Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1444: Obtained another card, the reason for the weak Heroic Spirit

Kaleido World.

A figure dashed across the ground as it agilely switched between different trees to try to throw off the pursuer.

The dark figure jumped onto a nearby tree branch.

This dark figure carried two daggers while wearing a white skull mask.

It is one of the Assassins manifested in this realm.

The red lights coming from beyond the mask suggested the wearer isn't rational. It is acting on mad dog instincts.

The assassin emitted no discernible presence. However, before the assassin could leap again.

A streak of pink flash blew past the assassin.


The assassin moaned in pain before keeling over.

A hole appeared in the assassin's chest.

As the dark figure faded into dust, a card floated in its stead.

The pink flash stopped near the card. It was a beautiful lady with pink hair.

Hinagiku grabbed the card with the hand that is not holding Shirosakura.


Hinagiku beamed.

"Mission complete."


Her comrades, Mikoto, and Wu Yan called out to her.

"Are you done?"

"That was the last one!"

Hinagiku jumped down to Wu Yan.

"I didn't think an irrational Heroic Spirit would run..."

Hinagiku grumbled.

"Wasting my energy like that..."

"Even if they're acting on instincts, the assassin probably ran because it knew better than to stay in the battlefield after its sneak attacks failed."

Wu Yan looked at the card in her hand.

It was a tarot card with an assassin wearing a skull mask emblazoned on it. The assassin carried two daggers and there is a line of English letters down there.


Class Card Assassin: A card made with high-level magecraft. Can call upon the powers of a certain Heroic Spirit

Include: Limit Expand - Using Magic Dress as the medium and the card as a pass, the user may temporarily use the Noble Phantasm of the Heroic Spirit.

Noble Phantasm: Zabaniya, Delusional Illusion

Parallel Include: Using multiple Magic Dress and the card as the pass, the users may call upon the Noble Phantasms in multiple concurrent instances

Noble Phantasm: Zabaniya, Delusional Illusion

Install Phantom Summon: Using oneself as the medium and the card as the pass, one may call upon the powers of the Heroic Spirit and transform into that spirit for a period of time

Heroic Spirit: Hassan of the hundred Faces

Zabaniya, Delusional Illusion, a special Noble Phantasm that can spread one's soul fragments out into multiple clones. The clone limit is capped at 80 people.

Splitting into clones will divine the user's powers into equal parts. 2 people will have 50% the power of the original while 50 clones will have 2% the power of the original

Wu Yan smiled.

"Assassin Class Card bagged!"

"A clone-type Noble Phantasm."

Mikoto read the card's entry with the System's help.

"Splitting oneself into 80 people. That sounds like a cheat."

"With disadvantages, of course."

Hinagiku nodded.

"So this is the reason why they're at the peak of tier 7. They split into too many clones. I thought they were too weak for Heroic Spirits."

"The original should have been at the peak of tier 7."

Wu Yan assessed.

"They were too weak, splitting into clones was a bad idea. The rational original spirit would have merged back into one. At least the original would have lasted longer."

"Alas, the Heroic Spirit can't think rationally."

Wu Yan stored away the card.

Crack crack

The sky started cracking up.

The Mirror World trembled as the sound of cracking glass reverberated across the realm.

The Mirror World exists because of the corrupted spirits here.

Once they ar defeated, the mirror World will start to grow smaller.

After all the cards are collected, there will be no more Mirror Worlds.

"Let's go!"

Wu Yan grabbed Hinagiku and Mikoto before teleporting out of that place in an array of iridescent lights.

Fuyuki city, behind a mountain.

The trio returned to the real world.

"Ah, right, almost forgot about the collapsing Mirror World..."

"Will Rin & the others feel the effects?"

"Worried about that Rin girl?"

Hinagiku gave Wu Yan a sour look.

"You can go check. We still have time."

"Don't give the guy tips, Hinagiku."

Mikoto snorted too.

"He can do whatever he wants, we don't care."

Mikoto pulled Hinagiku's hand as they left the mountain.

Wu Yan smiled while looking at their backs.

"Sheesh, women..."

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