Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1433: A bad guy? It is a small world

The next night.

Wu Yan took out the Dragonar watch as he ascertained the time. He looked up at the stars that dotted the sky and the moon that accompanied them.

The way time is measured in the Seikoku no Dragonar's universe is different from this place. But, it translates to 2340.

It is 20 minutes before the time to enter the Mirror World.

He looked at Hinagiku and Mikoto who stood behind him.

The two didn't wear dresses because they are planning on fighting tonight. Hence, they wore tighter clothes.

Hinagiku wore a simple shirt while Mikoto wore a white one. They wore short pants for increased mobility. The short pants revealed their luscious legs. Although they wore casual outfits, their looks still made them shine.

If one had to point out a flaw then it is the relative lack of perkiness coming from the upper halves of these ladies.

Anyway, they were armed to fight.

"It's almost midnight."

He glanced in the ladies' direction.

"You two ready?"


Mikoto grinned ecstatically.

"I am born ready!"

"Where is it?"

Hinagiku looked around.

"Where should we go to get the card?"

The Archer card is still with Rin although Wu Yan had stolen Luvia's Lancer card.

There are 5 more cards.

He sensed the sources of the magical distortions. He looked at the closest source.

"We will get the closest one. We only have 20 minutes."


They nodded.

Fuyuki city, Homurahara Academy...

This is a famous academy.

There are multiple divisions in the city.

There is the elementary school, the middle school, and the high school.

Other than kindergarten and college, the academy isn't lacking in the three stages of educational attainment.

They were heading for the high school division.

One of the distortions came from this place.

It is very dark here. The guards were also resting so the school looked eerily quiet.

Wu Yan moved to the point of distortion as his ladies followed him.

They arrived at a multipurpose track field.

There are other people here too.

Wu Yan recognized them.

Black stockings with a black pleated skirt, her red turtleneck went well with her raven-black hair tied in twintails.


"She's here too?"

Wu Yan gasped.

"Right, they're after the cards."


Hinagiku asked.

"You know her?"

"Yeah, I told you about them."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"She is one of the mages sent here for the cards. I snatched a card from her friend."


Mikoto looked at Rin.

"She's the girl you went easy on?"

The ladies were chilly with him.

"She's cute, I see why you went easy on her."

"Girls, please, you're being too sensitive."

Wu Yan frowned.

"Weird, where is the other one? The blondie with drill hair."


Wu Yan scanned Rin

Tohsaka Rin: Level 60


Wu Yan rubbed his head.

"She's so weak when she isn't in her Mahou Shoujo mode."

They lowered their volume but Rin still noticed them.

Rin turned around as she tensed up.

"Who goes there?!"

Rin spotted the trio before crying out.

"You again?!"

"You, we meet again."

Wu Yan teased her.

"Hey, magical girl, why don't you transform again?"

"Who are you calling a magical girl?!"

She blushed before grabbing the gems in her pocket. She could throw them out anytime but she still asked Wu Yan about his intentions.

"Why are you guys here?"

"Are you sure you're okay?"

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"It should be obvious why I came here..."

"The cards?"

Rin turned dark.

Suddenly, they heard someone dashing toward them. Rin knew who she was so she tried to warn her to stay away.

"Don't come here!"


The intruder yelped as if she didn't expect this rebuke from Rin.

Wu Yan & co saw the intruder.


She looked like she was 10 at most.

Her skin is as white as snow. Her flowing hair reached her waist and her eyes were as red as rubies. This made her look like a fairy who just escaped a storybook.

She wore a white sailor uniform with a purple pleated skirt topped off with an orange-brown ribbon.

The girl seemed oblivious as to why Rins topped her.

Near the top of her head, a star with wings floated.


"It's him..."

Ruby turned grave.

"Illya, back off."

"Wh-what's wrong?"

Illya gasped.

"Something wrong?"

"Listen to me, stay away!"


Rin stood between Illya and Wu Yan.


Mikoto stood with arms akimbo.

"Why does it look like we're the bad guys here?"

"No, it doesn't look like it..."

"We're facing a lady and a kid, we are the villains here..."

Wu Yan looked at the Illya girl who is sneaking glances from behind Rin.

He knew her.

Illyasviel von Einzbern.

She is the protagonist of Fate/Kaleid Illya. She is the MC of this universe.

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