Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1424: Investigating the magical distortions

Fuyuki city isn't a big city. It is also not that populated. It is as normal as normal towns come.

At least, that is what it looks like on the surface.

After procuring a map, Wu Yan started shopping with his ladies in tow.

He bought them clothes, pillows, other daily necessities, and a ton of food materials. They also bought a bunch of DVDs and books. Heck, they also spent money on buying dolls.

With gold coins forming literal mountains in his Ring of Gold, common sense and frugality no longer applied to him. They only traded in dozens of gold coins and they already have enough funds to live a lavish life for the foreseeable future.

Even after going on a shopping spree, they still had enough cash to last a month or two based on their current spending habits.

Because they bought too many items, Wu Yan had to hire a logistics firm to send his stuff to his house.

He can use the Gate to store them but that would just attract unwanted attention.

The mages of this world have an unspoken agreement no matter their affiliations or animosities.

Don't let normal people know about mages.

To the populace, mages are products of fiction. However, there are still street magicians who do card tricks and other sleights of the hands.

If he used his magic, he was sure the magicians in the city would sniff him out like a shark sensing blood in the water.

That would be annoying.

As such, he held back on using the Gate.

The two ladies certainly enjoyed the trip. They were laughing and giggling so much that their good looks attracted the attention of nearby pedestrians.

Their excitement could be understood. Since coming to Silvaria, the two said goodbye to their normal lives and routines.

When they were students, they fought for rankings. Then, they went into the Giant Beast Forest to save the Sisters who were being sieged. After that, these ladies lived in the forest.

With the Sisters safe for now, they could leave the Sisters in the care of their trusty comrades back in Silvaria.

With a seemingly normal world in front of them, the ladies let loose.

Hinagiku was originally a normal high school student. While Mikoto had a special identity, she was still able to live like a normal girl her age.

However, these ladies didn't regret becoming his summons.

Naturally, they won't turn down shopping time either.

Wu Yan let them run loose.

He let them shop while he foots the bill. This is quality time with the ladies, they can play all they want.

Wu Yan forgot about the fatigue that comes with running through various malls.

Without Hinagiku and Mikoto, he would have run out of gas ages ago.

Soon, the sky turned golden-red as it started to set.


Mikoto stretched her back.

"I sure had fun today."


Hinagiku ran her fingers through her hair while looking at the sky.

"It's going to be dark soon. We already bought all the things we need, let's head back."

"Let us make the dinner tonight."

Mikoto ecstatically suggested.

"Yan, what about you?"


He answered.

"Just as well, by the time I get home, I can grab some grub."

"When you're coming back?"

The two forgot that Wu Yan had to investigate various spots of magical distortions. He needed to get in the Mirror Worlds.

The two ladies asked him.

"You want us to come with you?"

"No, I am not fighting just yet."

He chuckled.

"Relax, I won't be pulling down knickers either."

"Nobody's worried about that."

The two ladies huffed with red faces.

"Just go and come back quickly!"

"You got it, madam!"

The three parted ways.

There is a red bridge overlooking the river parting Fuyuki city into two parts.

Wu Yan examined the river as he strolled along the bridge.

In his mind, he could feel the magical distortions in five places.

One of them is close to the river.

He tried to get a better sense of the location.

"It should be around here somewhere."

Wu Yan looked at the river with the aid of the lights of the bridge.

He closed his eyes.

He detected a nearby plume of magic power leaking from an unsavory place.

Even normal people would avoid the magical distortion subconsciously. Magically-attuned individuals will also be turned off by the foul distortion here.

It was easy locating the anomaly since it is basically telling everyone nearby to screw off.

He looked at the shores of the river.

The distortion is somewhere down there.

Wu Yan disappeared in a blur as he reappeared near the distortion.

Wu Yan might be forced to stay at level 75 but he still has his magic power.

Magic power isn't directly related to levels. Magic power just allowed one to last longer in a fight of magic, he still has a ton of magic power to throw around more spells, especially those that need a lot of energy to cast. It is connected to one's burst potential and endurance in a magical fight.

Teleporting to the distortion from the bridge is child's play.

He can sense it here.

He saw a plume of dark purplish magic power rising from the ground.

The leaked magic power from another realm!

Wu Yan unfurled a magic formation on his palm before placing it on the ground. The formation expanded as magic power rose from him. It went into the sky to connect with the leaked magical energy from the Mirror World...

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