Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1420: Going on a journey with the first ladies

Giant Beast Forest, the Base...

In the fantasy-like fortress, there is a certain structure that took up a lot of space.

It looked like an upside-down pyramid. It is the tallest building in the base. At the top floor, one could see the entire fortress at a glance.

If natsuki, Kanon, Avrora, and Nagisa were here, they would be able to identify this structure.

The Keystone Gate.

Except, this one is a little different.

The Keystone Gate had modern elements designed into it but this building looked like it manifested out of thin air. It gave off a magical vibe.

They named this base the Isekaipolis.

In other words, the Base transcended the boundaries of eras.

At the center of the base is this Keystone Gate mimic which was named the Core of the metropolis.

The Core was designed by the Sisters.

The Core was designed to be a home for Wu Yan & co.

The other ladies objected to this preferential treatment since this building was the tallest and grandest structure in the Isekaipolis.

This made it look like they were nobles living above the Sisters who were just civilians to them.

Mikoto staunchly opposed this notion.

She can't live in a luxurious home like this while her Sisters toiled.

But, the Sister's insisted, greatly so.

For them, Wu Yan & co saved them, gave them places to live and gave them a purpose in life. They already cemented their perceptions toward Wu Yan & co, not even Mikoto can change that.

The Sisters vowed to follow Wu Yan & co's instructions.

They constructed the Core as a way to tell them that the Sisters can't live without Wu Yan & his harem. They were essentially the core of this organization.

The ladies acquiesced when the Sisters wouldn't compromise.

Wu Yan listened to Yukari with a bitter smile.

"Sounds like something the Sisters would do."

"I am going to use my Gap to transport the lake and the ladies here."

Yukari talked about mass-teleportation while sipping black tea.

"Don't worry about them not being able to find us. Now, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

Wu Yan discussed about the Path of Demigods with her. He divulged the details of the special quest.

"A cheat would be an understatement."

Yukari sighed.

"When your harem reaches the Peak of tier 9, will they be given this quest too?"

"Yes, according to the System."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I want to hear your thoughts on this."

"I would choose your current path."

Yukari said.

"Accumulate until you can reach the peak of demigod in one go. Don't be like me, the climb is a tiresome one."

"It is very hard to level up at my stage."

Yukari warned him.

"This chance should be properly utilized. You won't get another golden opportunity to boost your levels like this. Plus, you have the Red Jade mode. I think you should be fine against any demigods. Gather the items, increase your level up item's potency. This is the fastest path than climbing up the demigod ladder."


Wu Yan nodded.

"You think I should continue this quest too, huh?'

Yukari rolled her eyes.

"As it were, I wouldn't give up a chance like this."

"Well, you're already very powerful."

Wu Yan shifted the topic.

"Anyway, let's go-"


Yukari slapped Wu Yan's forehead with her fan.

"Who said I was going with you?"


Wu Yan flinched.

"We have the barrier but we still need someone to look after this place."

Yukari tapped her fan on his head.

"Let me stay here..."


Wu Yan shrugged.

"Well, I guess I can go by myself."

"Ara, I never said you need to go alone."

Yukari said.

"Just in time, the two girls will wake up today. You said you can only bring two summons with you, right?"

"You mean..."

"Yes, take them with you."

Yukari said.

At night...

Wu Yan yawned while rubbing his eyes.

He was sleeping soundly until Yukari suddenly punched him on the head to wake him up. She said the two ladies woke up already. It is time to depart for the next round of the Path of Demigods.

"Sheesh, we can always wait until tomorrow, right?"

Wu Yan grumbled while entering the living room.

It is a very big living room so the desolation made it a bit creepy.

The two ladies were waiting for him.

One of them had pink hair and wore a light yellow dress finished with a white coat.

Another one had tea-brown hair. She wore a black t-shirt with a sporty short pants.

Hinagiku and Mikoto were present.

Wu Yan scanned them.

Misaka Mikoto: Level 82

Katsura Hinagiku: Level 80

Wu Yan suddenly appeared behind the two ladies with a nasty sneer.

"Who goes there?!"

Mikoto swung her lightning fist around while Hinagiku took out her crystal sword. They were glad to see the guy who just appeared behind them.


"Hinagiku! Mikoto!"

Wu Yan laughed out loud.

"You two grew in power!"

Hinagiku scanned him too.

"Well, we aren't as fast as you, Mr Peak of Tier 9!"

"Anyway, Yukari briefed us already."

Mikoto swiped her bangs aside.

"Well, are we doing this?"

"With Yukari around, the Base should be fine for now. I don't mind going on the quest now..."

Wu Yan asked them again.

"Do you two want to join me on this round?"

"Well, you already said it. Yukari is here and the Base is finished, we can stop worrying about the Sisters for now."

"It's been a while since I went into a Transcript World. This could be a nice change of pace."

"Me too."

Hinagiku ran her fingers through her pink hair.

"It's nice to be back in action. I want to try out my new skills."

Mikoto and Hinagiku's radiant smiles also caused Wu Yan to inadvertently grin.

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