Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1413: Ambition, the easy first round

Do you wish to accept the "Path of the Demigods"?

The System prompted Wu Yan for an answer.

Wu Yan looked at the menu. Other than "Status", "Shop", and "Transcript Worlds". A new option was added.

"Path of the Demigods"

"W-wow, a shortcut to the demigod levels?"

Wu Yan wasn't sure if he should celebrate or exclaim.

He originally planned on turning into a berserker. He was ready to fight the five demigods of Silvaria with Yukari's Red Jade mode. Or, he could go into high-difficulty worlds and fight all the strong individuals there.

Knowing this, it still wouldn't be an easy path. At least, he reckons it would take as long as five years. That's why he didn't give Sylph a promise to become a demigod in a timeframe drastically shorter than 5 years.

There are only 5 demigods in the world of Silvaria. So far, Yukari is the only demigod he has seen in all the worlds he visited. The difficulty of reaching this plateau of power is incredibly difficult.

He only needs to complete one round to get the level-up item.

This is easier than challenging many powerful individuals.

Wu Yan praised the system.

He clicked on the "Path of Demigods"

He re-read the information dump of the Path of Demigods.

Do you wish to accept the special mission: "Path of Demigods"?

He will be sent into the world where the first round's Quest Item can be found.

The System will automatically send him into a transcript world.

He still has to say goodbye to his friends in this universe.

After he leaves this realm, the universe will enter a stasis. For him, it will be a long while before he comes back.

Without saying goodbye, it just wouldn't sit right with him.

Silvia, Cossette, and Luca established bonds with him, it wouldn't be right to ditch them without a proper farewell.

Although he and Rebecca are almost lovers, the kiss the perfect president gave him almost moved Wu Yan's heart.

Wu Yan felt troubled.

He laughed at himself.

"Seriously, I am being too emotional. The universe will enter a stasis. I doubt I would need a long time to finish the first round. I can just come back for a courtesy call later."

He wants to get the demigod level-up item first.

"Okay, start the Path of Demigods."

The System's mechanical voice rang.

Initializing the Path of Demigods

Special mission: Path of Demigods

Round: 1

World: Seikoku no Dragonar

Mission detail: Obtain a drop of Avalon scion's primordial blood, a drop of the scion's juvenile blood, and a drop of the awakened scion's blood


Wu Yan was stunned by the contents of the first round.

Drops of Eco's blood?

He still had them!

Plus, aren't these the items he was required to collect in this world's missions?

Did the System plan for this?

Detected the quest items. First round completed

Huh, just like that?

With this, he can become a demigod?

Isn't this too easy?

Do you wish to generate the demigod level-up item?

Wu Yan isn't happy to hear this.

He was ready to hunker down and fight like mad to get demigod level-ups. Then, the System gave him an easy way out.

He assumed he would need some time to complete the first round but he just completed it seconds ago.

It was like punching a mirage after psyching himself up.

At least, this was a good outcome.

He can become a demigod right now.

But, this isn't satisfying.

He wants to continue onto more rounds.

The more Quest Items he collects, the more rounds he can complete, and the more potent the level-up item.

He is sure he can get multiple level-ups down the road.

He reckons it would be optimal to raise the level-up item's potency to the peak of the demigod which is level 99.

The item can raise his level to level 99 at most.

Once he completes enough rounds, he can reach Level 99 in one swift move.

The peak of demigod.

The strongest existence below the extinct gods.

Wu Yan had a sudden urge.

He is currently a peak tier 9 super-powered vampire. He can beat anyone at his current tier with his OP vassal beasts.

Even against demigods, he can use Yukari's Red Jade mode to beat low to mid-level demigods in a swift fashion. Her power over boundaries made him far stronger than Wu Yan would be if he consumes the level-up item now.

He needs to take advantage of this situation and bolster his level-up item's potency.

Wu Yan's blood boiled as he grinned excitedly.

The peak of the demigod tier.

I will get there!

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