Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1431: The card, the methods, and the analysis

On his way back, Wu Yan analyzed the Lancer Card with his System.

Lancer card: A card made by extremely advanced Magecraft, the user can invoke the power of the Heroic Spirits contained within the card.

There are numerous ways to use this card:

Limited Release:  using a Magic Suit as the medium and the Card as the pass, the user can access the Heroic Spirit’s Noble Phantasm for a short period.

Lancer Card Noble Phantasm: Gae Bolg

Multi-Release: Using the Magic Suit as the medium, the user can summon the Noble Phantasm multiple times. This is a repeated-use method of the Limited Release

Pseudo-summoning: Using the user’s body as the medium and the card as the pass, the user can summon the Heroic Spirit to temporarily become the spirit and obtain its power.

Heroic Spirit: Cu Chulainn

Gae Bolg: A spear that can reverse causality, the target’s heart will be pierced as an effect before the cause of swinging this spear.

He absorbed the information regarding Lancer in an instant.

With this, he could perform those three methods of Class Card Installations.

He can use the spirit’s Noble Phantasm or borrow its power.

Although the Heroic Spirits are only a fraction as powerful as they were at their prime, these spirits are still very powerful creatures. However, some of them are weaker than Wu Yan’s current de-powered self. The same couldn’t be said of the Noble Phantasms.

Each Heroic Spirit possesses one or more of these crystallized Mysteries. These armament symbolizes the power of the spirits.

They are the trump cards of the Heroic Spirits and they can all exhibit effects close to magic or miracles.

For example, Gae Bolg can sure-kill its target once swung.

This is a terrifying power.

He is more concerned with their Noble Phantasms than the nerfed Heroic Spirits.

Some of these Noble Phantasms are really useful even for Wu Yan.

A normal human would crave the power given to them by Pseudo Summon, who wouldn’t want to become a Heroic Spirit?

It turns them into powerful mages and warriors in an instant.

But, Wu Yan likes the Limited Release and Multi Release more.

In any case, the Class Cards can help him tremendously. Although Pseudo Summon gives Wu Yan power over the spirit and Noble Phantasms, it does come with its drawback.

There is a time limit.

The higher the output, the shorter the duration of Installation.

He also needs a medium like the Magic Dress of Ruby and Sapphire.

He mumbled as he looked at the card in his hand.

“A medium, eh?”

He arrived at his home.

Without knocking, he opened the door and walked up the stairs.

“I am back!”

Wu Yan opened the master bedroom with a strong shove.

He eyes froze in one place when he entered the room.


Hinagiku and Mikoto’s jaws dropped.

They were standing there without any clothes on them. Apparently, they were trying out the clothes they bought.

“Trying new clothes?”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

“Why didn’t you change in the fitting room? What if someone else walks in?”

“W-what’s the difference?!”

The ladies glared at him.

“You’re a nuisance too!”


Wu Yan’s confused.

“Why? We are husband and wives…”

“Who is your wife?!”

Mikoto retorted.

“Anyway! Get out!”

Hinagiku covered herself while ushering him out.

Annoyed, Wu Yan rebuked.

“Hey, this is rude. Plus, I already saw you two multiple times in situations worse than this.”

“Shut up!”

Mikoto also started pushing him with Hinagiku’s help.


He already stuck his Longinus in them, he lost count of the times he saw them in their birthday suits.

The ladies are still fidgeting like they’re maidens in love.

Geez, it is high time they get used to this.

Moreover, he is getting hornier since the ladies were getting up close and personal with him.

Licking his lips, he turned around and hoisted them up like a ruffian. Then, he made a beeline for the couch.

“Hey, what are you doing?!”

“You bastard… Stop touching… Me there…”

“Oh, looks like somebody experienced another growth spurt.”


“Don’t doubt the accuracy of my hand. I can tell with just one touch.”

“R-really? Hey! Where do you think you’re touching?”

“No, not there…”


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