Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1427: Transformation, Mahou Shoujos?

In one minute or so, the duo found out about Wu Yan's intention to gather the cards. Now, he is standing before them like a great enemy they must surpass.

On top of Wu Yan, they have to beat the Heroic Spirits waiting in the Mirror Worlds.

Luvia is annoyed. She broke her classy lady act. She yelled at Rin first.

"This is why I hate brutes like you."


Rin perceived this as an unprovoked attack.

"What was that?!"

"Look, is this how you normally talk to people?"

Luvia pointed at Rin's nose.

"Getting straight to the point my butt, you sound so arrogant even I would have treated you like an enemy."


Rin pointed at Wu Yan.

"Okay, missy, why don't you go over there and beg that guy? Go: 'Please, sir, may you give up on the cards.' See if that works for ya!"

"You oaf, couldn't you use a bit of elegance in your sentences?"

"Whatever, go use your classy words on him, maybe he will be so disgusted he gives up on the cards immediately."

"Sure, I am the disgusting one here, you ape. Spit out your Class Card!"

"The only thing I am spitting out is going to be wet, nasty, and on your face, you fake boobies holder."

"I-I will have you these are real, you sad airport landing strip of a lady."

"Who are you calling flat?!"

The two started butting heads as they wrestled each other with their hands clenched together.

"The enemy is right there, I am genuinely awed that you two can fight at a time like this."

"Rin-sama, Luvia-sama, please calm your heads."

The two stars were frustrated and immensely disappointed by their masters.

Wu Yan also felt too weak to retort.

He knew about the bad blood between these two since he saw the original work.

However, he didn't expect them to start duking it out in front of him.

A sneak attack would be so easy.

Moreover, they aren't even combat-ready.


Wu Yan grabbed his head.

"If you girls want to fight then I am all in but make it quick because I need to go home, eat, shower, and sleep."

The two snorted after glaring at each other one more time.

"Enough, you two!"

Ruby scolded them.

"You're lucky the guy is honorable enough to let you two have your fill. You could have died if he unleashed sneak attacks, you know?!"

"Shut it! Ruby!"

Rin huffed.

"Since you didn't attack us, I take it that you're not genuinely a hostile individual. Please, sir, give up on the cards."

"Nope, can't do that."

Wu Yan said.

"Don't call me sir. It gives me the heebie-jeebies."

"This is troubling."

Rin rubbed her head.

"So, we can only fight this one out?"

Wu Yan didn't say yes or no.

"If it's the Class Cards you ladies want then yeah..."

"Is that so?"

Rin and Luvia tensed up.

"No choice."

"To make the mission easier..."

Luvia turned dark.

"We need to fight."

Luvia and Rin called out to their stars.



Brilliant rays of light came out of Ruby and Sapphire. The lights wrapped around Rin and Luvia.

Magic storms surged around them. The condensed magic power danced like fireflies near the ladies.

The magic storm also hit Wu Yan.

He continued watching as the magic storm slowly subsided.

The two ladies transformed. They weren't wearing their usual clothes anymore. Instead, they had weird clothes on them.

Rin had a red magical girl costume on, it had the frills and princess pleats one would see in various magical girl anime, certainly not something a lady who looks like she is going to hit the age of majority should wear. Maybe, if she went to Comic Con, this cosplay would suit her, but not here.

Luvia is also wearing a similar costume except this one is blue in color. The childish costume didn't fit her noble lady's air and physique.

They also had cat ears on them with adorable tails coming out of their lower backs. They held onto what appeared to be wands with stars on them.

They looked exactly like magical girls.




Wu Yan, Rin, and Luvia stared silently at one another.

Wu Yan is the first to break the silence.

"I am going home."

He turned around without hesitation.

"Stand right there!"

Rin and Luvia roared. They waved their wands as magic projectiles landed near and on Wu Yan.

Bam bam bam bam bam

The area became clouded with dust and smoke.


A hand poked out from one of the dust clouds here. With a flick of the wrist, a gale blew the dust away.

Wu Yan emerged unscathed from the magic barrage. He laughed to express his amusement.

"You bite harder than you look, I judged the book by its cover, it would seem."

"Huh? Are you trying to insult us?"

Luvia pointed her finger.

"Look, buster, we don't want to wear these costumes either."

"Rude man..."

Luvia pulled one of the stray strands of her hair back.

"Criticizing a lady's clothes isn't something a gentleman would do."

"I am no gentleman."

Wu Yan sighed.

Tohsaka Rin: Level 70

Luviagelita Edelfelt: Level 70

"Tier 8."

Wu Yan silently nodded.

In the original work, these two experienced a massive boost to their abilities after transformation. They worked together to force a certain Heroic Spirit into a corner. That Heroic Spirit was no pushover too.

This means the Heroic Spirits are around his level too, eh?


With magic oozing out of him. Wu Yan licked his lips as if someone lit his fighting spirit.

"Let me see if you girls can punch above or below your weight."

Wu Yan's inhuman magic power and bestial aura caused the ladies to raise their guards.

Then, the three disappeared from the ground. They clashed in the skies.


Their thunderous exchange of violence reverberated across Fuyuki's night sky.

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