Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1437: Get together for one last showdown?

The violent winds shredded the ground.

The booming thunder just passed.

Everyone was shocked.

Time, space, the sky, and the earth stood still as the dust settled. The fight between a mortal and a Heroic Spirit had just ended.

Mikoto stood at the center of the field with blue lightning dancing around her.

In a crater nearby, one could find traces of charred earth and smoking rubble.

Mikoto carried an excited smile like she just finished a marathon. She stretched her back before storing her lightning away.

She raised an arm. She held a card in her hand.

Rider Class Card, A card made with advanced magecraft, it can invoke and call upon the powers of the corresponding Heroic Spirit within

Include: Limited expand: Using the card and a magic dress as the medium, one can use the Noble Phantasm for a limited period of time.

Noble Phantasm: Bellerophon

Parallel Include: One can use the Noble Phantasm multiple times with an extended duration

Install: Phantom Summon: Take on the powers of the spirit by accessing the heroic spirits through its Throne.

Heroic Spirit: Medusa

Noble Phantasm Bellerophon: Allows the user to ride any mount and enhances the abilities of the mount. It is especially potent when enhancing the power of Phantasmal Species

There is a war chariot in the card and a soldier holding the reins.

They obtained the Rider Card.

Rin and Luvia watched as the enemies got their hands on the Rider Card.


Illya gasped as another battle started again.

Miyu stomped and dashed in Mikoto's direction with the aid of magical explosions.

Miyu reached for the Rider Card before the others can react.

Alas, she won't get her way this time.

She stopped short of reaching Mikoto.

The reason came in the form of a crystal blade held against her neck.

"Kids these days..."

She warned Miyu to stand down.

"I don't want to treat kids like this but Yan needs that item. Don't try to swipe it off her, okay?"


Rin gasped.

"I didn't even see her move, how did she appear there?"

"I-I can't even..."

Illya voiced her confusion.

"What is going on?"


Luvia tried to rush to Miyu's side but Hinagiku warned her to stay away.


Wu Yan received the Rider card from Mikoto. He assured Illya & co.

"Hinagiku will never harm a child. You girls can rest easy."

Rin and Luvia sighed in relief.

"I thought you were a gentleman, I didn't peg you as someone who would hold a kid at knifepoint like this. I am disappointed with you."

"Look, I didn't start the fight."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Moreover, If I really wanted to, I could have blackmailed you two."


Wu Yan went over to Miyu.

He placed his hand on her head despite her sharp gaze.

"If you don't want her harmed then hand over the Archer Card."

Rin and the others turned grave.


Wu Yan shrugged as he stored away his savage look.

"We can but we don't, that's my version of being a gentleman, Magical Girls..."

Wu Yan motioned for Hinagiku to back down. She promptly let Miyu go.

Miyu instantly retreated to a safe distance. She raised Sapphire while looking at them vigilantly.

Rin and the others sighed in relief.

They were worried that Wu Yan would blackmail them.


Wu Yan smirked.

"I will be taking the Rider Card, thanks!"

Rin and Luvia clenched their teeth.

First, he robbed them of Lancer. Now, he's rubbing it in again.

What can we do?


Luvia and Rin couldn't stop him even when they were transformed. Now, his allies are here so a straightforward fight will most likely result in defeat.

Not just that, but his allies are very powerful. They weren't sure they could take on either one of the ladies near Wu Yan.

Indeed, Wu Yan is going easy on them by not taking their Archer Card even when he had the overwhelming advantage in this situation.

"Looks like you're not going to steal the only card remaining with us..."

Rin sneered.

"Don't tell me you're too afraid to hurt kids and girls?"

Wu Yan grinned.

"We are all after the Class Cards. Sooner or later, we will have to duke it out. I would much rather you all go gather cards for me and then we do a final fight to see who gets to keep the cards, won't that be quicker and more efficient?"


Rin gnashed the rubies in her hand.

"Looks like you're sure you could beat us."


Wu Yan stored the Rider card away.

"Hinagiku, Mikoto, let's go home."

The two returned to him.

"Till next we meet..."

Wu Yan placed his hands on his ladies' shoulders. Then, he disappeared in a flash of light and an array of teleportation magic circles.

Luvia, Rin, Illya, and Miyu stared in a speechless manner.

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