Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1422: If we can fight 1 on 1 then it's a duel, if not, then we gank


Wu Yan exchanged a few of his gold coins for this world's money. Then, he bought a small villa as the base of operations in this world.

He went past the gates and arrived in a courtyard that was big enough to plant various plants and trees. The pavement road leading up to the main door could fit two or three individuals walking side-by-side. The stairways leading up to the door also gave people a good feeling.

In the villa that could comfortably house 10 people, they immediately pegged the house as a luxurious establishment.

The three of them settled on this place after looking at other places. This home didn't stand out too much but it also looked comfortable to live in.

The owner of this villa wanted to move to another country but couldn't bear to see this place waste away. He stuck around to find a buyer with enough money and love to take over the house.

After getting the paperwork done, the owner left what little furniture he had to them and packed up to move abroad.

If Wu Yan came here by himself, these amenities would suffice. But, Hinagiku and Mikoto were ladies who needed more items for their personal hygiene and skincare routines.

They decided to put off the shopping trip for tomorrow.

After running around the whole day, the three sipped tea while lazing on the couch.

"We got lucky, I didn't think we would find a place so easily."

Hinagiku mentioned with glee.

"But, isn't it a waste of money?"


Wu Yan poured more tea for them.

"Cost and worth are two different things. Plus, we got free furniture."

"Well, we still need other things."

Mikoto crossed her arms.

"We don't have to speedrun this quest, right?"

"No, don't worry about it."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"This round probably won't take long and we can take our time strolling around during the day. Most of the missions will probably start at night."

"The night?"

Hinagiku asked.

"I thought we had to find 7 Class Cards? Is the night enough time though?"

"No, we can only do it at night."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"I don't know why but the Class Cards are only accessible after midnight. We can only wait until then..."

"Okay, that sounds easy."

Mikoto looked at Wu Yan.

"What are these Class Cards?"

"Right, you two could use a briefing."

Wu Yan continued.

"First, do you know about Heroic Spirits?"

Hinagiku and Mikoto asked.

"What are those?"

Wu Yan sighed.

"These spirits are remnants of legendary figures of history who died and remain as objects of worship. They are like spirits but heroic spirits hence the name. They have powers granted to them through myths and legends. They also have weapons and equipment of great power."

"Powerful spirits? Mythical equipment?"

The two ladies nodded.

"You know about Noble Phantasms?"

"I am talking about these."


Hinagiku continued.

"So are these Heroic Spirits connected to the Class Cards?"

"Yes, high-level thaumaturgy created these cards."

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"With these cards, installing them will grant one the powers of the Heroic spirits and Noble Phantasms within."

"Borrowing the power of spirits?"

The two ladies waxed thoughtful.

"I don't think we can find them so easily, right?"

"Finding them is easy."

Wu Yan looked at the city.

"After coming here, I feel faint distortions in magical power. The class cards should be the source of these fluctuations."

They also approached the balcony.

However, they couldn't detect the energy because one is a swordsman while the other one is an ESPer.

Wu Yan had magic affinities so he can feel them.

"Are we picking them up or not?"

Mikoto's forehead flashed with lightning.

"I am ready to go anytime."

"Problem is, it won't be that easy."

Wu Yan frowned.

"The Class Cards exist in Mirror worlds or Kaleido Worlds. Essentially, a mirror universe of our own. We must go into them to get the cards."

"Plus, the cards won't be waiting for us. The blackened spirits in those cards must be defeated to collect the cards."

"Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, and Berserker."

Wu Yan recited.

"There are seven cards and each servant must be defeated to get the cards."

"Wait, are we going up against mythical and legendary heroes?"

Hinagiku said.

"Sounds exhausting."

"Against their true selves, our current levels aren't enough to defeat one."

Wu Yan chortled.

"These blackened spirits are nothing but husks of their former selves. We can still beat them but it won't be an easy fight even at a fraction of their true powers."


Hinagiku sighed.

"Okay, let me try dueling one of them!"

"A duel?"

Wu Yan laughed.

"You want to fight Heroic Spirits?"

"Only one on one, right?"

Mikoto retorted.

"Sounds like a fair fight to me."

"These Heroic spirits aren't the gangsters you're used to beating. These are powerful spirits even if they are broken copies."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"Moreover, these spirits are hellbent on killing anything they see. They will not reason, they will not stop until the enemies are torn to shreds. They also have Noble Phantasms, are you sure you want a 1v1?"

"I can't give up before actually fighting!"

Mikoto balled her palms into fists.

"Moreover, if I can't win in a duel then we can just gank it!"

Wu Yan and Hinagiku had nothing to say. Who could argue against her logic?

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