Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1435: Clash against a Heroic Spirit

“It’s time.”

Wu Yan furrowed his brows.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto.”

They got out of battle stance before returning to his side.

A strong magical surge of energy enveloped them as a pillar of magic beam descended from the sky.

The totem covered the trio and magic formations started spinning around them.


RIn and Luvia gasped.

“Take heed.”

Ruby yelled.

“They’re entering the Mirror World.”


Rin turned to Illya.

“Illya! Hurry, transform!”


Illya yelped.


“Yes, now!”

Illya grabbed Ruby as dazzling lights covered her. Her uniform disappeared as it was replaced with a Magic Girl cosplay similar to Miyu.

Her porcelain white shoulders were revealed as a pink dress magically appeared on her. The dress had white frills topped off with a pair of white long gloves.

The white kneesocks went well with her fairy wings-esque cape. Her hair was tied by white wing ribbons.

Ruby turned into a magical wand to complete her Magical Girl cosplay. In any case, she looked better than Rin or Luvia did.

As for their levels…

Illyasviel von Einzbern: Level 66

Miyu Edelfelt: Level 69

Unlike the mages, these two ladies were normal people who were granted powers through the Kaleido Sticks, it’s amazing that humans can achieve this level of power. Miyu deserves a special mention for being able to reach the peak of tier 7 at her age.

Luvia and Rin are only level 60 individuals at their current stages.

The Kaleido Sticks turned them into individuals who are more powerful than talented mages like Luvia and Rin.


Rin said.

“Don’t doze off, open the Mirror World Passage!”


Luvia ordered.

“Don’t let them sneak ahead of us, go!”

Miyu turned grave while Illya gulped. They weren't as battle-ready as Rin or Luvia.

A kaleidoscope-like magic formation wrapped up Illya and Miyu. Luvia and Rin also got involved.


The magic power swept them up as the track field lit up for a few seconds.

Then, everyone vanished.

When they opened their eyes, they found themselves in a mystical world.

They were still at the school but the track field here had blue misty participles flying around. The misty here also came together with the deep night-like veil. It was like they were in a mirror realm.

"Where are we?"

Illya lost her bearings.

Rin only told them what they needed to do. She didn't even tell them about possible fights.

"Is this the Mirror World?"

Hinagiku looked at the center of the field.

"An unfamiliar aura."

"Where is the heroic spirit?"

Mikoto tried to see the spirit.

"It's not here."


Wu Yan looked at the center of the field.

"Even if we don't find it. It will appear..."

And, then...


A dark mist spun into existence at the center. The mist formed a circular cloud.

"Eh? Eh?!!!"

Illya gasped.

"Ah, as reported, the Heroic Spirit showed itself."

Miyu looked like she knew this would happen, she is too calm. She stood in front of Illya while getting her wand ready.

The circular mist started spinning like a black hole.

An oppressive aura came from within.

"Stop messing around...

Mikoto raised her arm. Her arm had lightning jumping around it.

"And, come out!"

Mikoto electrocuted the black mist cluster.


The lightning struck whatever was inside the mist.

The lightning arcing around the black mist made it look like a storm cloud.

The entity within was enraged by the attack. Then, the black mist expanded out.

That's the cue for an explosive attack.


Rin warned.

"Ruby! Shield!"

"Focusing all mana output to magic and physical defense."

Ruby acted on Illya's behalf.


Luvia said.


Miyu raised her wand.

Then, two barriers covered Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu.

Wu Yan and Hinagiku backed off as Mikoto knocked a coin.

"I won't let you!"


She charged the coin with EM energy.

Then, an orange laser flew across the field before striking the expanding cloud.


The railgun blew away the storm.


The entity within turned into a dark blur as she went straight for Mikoto.


She hit the wall of iron sand Mikoto put up in front of her.

They finally got a good look at the entity.

It was a woman in a tight-fitting dress. She had purple hair that touched her toes while her eyes were covered by a visor. She had spikes in her hands that were attached to chains.

This is the Heroic Spirit they're facing this time.

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