Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1406: Mordred's dread

In a hallway leading to the ballroom...

The sound of metal boots hitting the floor drove anxiety into anyone who heard it. Veronica was hurrying to the dance floor.

Veronica miscalculated.

Because of Milgauss, she tightened security and made her subordinates stand ready to inspect anyone suspicious. She also told them to keep an eye on the airships.

She planned to quash any attempts before they can pull off their plans.

However, a dragon emerged in the end.

The dragons went out of control. This means the entire royal knight order is out of commission.

Lautreamont had one fatal weakness. They relied too much on their dragons. Without dragons, the power of the nation fell drastically.

Veronica found this situation vexing.

Even so, she must protect the VIPs in the ballroom.

If they died while a dragon went on a rampage, other nations might band together to attack them.

Even if it is only for the benefit of the nation, she must forsake the citizens for now. The VIPs come first.

Only her superhuman strength could protect these people.

As for Glenn...

"Did you reconnect with your Pal?"


Glenn sighed. He wasn't in his Arc Armor anymore.

"It isn't listening to me. It also won't give me an Arc Armor. The other knights are also reporting the same thing. Even Ursula lost contact with Galahad. They are all hovering in the sky near the giant dragon."

"Even Ursula, huh?"

Veronica gnashed her teeth.

"We are severely weakened. Without the dragons, it won't be hard for other nations to invade."

"I deeply regret my powerlessness."

Glenn lowered his head.

Glenn is only slightly stronger than average humans. Without his Arc Armor and Pal, he can't even beat immature dragons.

Protecting Veronica is already out of his current abilities. She can't expect him to alleviate the situation.

Finally, Glenn saw his weakness.

"No time for regrets."

Veronica said.

"We must protect the VIPs. Don't let a single one be harmed or our nation will never hear the end of it. Save your remorse for after we clean up this mess."

Glenn turned serious.

"Yes, Madam!"

Veronica and Glenn continued running to the ballroom.

Eco and Mordred's fiasco exploded the Fafnirite lamps in the room. It is hard to see inside this room.

Veronica and Glenn can only make out two faint figures in the dark.

Silvia and Julius were here.



Julius turned around when he noticed their presence.

"Long time no see, Veronica, Glenn..."


Veronica raised an eyebrow while Glenn almost glomped him.

"Julius, you were alive?"

"I know we have much to talk about but we don't have the time for that."

Julius tried to stop them.

"We have more pressing matters."

Silvia and Julius approached the balcony as they looked at the night sky.

Two giant black dragons were staring each other down.

There is one black dragon with disgusting scales, 9 eyes, and an unconscious male embedded in its head. This dragon oozed an evil aura.

The other dragon is dark too but this dragon had jet-black scales that looked an order stronger than the disgusting dragon.

This awe-inspiring giant dragon had spaulders and dark metal wings. Its claws looked more like gauntlets that had three sharp claws jutting out of them. Its tail had a giant cone at the end that zipped through the air.

This massive dragon had black lightning crackling on and around the dragon. Space twisted near the dragon. No, space itself was torn apart by its presence.

Wu Yan stood on top of the giant black dragon with dark lightning cladding it.

"A dark dragon with black lightning?"

Veronica and Glenn gasped.

"I thought he had a white dragon that spewed white flames?"

"White dragon and white flames?"

Julius looked at the dragon.

"You mean he has another one?"

Veronica mumbled out loud.

"This guy just keeps surprising us."

Ferdiand city, night sky...


Mordred stared in dread as the black dragon Lei Xian continued to emit dark lightning. Its internal alarms were blaring loudly.

This is the second time Mordred feared for its life.

The first time was when Mordred saw the white dragon.

As one of the highest-ranking dragons in this world, Mordred found it hard to believe that any dragon other than Imbolc the Wise Dragon Emperor could make it fear for its life.

Mordred sent a wave of undead dragons to Ansullivan Dragonar Academy to force Wu Yan to use his white dragon again. It wanted to confirm the dragon's existence.

Alas, Mordred failed that time.

With the white dragon still a looming dagger, this man pulled out another black dragon on the same level of threat as the previous white dragon.

How is this possible?

Even if she hadn't merged with Navi the incarnation of Dragweiss, how are there dragons stronger than it?

Two impossibly strong dragons were under the command of this man.

Who is this man?

Crackle crackle

Mordred jolted into action on instinct when the dark dragon moved. Then, a giant wave of magic power hit it.

The night lit up in a cascade of sonorous dark lightning.

Wu Yan grinned at Mordred.

Mordred subconsciously backed off.

Then, another wave of dark lightning spread throughout the sky. The space around it also rumbled as it creaked under the creature's immense power.

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