Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1409: A test of mental power?

“Young man, do you need some help?”

The playful voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

That voice belonged to the fifth individual. Eco, Ash, Navi, and Mordred were stunned.

This is the Dragon’s Forge, a mental space created by the combined powers of all mighty dragons in the past. Only dragons were allowed entry to this forge to create Arc Armors.

This is Navi’s domain.

Navi is the incarnation of the Dragweiss, an archive storing the knowledge and experience of countless dragons over eons. This archive is the foundation of the Dragon’s Forge.

Only dragons can come inside this place. Of course, Navi can also invite other people inside this place but this still didn’t explain how there was a fifth individual.

Eco and Mordred are tussling for control over Navi and the Dragweiss. Other dragons were already barred from entry.

Ash appeared here because he is a part of Eco.

How did this guy enter?

Did Navi invite him?

No, Navi is already busy defending the Forge and Dragweiss. She shouldn’t have had the time to invite another person here. Plus, a human wouldn’t be much help in this dragon domain.

They wouldn’t be able to overcome Mordred who had higher authority than other dragons in this space.

Alas, an outlier appeared.

“Man, didn’t think I would be caged up like this.”


The intruder’s cage and Ash’s cage shattered instantly.


Ash almost fell down when a hand caught him by his collar.

“Seems like you can still scream, I presume you’re okay.”


Ash looked at the cheeky individual holding him up. Those red eyes gave him away immediately.


Ash gasped.


“Anybody ever told you that you need to stop making a mess?”

He rolled his eyes while hovering in the air.

“You know it is complete chaos outside because of you guys?”


Ash wanted to defend himself but the others reacted too.


Eco and Navi were flabbergasted.

“H-How did you come here?”

He glanced at Eco before waving his hand.


Eco’s cage also got shattered instantly.

Navi and Mordred watched that happen.

Eco and Ash were sealed by Mordred, this seal took on the form of a cage in this mental space.

With the seal cage broken, this meant Wu Yan just destroyed Mordred’s seal. He did it in two swings of his arm.

Is this guy even human?

“You bastard…”

Mordred growled.

“Who are you?!”

With his arm around Eco’s waist and his hand on Ash’s collar, he taunted the evil dragon.

“Take a guess.”

“Damn you!!!”

Mordred fell for it.

Fwish fwish fwish

She sent waves of tentacles after Wu Yan. The tentacles surrounded him in a cascade of meaty whips.

Before Wu Yan needed to do anything, a charming lady stopped the whips with her invisible forcefields.


She cut the tentacles into ribbons with her power.

“Don’t you think it’s rude to attack a rare guest such as him?”

Navi couldn’t hide her curiosity.

“I want to know how he appeared here.”

“Yeah, I got in here after I injected my consciousness into Ash’s mind.”

Wu Yan didn’t hide his method of arrival.

“As for how I infiltrated another person’s mind, it’s best you don’t know since it will only increase your troubles.”

Although he isn’t sure who is this mature Eco, he was sure he is in a mental space although he couldn’t pinpoint the exact nature of this special dimension.

He had originally planned to wake Ash up with a mental spell. But, when he used his magic to infiltrate Ash’s mind, he got pulled into this space.

However, his objective is still the same.

This is a mental space. If he kicks out Mordred then Eco and Ash should have no problem waking up.

Wu Yan looked at the murky mass.

“You said you wanted to duel me in the bigger banquet. Well…”

Wu Yan addressed Mordred.

“Mordred, isn’t it time we fight for real?”

“Rowan Randall!”

Mordred brandished her tentacles.

“This is the dragon’s forge, do you think you can beat me here?”

“The Dragon’s Forge?”

Wu Yan looked around.

“Ah, that’s the name of this place.”


Mordred snickered.

“In here, the stronger the mental power, the stronger you become in this space. You, a mere human, just because you broke my seal, you think you can beat me? A dragon with immense mental reserves?”

Dragons are good at magic. They know multiple mental spells too.

With magic and training in this field, dragons could easily beat any human in this mental space.

But, Mordred screwed up.

Magic power? Against a True Ancestor-class entity?

Spells? What about the 103,000 grimoires?

The mental reserve to wield a ton of magic power and process complex spells? Wu Yan naturally had them in spades.

The space trembled as an invisible force descended upon Mordred.


The invisible force held Mordred in place while driving it out of the world.


Mordred was expelled from this world.

“Let’s leave too.”

Wu Yan vanished with Eco and Ash.


Navi didn’t know what to say. The previous minute her space was filled with combatants, the next, it is as empty as ever.

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