Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1421: Type-Moon Multiverse

The crisscrossing streets…

The buildings everywhere…

The dense crowd…

The lonely trees…

Features reminiscent of a small town.

This is a serene quaint little town.

Beyond the embankment, the river quietly flowed as the overarching bridge above it connected the city’s west and east sides.

This city is relatively unpopulated so there are not a lot of cars on the road. People could be seen going about their businesses on the streets of the commercial district, the parks, and the plazas.

There are many types of pedestrians. Among them, there are students in their uniforms.

Elementary, middle school, high school…

They were living the best years of their lives as they chatted about nonsense and wore innocent smiles.

At least, on the surface, everything seemed normal.

But, there is a dark side to this city.

No, among these pedestrians, there are people who cannot be called humans.

Fuyuki city.

Also known as the Winter Wood city, this town looked peaceful.

In one of the streets here, there are three individuals strolling along. One male and two females…

The male had red eyes and ordinary looks. However, his presence is so overwhelming people can’t help but look at him.

One of the females had tea-brown hair while the other had flowing pink hair. They were very beautiful girls who are very hard to find even if one were to pick from thousands of candidates.

Why are we focusing on these three individuals?

Because they just appeared out of nowhere.

Like magic, the three appeared in this universe.

However, the pedestrians didn’t notice them.

Other than a few who were mesmerized by the ladies’ outstanding looks, the others continued walking without paying heed to these three world travelers.

They heard the mechanical voice of the System.

Path of Demigods


World: Fate/ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Mission details: Obtain one Saber class card, one Lancer class card, one Archer class card, one Rider class card, one Caster class card, one Assassin class card, and one Berserker class card.

As a world accessed through the Path of Demigods, there will be no world missions. The user can only leave when the user completes this round.

Time flows 100 times faster here than in the main world. Happy grinding.

The three listened to the voice before opening their eyes.

They exchanged looks of confusion.

“Prisma Illya?”

Hinagiku asked.

“So, are there Mahou Shoujos here?”

“Mahou Shoujo…”

Mikoto looked around. This looked like a normal city.

“I can’t imagine there being magical teen girls with staves running around this old town.”


Wu Yan rubbed his temples.

“Looks like another troublesome world.”

Wu Yan recalled this work. Unlike Seikoku no Dragonar, he has seen some of the works of this multiverse.

In particular, he knows about the general plot of this Fate/Kaleid universe.

Although it looked like a normal world, there are supernatural beings underneath this cloak of normality.

Magicians or Magus as they were known here are humans capable of casting spells.

All the Magus this world could put together still wouldn’t be able to defeat Wu Yan and his 2 partners.

No, there are other supernatural beings here.

There are miracles and magicians capable of true magic here.

There are also Dead Apostles and True Ancestors.

Add Heroes, Spirits, and Counter-force to that equation and you have a weird universe where a few individuals are so powerful that there are probably demigods stronger than the present Wu Yan.

There are also high-level subspaces, Mysteries, and sub-realities that are hidden from view. Counter Force that had world-influencing effects. Even if Wu Yan used his Yukari Red Jade mode, he might still be defeated by a world power like Counter Force.

Although Fate/Kaleid shares the same universe as the Type-Moon multiverse, it is still a relatively safe universe when compared to possible alternatives like the Type/Fate and Tsukihime universes.

With their current abilities, they should be able to finish round 2.

Alas, this momentary peace didn’t last long.

Automatic adjustment of difficulty in line with Rule 6 of the Path of Demigods. This adjustment comes in the form of restrictions.

A silver flash occurred as three silver bracelets appeared on Mikoto, Hinagiku, and Wu Yan’s wrists.

Their powers were suppressed and sealed as their levels went down to Level 75.

For this round’s mission, the user and his summons will have their powers restricted by the Restriction Bracelets.

During this round of Path of Demigods, the user and his summons may not remove the bracelet. Removal of bracelets is tantamount to failure

Once the Path of Demigods has been deemed a failure then the user will no longer be able to continue onto further rounds. The Level Up item will be automatically generated. The Path of Demigods will not be re-issued for the user. Act wisely.

“Well, that sucks…”

The trio had the same thoughts.

“Looks like we can only use Level 75 powers.”

Mikoto felt displeased with her current state.

“I don’t like how it forcefully sealed our powers away like that.”

“Me too, my levels fell to Level 75.”

She looked at Wu Yan.

“Don’t look at me, I am in the same boat as you two.”

He sighed.

“Looks like the System won’t make it easy for us.”

“Okay, what now?”

He scratched his head.

“Anyway, let’s look for a place to stay. We won’t be finishing this quest in a day or two.”

The two ladies nodded.

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