Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1432: Wait, are they all kids?

The night slowly turned darker.

Wu Yan was in his bed after bringing his two ladies to Smash Town.

Hinagiku and Mikoto are both panting near his chest while their skin had a red tinge that suggested they were involved in some intense physical exercises. That, and the wet patches on the bed and the droplets of sweat dripping down from their lithe figures suggested an intense brawl between the sexes.

With their energies all but expended, the ladies almost drifted into dreamland as they listened to Wu Yan’s powerful heart beating away.

The two stared up at Wu Yan.


Hinagiku helped Wu Yan tidy up his hair.

“How does the investigation today?”

“You mean the Mirror Worlds?”

Wu Yan chuckled.

“Well, I did what I set out to do. I analyzed the Mirror Worlds and found the exploits needed to get in, we could probably start gathering Class Cards soon.”

“Are we?”

Mikoto is the first one to perk up, like an excited puppy, she continued.

“I sure want to fight those Heroic Spirits.”

“We are not going in for a duel.”

Wu Yan pinched her nose.

“They won’t abide by any fighting rules except pummeling you to death.”

“It’s fine!”

Mikoto snorted after swatting his hand away.

“I will also beat them to death!”

“I like your confidence.”

Wu Yan teased her.

“I remember someone freaking out when she saw an undead.”

“Don’t bring out my dirty laundry!”

Mikoto bared her fangs at him.

“I can beat them!”


He mused out loud.


“O-Of course!”

Mikoto puffed out her petite chest.

“They are not real so I don’t have to hold back.”

“You can only go all-out when they’re not real?”

Wu Yan laughed much to Mikoto’s chagrin.

“What? I can’t?”

“I didn’t say that.”

Wu Yan raised his arms.


Hinagiku nudged Mikoto.

“When are we starting?”

“Tomorrow night.”

He caressed their lower backs.

“I figured out something regarding the Mirror Worlds. In the past, I couldn’t understand why one must go in after midnight. Actually, Mirror World isn’t a real space.”

“Isn’t real?”

The two ladies wanted to know more.

“Think of it like the reflection of a mirror. It reflects the realm it is in.”

Wu Yan placed his palms together.

“The Mirror World isn’t stable. It can change anytime and it exists solely because the corrupted Heroic Spirits are there. The world will disappear once we defeat the Heroic spirit there.”


Mikoto conjectured.

“Other than midnight, the paths to the Mirror World are unstable?”

“Yes, the paths are only stable after midnight.”

He said.

“It is also the safest passage into the Mirror World.”

“Okay, what about coming back?”

Hinagiku raised a good question.

“Do we have to wait until dawn tomorrow?”


“The path will be stable for a while after the initial crossing into the Mirror World. We should have enough time to wrap up our battles there.”


“I am not done.”

Wu Yan rubbed their backs.

“There is another group of people targeting the cards.”

Mikoto and Hinagiku exchanged a look.

“An enemy?”


He tried to put Luvia and Rin in a category.

“Enemies if we are targeting the cards but they aren’t bad people per se. They just like to compete.”


Mikoto chuckled.

“Sounds fun.”

“Their abilities?”

Hinagiku asked.

“You fought them, right?”

“At their peak? Probably tier 8 power.”

Wu Yan nodded.

“However, they are not big threats. I even snatched a card from them.”

The two listened closer.

“They’ve cards?”

Mikoto continued.

“They already started gathering the Cards?”

“Yes, the Mage’s Association is in charge of researching and managing mages in this world.”

“The seven cards in Fuyuki City didn’t escape their eyes. They sent people to gather these cards for research.”

He took out the Lancer Card.

“They already got two cards before we got here.”

He let them see the card.

“I met these mages. Fought two of them and got Lancer from one of them. I would say I got lucky tonight.”

“You robbed them?”

The two ladies sighed.

“I thought you said they were nice? Why did you have to go stealing cards from them?”

“We have to.”

“They have cards, we need cards, it is only a matter of time until we need to do this.”

“Why did you stop at one?”

Mikoto rolled her eyes.

“Just rob the two cards and be done with it.”

“Well, I don’t want to start something big.”

“I don’t get it, they are going to be pissed anyway.”

Hinagiku had a sneaking suspicion.

“They’re not girls, right?”


He gasped.

“How did you know?”

The two turned cold.

“Ah, I see, so they were girls.”

“No wonder you went easy on them.”

“Hey, did you not listen to me?”

Wu Yan sweated hard.

“Why did you assume I went easy just because they’re girls?”

“No reason.”

The two turned their backs on him.

“We are going to sleep now, don’t bother us.”

The two slept although they stick stuck close to him.

What am I going to do with these two Tsunderes?

“Night, he gave them pecks on their cheeks.

With their powers suppressed to level 75, they don’t have an overwhelming advantage over the spirits.

The spirits’ true powers are also still unknown at this stage.

Using the cards probably can turn the tide of the battle.

He has to study how to utilize his Lancer Card tomorrow.

In an actual fighting situation.

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