Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1440: The jewels to move Rin

Fuyuki City, in a family restaurant.

With two cups of tea and some pastries on the table, Wu Yan watched as Rin continued leering daggers in his direction.

He stayed calm because if he antagonized her then it would be hard to pick up the pieces later.

He did grab her bunnies so it is reasonable that she is very angry with him.

More importantly, it is her arch-enemy who copped a ton of feels from her.

Plus, he had the cards she needed.

This couldn't get any worse.

Wu Yan also didn't get why he got so lucky.

He was touring the city to familiarize himself with this universe's Fuyuki City.

As they can only gather cards after midnight, there is nothing much to do after that time.

So, with Mikoto and Hinagiku on a lady's day out in the city, he decided to stroll around the city. Maybe he can stumble across interesting events.

And, he did find himself in one.

Rin was out buying jewels.

Wu Yan tailed her because he knew he could prank her.

Then, everything transpired like a bad romantic comedy.

After Rin tired herself out, Wu Yan invited her to a family restaurant to talk things out.

And, now, they're stuck in this tense situation.

Even if he had a thick face, Rin wouldn't let him get away scot-free.

"So, why are you here?"

Wu Yan immediately regretted that question.

This is just opening another can of worms.

Rin thought about her experience and she blushed.


Wu Yan coughed.

"Just curious."


Rin snorted.

"I was out buying gemstones to counter a certain villain gentleman. No, a certain perv!"

Cough cough cough

Rin is spitting venom.

"Jewel magic?"

Wu Yan asked.

"You used up your jewels, eh?"


Rin replied.

"Just a precaution in case a certain perv decides to rob me of my jewels."

"Perv, eh?"

Wu Yan disliked the notion of Rin calling him a perv multiple times.

"Jewels don't come cheap. At least, a certain someone can't afford to buy even a handful of the cheap ones."

Rin froze.


Wu Yan teased her.

"Did someone spend all her money to install counter-measures against me?"

Rin snapped.

"Yeah?! What of it?!"

"Look, I get it."

Wu Yan picked up his cup of tea.

"Well, we are all friends here. If you need help then I don't mind pitching in."

"Help me?"

Rin cast a doubtful gaze.

"You wish to help me?"

"You want jewels?"

Wu Yan manifested a piece of jewel.

No, it is a gemstone because it is unprocessed.

"Take a look."

He tossed it over.

"Is that suitable for your Jewel magic?"

She sensed the magic within and was stunned.

This gemstone had a ton of magic power in it.

"Wh-what the?"

Rin gasped.

"Where did you find a stone like this? The monstrous energy within it is..."

Wu Yan didn't know what to say.

He just gave her a tier 8 demonic beast core. It looked like a gemstone but it wasn't one from Earth.

She probably doesn't know what a tier 8 demonic beast looked like anyway.

"Something I got out of a previous fight."

Wu Yan said.

"Anyway, can you use it?"

"Of course!"

Rin explained.

"Jewel magic uses the magic power stored in jewels, with a magical script written into the stone, one can invoke the magic at a later time by keying in the password. It is a ready-made spell."

"This thing has so much magic energy in it that I don't even need to infuse magical power into it. I only need to write a spell for it. The energy within this stone is enough to harm even Heroic Spirits with high magic resistance. This thing can become a trump card!"

Rin asked about its origins.

"Where did you find this thing? It would take at least a century to accumulate this level of magic power, where did you get it?"

The stone is a high-grade material.

The stone's quality modified the subsequent spell output. A shoddy gem can't store much energy and can't be engraved with good spells.

Jewel mages needed high-quality stones for high-quality spells.

It is almost unheard of for there to be a stone that stored a century's worth of magic energy.

At least, she has never seen one herself.

It would take a mage two entire generations to input 100 years' worth of mana into this thing.

And, how can a stone withstand so much power?

Yet, here it is.

Rin just can't imagine the power of such a jewel.

Rin had stones that stored 17 years of magic power. Each of those is equivalent to Rank A magecrafts.

Those magecrafts can hurt Heroic Spirits.

This thing would rival a Noble Phantasm's maximum output!

She can probably make something that can rival Medusa's Bellerophon-enhanced Pegasus dive charge.

This is already a tremendous asset to her.

One hit from this thing will definitely bring down Heroic Spirits.

Moreover, she just needs to craft a spell for it, no further magic input is required.

Rin just got her hands on a killer gemstone!

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