Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1438: The two ladies who are trying to escape reality.

Fuyuki City, a certain street.

Rin, Luvia, Miyu, and Illya were on their way back from the fight just now but they carried a depressing vibe with them.

They carried on without aim. Miyu silently followed the two older ladies while Illya also got infected by their pessimism.

Illya is a normal student in this alternate universe. Compared to Miyu who is more mature than her, she just doesn't get the concept of magicians, card gathering, and magecraft.

For her, the idea of gathering cards and fighting Heroic Spirits just inspired dread.

She didn't know they have to fight crazy spirits before today.

Who would expect elementary school kids to fight legendary heroes?

This is beyond comprehension for most mortals.

She also didn't understand how Miyu can calmly do something like this. She didn't flinch against strong foes. Illya could never do that.

Rin and Luvia have their own thoughts on the matter. Miyu is also deep in thought. Illya felt uncomfortable in this tense silence.

Finally, she started talking to Ruby who was floating near her.

"Ruby, what's going on? Why is everyone like this?"

"Stressing over stuff, I reckon..."

Ruby explained. She rubbed her circle with the ribbon-like appendages like she was rubbing her chin.

"An unknown, powerful, and ambiguous foe just appeared to snatch cards with Rin and Luvia. I can see why they're frustrated."

"True, those two onee-sans were super strong."

Illya recalled how Mikoto dueled the Rider known as Medusa like she was beating down another punk. Meanwhile, Hinagiku's immense speed also went beyond her perception.

"Yes, they are powerful..."

"I am surprised you're so composed."

Ruby sighed.

"You should know, with people like that running around, it will be hard to gather cards. We might not even be able to collect one card."

"What's wrong with that?"

Illya tilted her head.

"Rin said the class cards would be bad in bad people's hands. But, those people seemed like good people, the cards should be fine with them, right?"

Illya clapped her hands.

"Even better, if they can clean up the dangerous bomb-like Class Cards then Fuyuki city won't be endangered, right?"


Ruby continued.

"We are not just trying to keep it out of bad people's hands."

Rin said.

"The Class Cards are related to Heroic Spirits and are made with very advanced magecraft. Tons of people would like to get their hands on fine specimens like the cards."

"But, we have reasons to covet them, they're still dangerous if left in unaffiliated people's hands."


Illya asked.

"It is a tool. A magician might have made it."

Rin explained.

"If it is in the wrong hands and they reverse engineer the cards then imagine armies of people running around with Heroic Spirit powers."

Rin glanced in her direction.

"Can you imagine a world where people can fight with that caliber of terrifying power?"

Illya shivered at the thought.

Illya just couldn't imagine the chaos that would ensue.

"There are people who are trying to devise ways to make more of these cards. These people want to expand their influence in the Magic Council and expand their grip on the world. Naturally, there are bad people even in our organizations."

Luvia said.

"The Grand Marshal decided to intervene to prevent further civil war from happening inside our organization. But, now..."

Rin and Luvia chuckled at the same time.

"Strong foes are emerging one by one. And, they're after the cards just like us. As we can't be sure they're not malignant, we have to ensure no more cards fall into their hands."


Rin wanted to tear up.

"If we can't do this then the Grand Marshall won't take us as disciples! I am not going to let that happen!"

Illya fell to the floor while Miyu started sweating.

So these two ladies were just looking out for themselves?

"The foe is powerful but we can still deal with them."

Luvia said.

"Well, are we calling for backup?"

"Are you ready for punishment?"

Rin asked.

"They will know we got kids involved."

Luvia also shut her yap.

Kischur told them to gather the cards with the Kaleido Sticks. They were superhumans in Fuyuki City.

The Kaleido Sticks are dangerous sentient weapons.

Kischur specifically told them to keep an eye on the sticks. No accidents will be tolerated.

However, the Sticks abandoned the two ladies and contracted two 10-year-old girls so they can borrow the cards' powers too.

If Kischur found out then Rin and Luvia can kiss the disciple program goodbye.

Rin and Luvia thought long and hard.

"M-Maybe things aren't so serious yet."

Luvia laughed while Rin chimed in.

"If the Magic Council can't even decipher the cards then I don't think they would be able to mass produce this, much less random mages on the street."

"Yeah! Rin, exactly!"

Luvia laughed again.

"Plus, the guy can help us collect cards. We can just take the cards back at a later time. Won't this save more time?"



Luvia and Rin laughed like criminals who were about to be caught.

Illya and Miyu were sweating cold bullets, their mentors had a few screw loose, it seems...

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