Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1439: What is this soft thing?

The next day, the sun is shining brightly in the sky as the busy streets were filled with people and cars.

A jolly day for jolly people.

Meanwhile, Rin was walking in casual clothes. She wore a simple purse that could do without her scowl.

She searched around for a book in her purse. When she looked at the funds she had in her bank account, she couldn't help but be a bit crestfallen.

She was going to buy some jewels.

Jewels are essential for her magecraft.

She uses Jewel Magic which costs a ton of jewels.

She stored her magic power and spells in the jewels and use them to attack when the time calls for it.

She doesn't need to chant or stand around in ritual circles. She can just toss the ready-made spells like magical grenades.

It is a famous magic for its convenience and versatility.

However, since the gems are used up during the casting process, the user will have to buy more to replace them. This is made up by being able to carry around dozens of spells and throw them at a moment's notice.

Jewel Magic is also something her family passed down to her.

Except for the immense costs of the jewels used, the magic had no drawbacks.

It is basically a type of magic where one throws money with each attack.

Who wouldn't cry?

The wealth required to sustain this type of practice is the reason why there are only a handful of practitioners of this magic.

While Rin hates to admit it, her family has fallen into disgrace and their wealth is also dwindling. She is conserving her jewel usage because of this.

This is why she wore a scowl.

She is already down to the bottom of her wealth barrel. She doesn't even want to think about the money she has left after multiple shopping trips.

Ruby abandoned her so she has to find ways to gather cards and fight strong enemies.

With that, she has to fend for herself in fights or be diced up.

It is at times like this that she envies Luvia. She is truly rich and she could buy up jewelry stores if she wanted to.

Soon, she arrived at a fancy store with gemstones in it.

She's troubled but not because of the quality of the stones. She is troubled by the costs of the jewels.

She shrugged.

"I can't even buy much of the cheap stuff."

A hand patted her from behind.

"What are you doing here?'


She was genuinely surprised by whoever stood behind her.

She tripped herself.

Bracing for the impact, she watched as the ground got closer to her face.

Then, someone stopped her from falling.


With the pavement mere inches away from her face, she wondered just how did she defy gravity?

Someone wrapped his arm from behind her.

This man must have saved her.

She's not grateful. Her face got redder by the second.

One of his hands buried its digits into one of the divine hills on her chest.


The guy started fondling her jug.

"What is this soft thing?"


Rin cried out as she blushed. Then, she shrieked.

"W-What are you doing?!"

The guy stopped touching her.

"No, don't tell me I just touched your..."

She got away from the assailant. Sitting on the ground, she looked at him.

She guarded her Howitzers in case the assailant wanted to cope more feels.

Rin gasped.



Wu Yan grinned after he stored the sensation of her jugs in his mind.

"Although you greeted me rudely like yesterday, I will accept your greeting nonetheless."

Wu Yan said.


She turned misty.

"You just... you just..."

"Hold it, it was an accident."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Even if I wanted to cop a feel, it wouldn't be from you. I mean, you don't have much to grab..."

"Excuse me?"

Rin stared at him.

He stole the Lancer card, got the jump on the Rider card, and now he just complained after touching her puppies?

Rin got angry.

"Who are you calling a smooth plain?!"

She roared before standing up. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her racks.

Wu Yan felt something smooth.

"Well? Do you feel that?!"

Rin roared as he came to his senses.


Wu Yan continued caressing her kitties. He looked at the shapes he was kneading into her Bazingas.

"Well, they are there..."


Rin's expression contorted.

"How long are you going to fondle me?"

Wu Yan gave her perky tips another pinch.

"Just a while longer."

Rin's mind snapped.

"You damn pervert!"

She yelled before giving chase. Naturally, Wu Yan ran away from her at max speed.

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