Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1423: A trip with the three of us

The next day…

As the golden rays pierced through the faint clouds above, it formed a picturesque scene that looked like it would fit in a Ghibli movie.

The people of the city welcomed a new day as they went about their business.

It is about 7 in the morning.

Students just got up, and a bunch of salarymen is already on the way to work.

Wu Yan woke up early because his schedule is full.

He needs to buy daily necessities for the ladies. His house is also unfurnished so he has to buy items for the ladies. He only had a bed, some pillows, and a simple couch at his home.

The ladies told him that they could buy the items themselves. However, they didn’t know the layout of this town and as the man of the house, he has to provide for his ladies.

Moreover, shopping isn’t the only thing on his plate. He needs to start investigating the places of the Class Cards.

In the original work, the cards existed in Kaleido worlds that are operating on spatial magic and principles. To enter, one must move in the correct direction and get the coordinates right.

The original work didn’t show this in detail.

Fortunately, the Class Cards leak magical energies into the environment and this power can be detected from the gaps of the Kaleido world.

Once he sniffs them out, it is only a matter of time before he cracks the entry method with the grimoires in his head.

Once he cracks the code, the mission can be considered half-done.

In the original work, the Kaleido world can only be entered after midnight.

He is going to investigate the Kaleido World and start challenging the Class Cards’ berserked avatars.

He has enough time to prepare.

Alas, with the restriction, it won’t be easy to fight these avatars.

At least, with his current level, any fight would be hard-fought at best.

Moreover, Wu Yan couldn’t rely on his Red Jade mode.

Although he can still use it. He was depowered so the powers he can use during Red Jade mode are also pegged at level 75.

Granted, Flan’s Destruction, Yukari’s Boundaries, and Kurumi’s time powers are all still OP. Specifically, Flan and Yukari’s abilities allowed them to transcend the gap in power between tiers.

But, Wu Yan has his own trump cards.

Vassal beasts.

Vassal beasts can brute force a fight between Destruction users and Boundaries.

At least, he can put the Red Jade powers on the back burner for now.

He has to be careful.

Once a mission has failed, the System will automatically end the Path of Demigods there. There are no second chances.

Wu Yan only completed the first round.

Most likely, the item can only lift him into level 90, a low-tier demigod.

But, the System only said the failure condition is the removal of the Restriction Bracelets.

At least, without removing their bracelets, they seemed to have all the time in the world to collect the Class Cards.

Of course, when their lives are at stake, he won’t hesitate to ditch the quest.

He also told the ladies to prioritize survival over the Path of Demigods.

Their deaths are not worth the shortcut to the peak of the demigod. He would rather take it slow than exchange them with the deaths of his ladies.

He entered the living room while noting his schedule for the day.

"Morn' Yan!"

"Good morning!"

Their voices were like songs to his ears.

Hinagiku and Mikoto were busy preparing breakfast. They had aprons on so they looked like housewives to him, reliable and trusty housewives they are.

Wu Yan beamed at them.

"Morning, Hina, Mikoto."

"Come, sit."

Mikoto invited him.

"The breakfast is almost done, drink some milk first."

"So, you two are the chefs today, eh?"

Wu Yan sat at the table while looking at the ladies.

"That's rare."

"What's rare about this?"

Hinagiku rolled her eyes.

"You speak as if we don't know how to make breakfast."

"No, not that."

Wu Yan explained himself.

"It's rare to see you girls in the kitchen."

"Well, you can blame yourself for your superb cooking skills. Plus, Ikaros was always on the roster when you were not around to cook. We never got the chance to show our skills."

Mikoto pursed her lips.

"Look, I got good grades in home economics at Tokiwadai. Don't treat me like I am just got at fighting."


Wu Yan laughed with guilt in his heart.

To him, Mikoto is just a feisty lady.

Mikoto's feminine rating is only at 10%, 40% was devoted to her gallant personality and 50% was allocated to her Tsundere personality.

Hinagiku made the meals at her house before she became his summon.

It was only at the fourth cup of milk did the two ladies finished making breakfast.

"I am digging in."

The three enjoyed a happy breakfast together.

They chatted as they indulged in good food.

"Man, how long has it been?"


They looked at him.

"I am thinking about the time when it was just the three of us."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"We were so weak. At that time, Mikoto was weaker than even our current depowered selves. I miss those good times."

His words prompted the two ladies to take a trip down memory lane too.

Then, they turned slightly annoyed.

"Hey, buster, do you realize who got us into this situation?"

Hinagiku growled.

"True, at first, there were only the three of us."

Mikoto pointed her knife at Wu Yan.

"Then, somebody couldn't keep adding to his harem and the situation got out of control."


Wu Yan laughed as he wiped off the cold sweat near his forehead.

"Oh, boy, am I hungry, let's eat!"


The two ladies grinned before shoving a loaf of bread into Wu Yan's mouth.

"Choke on it!"


Wu Yan fell back and hit his head on the floor. The two ladies giggled as someone pleaded for mercy in the dining room.

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