Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1425: Tohsaka Rin, Luvia, Ruby, Sapphire

On the red bridge with cars on it, one could hear the sounds of intermittent traffic and the flowing river.

This bridge connected the two parts of Fuyuki City. Although there is a pathway for pedestrians, most wouldn't take this route.

Because the bridge is too long to traverse on foot.

However, two individuals are using the pathway today.

Two incredibly beautiful ladies who looked like they were 17 or 18.

One of them had an exquisite mien topped off with black hair tied in twintails. She wore a red wool shirt that was a deeper shade of red than the bridge. She gave off a fiery vibe that felt distant at the same time. She also wore a cross necklace and black pleated skirts that went well with her black pantyhose.

Meanwhile, the other lady had blonde hair that was tied in what appeared to be tornado-shaped drill hair. She looked like she was of foreign descent given her hair and facial features. She also wore a blue dress topped off with white leggings that made her look like a noble lady who is on her way to a ball.

They looked like comrades but the air of rivalry between them suggested that there is more than meets the eyes here.

No, they're putting a distance between themselves.

"What a crude and inelegant construct."

The blonde lady sighed in dejection.

"I already expected nothing much from this trip to Japan but this is just sad."


The twin tail lady snapped back.

"All that talk about blue blood and you're still as uncouth as the 'inelegant structure' you're mocking."


The blonde lady laughed like a stereotypical queen in anime. She ignored the black-hailed lady's comment but her jolting eyebrows suggested that some of that insult did get through.

"Come now, I remember a certain violence-prone gorilla is also a noble lady, even if she has fallen from grace."

"What was that?!"

She stared at the blonde lady for striking so close to home.

"We are just in a temporary slump. You Edelfelts will fall soon, with you at the helm, it's only a matter of time."


The blonde lady turned dark.

"You should take that back, Tohsaka Rin."

"Back at you, Luviagelita Edelfelt."

Rin snapped back.

The two ladies stared at one another while shooting sparks with their eyes. Even a stranger could see these two needed to stop fighting. They can't mix like oil and water.

"Guys, the objective..."

A microphone-like voice ran from behind Rin.

A small object flew over Rin's head before landing near her right shoulder.

It was a flying golden star in a circle with wings.

This thing can fly and talk even though it looked like an accessory.

"We just had 5 minutes of peace. Here you girls go bickering again."

"Nee-san is right."

Another golden star with blue butterfly ribbons as wings flew over.

"Luvia-sama, we still have our mission at hand, can we please prioritize the mission?"

"This isn't my fault, Sapphire!"

Luvia crossed her arms.

"If that gorilla kept her yap shut I would already be done with the mission."

"You instigated the whole thing!"

Rin shrieked. She looked at the golden star with pink wings near her for affirmation.

"Ruby, you heard the whole thing, who taunted first?!"


The two stars exchanged looks of frustration.

"I don't care if you two want to tear each other's eyes out but can we please focus on the task at hand?"

Ruby pleaded seriously.

"The magical fluctuation is near. Save the fights for after we get the Class cards, please?"

"Nee-san is right, Luvia-sama..."

Sapphire tried to pacify Luvia too.

"The Clock Tower sent us here to investigate the disturbances, and collect the Class Cards, and that is why our creator handed us to you two. If the master gets angry then you two can kiss your rewards goodbye."

Rin and Luvia stopped.

They were here for the Class Cards.

As agents of the Clock Tower which is an organization of mages, they looked after the order of the magic realm. They are like magic police when it comes to magical research and preventing humans from finding out about magecraft.

They look after a lot of areas like the management of leylines, tomes, supernatural objects, and Servant Summoning.

The HQ is situated in London.

Rin and Luvia were sent here by the Clock Tower when they detected disturbances in Fuyuki City. They found out the cause was the Class Cards.

Class Cards are high-level magic items that are connected to Heroic Spirits. As such, they were of great research and academic value. The Clock Tower deemed them to be high-priority targets of recovery.

The Master is the one who sent them here. They also dispatched Ruby and Sapphire to accompany these two ladies.

Ruby and Sapphire are more than just flying and talking accessories. They can make Magical Dresses for Magical Girls.

They can also download different skills from different parallel versions of the user. They can also turn magic into weapons, use A-grade magic barriers, increase recovery speed, fix items, and strengthen the users' physical abilities. They were high-level magecraft boosters.

Even a child could instantly become as strong as high-level mages with Ruby and Sapphire near them.

Rin and Luvia weren't sure they could fight against real spirits but they were sure they can protect themselves from the weakened Class Card servants.

However, they didn't want to turn into Magical Girls.

They didn't like how they looked in Magical Dresses and it was incredibly embarrassing for them to run around looking like Magical Girls.

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