Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1443: the pink flash

Tap tap tap tap

There are footsteps mixed with the rustling of leaves and the crunch of wood.

The dark figures within the shadows blitz by Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto.

These individuals had crackled skull masks. They were covered in entirely black cloaks. They could be described as monsters.

Other than their white skull masks, the anatomy of these assassins was entirely covered in black.

Their heads, torsos, muscles, and limbs.

The black color is a perfect camouflage for a dark night. They looked like ghostly wraiths as they jumped around the woodland.

They carried knives, daggers, shortswords, and other agile weapons.


Mikoto and Hinagiku tensed up.

"They got us surrounded."

The trio was surrounded by all the assassins.

If the assassins moved at once then it would be an attack from all directions for the trio.

They might be peak of tier 6 but they had the numbers and the environment suited them too.

With trees and the dark night giving perfect concealment and the numbers to overwhelm people.

Even Rin & co might be overwhelmed if they arrived here.

The trio tried to think of a way out.

"Screw it."

Mikoto released lightning.

"Peak tier 6, let's do this!"

She conjured a wave of iron sand.

The Assassins took up arms.

They threw their weapons at the trio.

The sharp knives were accurate too.


Mikoto yelled before the iron sand turned into an iron tornado that covered the trio.

Clang clang clang

The iron tornado deflected the blades.

Wu Yan also moved.

However, someone was faster than him.


A pink flash struck the Assassins as she drew a single path.

The assassins that were struck started freezing up.

Splurt swish splurt

The assassins burst out in blood and gore as they lost their lives.

The pink flash stopped.

Her beautiful pink hair fluttered in the wind.

Then, she got into another stance and turned into a pink blur.

The assassins couldn't react in time.

Another pink flash and down went another batch of assassins.

"Wo-Woah, Hinagiku..."

Wu Yan watched as Hinagiku zipped around the battlefield, striking off assassins like their doom.

Wu Yan had trouble catching her even with his superhuman perception.

Fast, incredibly fast!


Mikoto dispelled her iron tornado.

"Yeah, we were shocked too."


Wu Yan looked at Mikoto.

"Hinagiku has no special abilities and she can't use a myriad of spells like you. She is just a human with kendo skills..."

Mikoto smiled as she watch Hinagiku cut down more Assassins.

"She wondered about her path too. She wondered if she should use the System to learn ESP or learn cultivation in Douqi and Mana. In the end, she passed on those too."

"Hinagiku looked hard within herself for the attributes granted to her through her levels."

Mikoto pointed at Hinagiku.

"That is her true calling."

"Faster than anyone."

She is genuinely happy that her friend found her direction. Mikoto laughed heartily.

"She can strike faster than anyone and be fast is her trademark now. No one can beat her at this level in this regard."

Like an acrobatic meteor. The pink flash known as Hinagiku continued cutting down the assassins.

He couldn't be more relieved of Hinagiku's growth.

He was worried about her falling behind the group.

She is just a mortal swordsman with no magic, spells, or ESP. Unlike the others in his harem, she can only fight in CQC.

He wanted to buy something special like special weapons or items to upgrade her skills.

There are talents, skills, and bloodlines in the shop. However, Wu Yan would still have to teach other people to transmit that. The System cannot directly inject these skills into his harem unlike himself.

Alas, Hinagiku rejected his offer of help.

Hinagiku never brought it up on her own so he can't stop worrying about her. Now, he finally understands why she kept mum.

Hinagiku wanted to walk her own path.

The path of the sword is her path and she intends to walk down it and obtain power for herself.

This is the result of her dedication and hard work. Her lightning-fast attacks and speed.

Hinagiku is no pushover.

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