Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1414: A gathering, back at Ansullivan

The golden rays of sunlight lit Lancelot's silver fur in a gleaming golden sheen. He appeared divine.

"Ansullivan, right ahead!"

Silvia reported after spotting the bustling city. Wu Yan, Ash, and Eco stirred from their drowsy states.

Compared to the capital, Ansullivan is smaller in area and population. The cohort sighed in relief when they were back in the city.

"We are finally here."

It's been a week since Eco was forcefully awakened and almost had her body snatched away by Mordred.

The populace speculated about the giant dragon's identity and the halted Continental Summit.

The important events turned out to be a treasure trove of topics for the populace. It will probably remain in the memories of the people for a long while.

Eco and Ash who were at the center of the events also found it hard to enjoy peace.

Although Zepharos got exposed for their attempt to sabotage the Lautreamont Knightdom, Ash and Eco were exposed too. Even if Eco is already back in her humanoid form, her identity got revealed too.

The princess of the dragon race.

Her title couldn't be ignored.

Various factions started imploring knightdom to make public the details they know about Eco. Ash also got dragged into this mess as her master.

Ash and Eco were summoned by Veronica to meet with her for a week of rigorous interrogations. They also had their liberty to go into the public revoked as they were now walking state secrets.

Wu Yan and Silvia stayed to keep them company. Otherwise, the duo might have died of boredom.

With Eco and Ash's interrogations done, they regained freedom.

They couldn't wait to return to Ansullivan. This much is obvious when they woke up Wu Yan and Silvia on time.

They reached Ansullivan Dragonar Academy in no time at all.

In the one week they were away, the construction reached the final stages.

The new buildings looked mighty under the glow of the sun. It must have rained recently as the building glistened with moisture.

The school was rebuilt.


Silvia directed her Pal to descend into the arena.

Although the reconstruction efforts are almost done, school is still out so there aren't a lot of students wandering around.

The students who spotted Lancelot quickly gasped.

"Hey! Look! Isn't that Lancelot? Her highness' pal?!"

"Yeah, that's Lance alright!"

"In Other words, Lord Rowan and Princess Silvia are back?"

"Let me through, I wanna see them!"

"Lord Rowan and Princess Silvia came back!"

The students clamored as more students joined the commotion.

Lancelot finally landed in the arena.

The gleeful roars of two dragons also entered the ears of everyone here.

Two figures, one red and the other white zoomed past. They landed in the arena too.

Boom Crash

Cú Chulainn and Gawain arrived with Rebecca and Lucca on top.


Silvia and Ash quickly got down.

"Rebecca, Lucca!"

Wu Yan greeted them when he jumped down from the dragon's back. The dragons abandoned their masters to quickly rub their heads against Wu Yan's chest.

"What is with you two?"

Wu Yan rubbed their heads.

"Gawain and Cú Chulainn were worried sick."

Rebecca said.

"They couldn't forget about the food you made. The cooks couldn't satisfy their desire for good food. Thus, these two hoped you would return one day. I am not surprised that they are over the moon now that you're back."


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"You want me to cook the moment I get back? At least let me rest, right?"

The two dragons lowered their heads in shame.

"Lord Rowan."

Lucca squeezed between Gawain and Cú Chulainn.

"Welcome back, Lord Rowan..."

Lucca handed Wu Yan a cup of tea with a pair of eyes that told Wu Yan she missed him too.

"It's my homebrew herbal tea, it can get rid of fatigue."


He looked at the steaming tea.

"Lucca, did you prepare this beforehand?"


Lucca nodded sheepishly.

"Because I was worried you might be tired after a long trip."

She brewed a cup of this tea every day in case Wu Yan returned.

It takes time to brew a cup of good tea. Lucca must have worked hard to prepare the tea just so she could hand him a cup of hot tea the moment he gets back.

What a thoughtful and cute elf.

"Thanks, Lucca..."

Wu Yan rubbed Lucca's head before drinking the tea.

"Thanks for the tea."

Wu Yan gulped it down.

Wu Yan's body warmed up.

This tea did reinvigorate him as Lucca said.

"I can't believe the potency of this tea."

Wu Yan said.

"It must have been expensive, yes?"

"The cost isn't important. I am happy as long as you're feeling better."

Lucca smiled.

"It is probably worth 100,000 Acore in this country."


Ash jumped in shock.

"That is expensive."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"An instant fatigue cure, 100,000 is a fair price."

Princess Silvia said.

"I am happy to see you all in good spirits."

Rebecca said.

"Come, let's go to a restaurant. We can talk while we grab some grub."

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