Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1403: A giant dragon and the obedient Maestros

“Wh-what in the world is that thing?”

The festive was gone by now. The people at the masked ball looked at the scenery outside.

Everyone could see a giant egg with wings outside.


Mesmerized by the thing. She loosed her hold on Wu Yan’s arm.

The other attendees were also dazzled by the beautiful sight.

Only Wu Yan is looking at the sky with a serious face.

He could feel the magic power coming from the egg. It had a magic power level equivalent to pure-blooded vampires in the Strike the Blood Universe. He also felt a foreign presence.

“Ash… Eco…”

Wu Yan gnashed his teeth.

“Don’t tell me…”

“Look, the dragons!”

The perceptive nobles pointed in a certain direction.

Dozens of dragons flew in from all directions. They gathered near the giant egg in their knight armor. Although these dragons were outnumbered by other normal dragons. These bigger dragons were Maestros and there were hundreds of them.

These Maestros with knight armor are most likely Pals of the Royal Knights. Only the Lautreamont Knightddom had this many Maestros in it.

But, the masters of these dragons are missing.

What is happening?


Silvia gasped.


One of the dragons flying to the egg was Lancelot.

“Lancelot! Where are you going?!”

Silvia tried to summon him back.

Lancelot didn’t emerge from the summoning portal.


Silvia turned pale.

“He just disobeyed me?”

“Hmm, the dragon didn’t listen, huh?”

Wu Yan looked at the scene.

“It appears these dragons disobeyed their masters, that’s why we don’t see them on their dragons.”


Silvia also couldn’t believe her eyes.

The Maestros all stopped listening to their masters.

This isn’t a joke.

If the Lautreamont Knightdom lost the support of the dragons, the country would be facing a new crisis.

If the other nations attacked then the outnumbered Knightdom will fall without the support of the dragons.

They can’t sit idly by.

“What is going on?”

Silvia trembled.

“Why did the dragons rebel? What is the giant egg?”

“I can’t tell for sure.”

Wu Yan looked at the giant egg. The feathers on the magical wing fell onto the city in a magical cascade.

Then, the surface of the giant egg cracked open.

Everyone jumped back in shock.

Crack crack crack

The sound of the giant egg breaking open started speeding up.

Then, the giant egg with wings shattered.


The giant egg exploded as a brilliant light overwhelmed the entire capital.

The piercing light caused them to shut their eyes subconsciously.

Silvia also closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, the giant egg was gone.

Instead, there is a gigantic dragon of unimaginable size.

It was easily hundreds of times bigger than a fully-grown Maestro. It was even bigger than the airships around it.

It had pink hair and red eyes. There are three horns jutting out from its head. One horn stood to each side while the middle horn poked out at the center of the dragon’s skull like a Unicorn’s horn.

The dragon had a metallic coat of scales. The scales were filled with energies that could be seen pulsing along organically. The wings of the dragon were also of an avian nature than a scaly reptile’s wing.

It would be more accurate to call it a dragon with two pairs of angelic wings.

They all had the same thought.

What is that thing?

The giant dragon roared as the clouds around it got sent flying into the distance by the shockwaves.

At the center of the middle horn is a humanoid figure. He was in his birthday suit.

His nether regions were hidden beyond the dragon’s thick skin. Meanwhile, the human male was suspended inside the horn with his magical emblem shining brightly.

Silvia’s eyes widened.



Wu Yan assessed.

If that is Ash then Eco…

“She’s the dragon…”

Wu Yan looked at the bellowing dragon.

“Eco turned into that, huh?”

The dragon stomped as it fell from the sky.


The airships of the Zepharos empire got crushed like toys.

“W-What is going on?!”

Klaus started yelling like he rehearsed this all night long.

“The dragon of the knightdom destroyed my nation’s advanced ships!”

They started making a ruckus.

“You sicked your dragons on us?”

“Are you starting a war?”


Silvia took off her mask. She pointed her finger at Klaus.

“Are you slandering my nation?”

“Princess, look outside….”

Klaus shook his head.

“A dragon which should be under your care just destroyed our airships. We can see it clear as day!”


Silvia balled her palms into fists.

Only the people of the Knightdom can make contracts with dragons.

There is only one case of a Chevron citizen contracting a dragon. Even then, it was by the Dragon Mother’s design.

If dragons started attacking, it almost always looked like the Lautreamonts were behind it.

This is why public opinion turned against Silvia.

Zepharos will definitely use this as leverage against them in the upcoming summit.

Lautreamont Knightdom is in trouble now.

Klaus sneered when a calm voice curbed his enthusiasm.

“Nope, I don’t see it.”

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