leap Ozwald did just to try and hug Silvia. He denied the notion immediately.

“Nah, I don’t think this king needs to worry about other people’s etiquette.”

Ash and Eco were puzzled but Cossette who was in on the joke giggled.

She knew about Ozwald’s antics.

The king needs to improve himself first before worrying about other people.

A lady in a blue dress appeared as her high heels clacked along the ground.

She looked like a blue lotus blossoming quietly in the room. Everyone looked at her.

Other than her exposed shoulders, they could see her lithe legs peeking out from her ballroom dress.

She was, without a doubt, beautiful.

Silvia came armed with elegance and beauty.


Eco’s jaw dropped.

She looked like a true noble with the air to boot. Is this the same diligent Silvia they knew?


Ash praised without thinking about it.

Wu Yan is also momentarily stunned by her beauty.

“W-what are you guys doing?”

Silvia isn’t used to being gawked at by her friends like this.

“Is there something wrong with my dress?”

“No, it isn’t your dress, Princess…”

Cossette giggled. She whispered in her ears.

“They think you look pretty…”


Silvia started blushing like her usual self.

“Not bad.”

Wu Yan meant it.

“You should wear this more often.”

Silvia turned beet red immediately. His scrutinizing gaze felt like hot lasers on her pink flesh.

Wu Yan chortled when it looked like Silvia might run away embarrassed.

After what they did in the bathroom, this is hardly shocking.

In the royal bath, Silvia fell on top of Wu Yan when Cossette shoved her. Then, they kissed like one of those cliché animes one would see slapped with a harem tag.

The two realized minutes later that they were French-kissing one another in the bath like hot-blooded couples. Nay, they kissed for close to 10 minutes. Silvia ran away in shame when she realized what they had done together.

She is already doing great by presenting herself before him.

He shrugged after Silvia averted her gaze.

“Yeah, let’s leave the small talk here.”

“The king is waiting for you guys.”

Cossette started urging them to proceed to the dining hall.

“Princess, Lord Rowan, Eco-chan, Lord Ash, come with me…”


Ferdiand city, royal dining hall.

A long dining table almost 10 meters long appeared in front of them. Ozwald guffawed when Wu Yan & co entered.

“Finally here? I was waiting for ages!”

“The knight king…”

Ash tensed up when he looked at the ruler of this nation.

This friendly elder is the leader of their country.

As a commoner, he was nervous at the prospect of meeting the king.

“Come, don’t feel restrained…”

Ozwald assured them.

“This is just a small dinner, be at ease…”

“Ash, relax…”

Silvia reminded him.

“You’re acting rude by being overly cautious. As an Ansullivan student, you should treat things with a calm mind.”

“Silvia, you’re here too, eh?”

Before she can finish her lecture, an iron-like voice came from behind her.

“This voice…”

Silvia twitched before twitching her marionette-like neck around to see Veronica grinning at her.

Silvia’s face turned pale.

“As expected, you’re still acting like this.”

Veronica’s hawk-like eyes were trained on her. She didn’t like what she saw.

“Scaredy princess…”


Silvia backed away. She stuttered like a panicky rat in front of a cat.


Wu Yan retorted.

“What happened to react with a calm mind?”

Silvia lowered her head in shame.

“Anyway, let’s eat…”

Ozwald threw her a lifeline.

“Take your seats, everybody…”

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