Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1416: Loneliness? Please stay one more night

At night...

The fireflies hovered between bushes and trees. Their weird cries filled the air. The noise emitted by these critters gave the night a calm air.

In the reconstructed Apollo Dorm, most of the male students are already fast asleep while a few night owls are still awake.

It is a beautiful and serene night.

And, this is the last night for Wu Yan in this universe.

Wu Yan looked at the miscellaneous items he got from his friends with a bitter smile.

Rebecca and Silvia gave him parting gifts while Lucca prepared potent potions and herbs for him. Cossette also forcefully packed his clothes, food, and other daily necessities for him.

Ash also contributed some of his items while Eco gave him some items too. Cú Chulainn, Lancelot, and Gawain gave him Fafnirite crystals in return for all the help he has given them.

They tried to limit the items they gave him but they almost overdid it.

If he packed these items up, it could fill up an entire backpack and then some.


Wu Yan sighed.

Most of these are useless to him but he appreciated the intentions behind these gifts.

"Thank god for the Gate of Babylon."

Wu Yan dispelled the seal disguised as a Star Brand on his hand.

His powers returned to him as clumps of Astral formed around him.

Wu Yan waved his hand.


A red portal appeared like a red gate out of the nearby space. The area turned red as the gate opened up.

The items were pulled into the portal by a gentle force.

He tossed the doll Silvia gave him into the portal before he dispelled the Gate.

"This should be fine."

Wu Yan opened his menu after making sure he didn't leave anything behind.

First, he wanted to return to the universe of Date A Live.

He stayed here for 3 months so a day must have elapsed in Date A Live.

He needs to get his hands on the Realizers and then he would return to Silvaria to discuss with Yukari about the Path of Demigods. After that, he can start the second round of the Path of Gods.

Kotori and Kurumi were stationed in Date A Live to wait for the Realizers while Hinagiku and Mikoto were enhancing their powers in the pool of Miraculous Water.

He is going to meet up with Kotori and then return to Silvaria to check on Hinagiku & co.

Plus, Kotori, Kurumi, and the other spirit ladies could use a dip in the Miracle Pool.

Wu Yan chose the Date A Live world from his menu.

Then, someone knocked on his window.

He turned to see Lucca peeking into his room.

He gasped.


Yeah, Lucca is standing outside his window.

Lucca's platinum blonde locks fluttered in the night like an elf wrapped by the moonlight's veil of mystery.

The Elbaff had pointy ears that gave their identities away. He found her elven ears cute too.


Wu Yan closed his menu.

"Why did you come here?"

"Lord Rowan..."

Lucca mumbled.

"I-I wanted to talk to Lord Rowan."

The meek elf spoke. He scratched his cheek before inviting Lucca into his room.

"Come in."


She grabbed his hand before climbing in.

Lucca climbed up to his room instead of riding Gawain. Wu Yan immediately scolded her.

"What if you fell and got hurt?"

"There are trees everywhere in the forest of the Elbaff. There are hundreds of trees taller than this building. I am used to climbing tall structures like this don't worry."

Lucca giggled.

"Lord Rowan, you're so nice."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"You're not just here to praise me, right?"

Lucca looked at his mien with a dull and sad glow in her eyes.

"I just felt like seeing Lord Rowan, that's why I came."

Lucca probably sensed that he would be leaving tonight.

"You silly girl."

Wu Yan said.

"I am only going to leave for a short while."


Lucca turned crestfallen.

"Without Lord Rowan around, I am going to feel lonely."


Wu Yan wasn't sure how to continue.

Her misty eyes threatened to draw the souls of unwary people inside.

Then, Lucca undid the lace around her nightgown.

Her gown fell to the floor with a crisp flop. Her dress formed a circle around her feet.

Lucca exposed her lithe figure in front of him. It felt dangerous just staring at her petite stature. Wu Yan's heart raced before he controlled himself.

"Wh-what are you doing?!"

"Lord Rowan!"

Lucca glomped Wu Yan.

Her soft body and herbal scent assaulted his senses. Lucca lifted her head before looking into his eyes.

"Please stay one more night, let Lucca stay in your embrace..."

Lucca closed her eyes while giving him the go-ahead.

He took another look at her blushed face and her cute features. His breathing turned erratic.

Lucca's next line destroyed the last restraint in Wu Yan's mind.

"Lord Rowan, please embrace me..."

Ah, screw it!

Wu Yan inhaled deeply before hoisting Lucca's tiny body up.

After a short yelp of pain, the sounds of an amorous congress filled the room. The sheets started rumbling as the long night dragged on...

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