Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1411: Consuming the blood of the Avalon scion

The chaotic night ended with the VIPs rattled but unharmed.

Eco was forcefully awakened and she almost had her body possessed by Mordred. Humanity survived to fight another day. All the buildings were relatively okay and the capital was intact.

If one has to describe the implications of Eco’s awakening then it would be the VIPs from all over the world who witnessed the might of an Avalon scion.

Boasting a body bigger than any airships man can make, the dragon’s terrifying roar etched itself into the minds of the delegates.

Other than the Zepharos Airships, the assets of the other nations weren’t harmed.

Zepharos walked away with a tough outcome to swallow.

The Lautreamont Knightdom is still okay, all the other factions also escaped unharmed, buildings weren’t destroyed, the citizens survived, and even the Maestros reconnected with their knights.

Although the Zepharos empire lost an airship, the loss is still something they can swallow.

Zepharos is the only loser in this attempted sabotage.

The original plan was to pin it on the Lautreamont nation.

But, this plan backfired when Wu Yan spoke up. His allegations led to Veronica sending an elite investigation squad to the airship wreckage. There, with the other nations as witnesses, they recovered pieces of the broken machine from the wreckage.

That machine is ancient and mystical but there were experts among the other nations that identified it as a machine that can forcefully evolve dragons into Maestros. This made it credible that the Zepharos kidnapped Eco to evolve her forcefully.

Combine that with testaments from Eco, Ash, and the researchers, including Anya who was caught too then it is an open-and-close case of sabotage by the Zepharos empire.

To recap, Zepharos failed their sabotage and got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. All the nations pretty much agreed that Zepharos was in the wrong for kidnapping a strategic card of the Lautreamont, conducting illegal research, and causing a dragon rampage in the name of starting a war.

Veronica told Wu Yan that she was in the process of making the Zepharos pay for this crime.

In any case, Zepharos’ attempted sabotage poured cold water on the delegates of the Continental Summit.

The Pope who tried to host this summit also called the event off.

The other nations swore they would pursue legal remedies before returning to their nations.

Klaus also returned to the Zepharos empire, he can expect heavy sanctions for his actions this time.

The Zepharos empire lost the diplomatic battle this time. And, they will likely pay dearly for this mistake.

However, Lautreamont isn’t in a good either.

Eco’s power was witnessed by everyone. That power far exceeded the known abilities of dragons.

The knightdom appeared to have hidden the existence of such a dragon from anyone. It made it look like they were biding their time.

At this rate, the existence of the Avalon Princess will definitely leak out and be known throughout the land.

How are they going to handle the scion of the Avalon dragons?

Anyway, that is a problem for the diplomats.

There were also other problems.

Julius’ survival, his connection to the Zepharos empire, Mordred’s survival, the feud between Avalon and Nehalennia dragons…

They ignored how Wu Yan appeared to be in command of two dragons.

A dragon breeder can only contract one dragon.

No one can contract two.

First, a human’s Astral only allowed them to sustain at most one dragon. Any more than one then the host might be drained of Astral.

Second, the dragon mother would never agree to a 1-host-2-dragons contract.

Wu Yan broke the norm.

Then, there is the question of the nature of his black lightning and white flames.

This also led people to question Wu Yan’s alignment and identity.

His active participation in yesterday’s affair told the entire world that he stood with the Lautreamont and he had the powers to stop a rampaging imperial scion-class dragon on his own.

Soon, his fame will spread further.

This famous guy is currently hiding in his room.

Sitting on his bed, he emitted waves of magic shockwaves.

Astral orbs floated around him as he raised his hand.

The fake star brand was gone. He had already unlocked his powers.

Even if he sealed them, he would unlock them when training his magic power.

It is a dry process but every bit of magic power helped.

And, he liked the feeling of growing stronger day by day.

Granted, he would like more time to study the grimoires in his mind.

Integrating his minuscule gain with his gargantuan reserves, he slowly restrained his magic powers. The magic storm around him also settled down.


He sighed as his red eyes returned after glowing golden.


Wu Yan ended his training for the day.

Normally, he would take a nap or go out and tease the maiden maids in the capital.

However, he has something else to do today.

He opened his palm and a few drops of blood came out of his portal.

Those are the droplets of blood from Eco!

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