Shoujo Grand Summoning

shoujo grand summoning chapter 1434

“ Illyasviel von Einzbern…”

Wu Yan saw Ruby hiding near Illya instead of Rin.

“Magical Girl-san, why is your transformation wand with the girl over there?”

“I am not Magical Girl-san!”

Rin shrieked.

“I am Tohsaka Rin, remember that name!”

“Okay, fine, Rin-san.”

He shrugged.

“Against a boss like me, shouldn’t you hurry up and transform?”

“You’re still making fun of me…”

RIn clenched her fists while the veins near her temple bulged.

“I would if I could, things would be less of a hassle that way.”

“You can’t, huh?”

Wu Yan poked fun at her.

“Rin-san, don’t tell me your wand abandoned you?”

Rin froze.

“Oh, bullseye.”

Wu Yan continued teasing her while looking at Illya who was nervously standing behind her.

“And? Is that the new Mahou Shoujo?”

“You’re so noisy!”

Rin roared.

“You’re the reason why I became like this.”

Ruby and Sapphire abandoned Rin and Luvia after he stole the Lancer card from them.

However, they still needed to conduct their quests which involved gathering the Class Cards.

The two magic wands decided to find new masters.

Illya is the one chosen by Ruby.

Rin found Ruby and Illya after tracking them down.

Without Ruby, Rin can never stand alone against Heroic Spirits. She decided to team up with Illya to gather the cards.

Ruby can turn normal humans into powerful mages. This is achieved by granting them access to magic power and spells. Naturally, Illya in her Magical Girl mode is stronger than Rin.

Rin is frustrated but she blamed it on Wu Yan.

“Hmm… somebody is thinking that if it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t be without her Kaleido Stick.”

Wu Yan commented.


“Even without me, your constant feud with the Gold Drill lady would have resulted in that outcome, just in a different fashion.”

“Yes, you’re correct.”

Ruby agreed.

“They can already put curly ones on the soap and they’re still running around acting like Magical Girls. Talk about hilarious, if I had teeth, my teeth would have fallen ou-”


Ruby got smashed into the floor by an enraged fist from Rin.


She got out of her violent stance. Even Mikoto and Hinagiku gawked at her when she did that. Illya is smiling awkwardly at the side.


Mikoto pointed her finger at a nearby corner.

She shot a bolt of miniature lightning at the dark corner.


Somebody croaked when she got electrocuted by the lightning. She fell to the floor with smoke coming out of her hair and circles in her eyes.

It’s not over yet.


A flash of magical light appeared from the corner. This attack targeted Mikoto.


A crystal sword intervened without Mikoto’s input. The sword hit the magical light.


The sword split the magical attack in two, detonating it in the process.

With Shirosakura in her hands, she got into a stance while looking at the dark corner.

The two made their competence known through two attacks.


Rin balled her palms into fists when she saw the swordswoman and lightning ESPer user.

“They’re not normal people.”


Wu Yan gasped after identifying the smoking pile of meat on the floor. The same one Mikoto hit with her lightning.

“Golden Drills?”

“Golden Drills?”

Rin looked in that direction.


“She isn’t alone.”

Hinagiku said.

“What’s wrong? Are you going to stay hidden forever?”

She raised her guard.

But, the individual that came out of that dark corner was another girl who is similar in age to Illya.

Her shoulder-length black hair was tied in a short twin-tail fashion while two long bangs came down the sides of her head. She also had neatly-cropped bangs covering her forehead. Her exquisite mien is on par with Illya.

Unlike Illya’s bubbly air, this girl carried a chilling distance that made her stand out.

She is also wearing her Mahou Shoujou Dress.

It looked like a fusion between a school swimsuit, frills, long gloves, kneesocks, and a petal-like skirt that was topped up with an elegant cape. She looked like a dainty fairy who just flew out from a picture book.

She had a blue magic wand that had a star on it. Judging by the remnants of magic power, she was the one who did that magical beam attack just now.


The young girl tried to confirm her partner’s safety.

She kept her eyes trained on Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto.

“Are you okay?”

“I am fine…”

Luvia got up like an undead.

“To attack someone noble like me with lightning, how rude…”


Mikoto wagged her fingers.

“A noble lady wouldn’t have hidden herself in the dark like that.”

Luvia glared at Wu Yan.

“You bastard, give me my Lancer back!”

“Are you sure you’re okay in the head?”

He grabbed his own aching temples.

“I robbed it from you, why would I ever return it?”

Luvia choked on her words again.


Hinagiku reminded him.

“It’s time.”

He looked at the giant clock near the edge of the track field.

It is near the midnight mark already.

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