Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1446: Useless Archer Card


Illya lit up the plain with her powers. Her clothes disappeared into white particles as pink photon clusters covered her. She looked like a dainty fairy when the participles formed a pink magic girl dress on her. She looked pinkish-white with that dress on her. Meanwhile, there is a white fairy-wing cape billowing behind her.


She tapped her feet against the ground as her wings slightly fluttered.

Then, she took to the sky.

"Yeah! Flying feels great!"

Illya floated a few meters above the ground. She didn't want to fly too high.

"It feels like I am truly a Mahou Shoujo."

"Right? Feels amazing, doesn't it?"

Ruby smugly chimed in. She twitched even if she was supposed to act as the magic wand.

"Illya, you're still new to this. You need to train harder to surpass the Aging Twintails. This is why we are here, to train you!"


Illya rubbed the back of her head awkwardly.

"Okay, what are we doing today?"


Ruby said.

"But, I can already fly..."

"Illya, you can fly but that doesn't mean you can truly fly..."

Ruby cautioned her.

"You can only fly in simple directions and your technique is rigid. You're making poor use of your magic power and you're slow."


Illya tilted her head.

"I thought you can provide infinite magic power?"

"We can, but, the amount you can use is limited by your capabilities and talent."

Ruby explained.

"Imagine yourself as the spigot, no matter how limitless the supply of water, the spigot can only pour out so much magic power."

"Flying takes up magic power so if you can't make better use of your limited output then you're in big trouble."

"Is that so?"

Illya looked at herself.

"I don't feel weird, that means I have enough energy, right?"

"Because you're not fighting. All your output can be hogged by flying magic."

Ruby wiggled around.

"Trust me, you need to be more efficient with your magic power usage. Otherwise, you're going to be a burden to everyone else during fights when you can't attack or defend on your own. You're just going to lose to that cheater Heroic Spirit again at this rate."

"Limited output, eh?"

Illya tilted her head.

Then, she had an idea.

"What if we use this?"

Illya took out a card from the thigh pocket near her leg. It was a tarot card with an archer on it.


Ruby gasped.

"The Archer Card?"

"Rin-nee said I can have it. She said it would be useful in fights since she can no longer use it herself."

Illya said.

"By using Ruby as the medium, I can summon Noble Phantasms, right? Shouldn't this make me like, super strong then?"

"Too bad, Illya..."

Ruby said.

"You can only use Noble Phantasms for a limited duration and usually only once. After that, it goes on cooldown for hours. You cannot rely on it to get you through a fight, only as an insurance or trump card."

"Only one Noble Phantasm may be manifested at a time. You can't manifest them all."

"The Archer Card can give you a bow but you need to find arrows to fire the bow. Sure, it is powerful but I don't think you would like to run around with bundles of arrows behind you, right?"

"Oh, shucks..."

Illya was disappointed.

"That Rider Spirit the other day was super strong with her Noble Phantasm..."

"The Pegasus is strong. Bellerophon only enhanced the Pegasus. Without a suitable steed, that card would be useless in our hands."

Ruby teased her.

"Plus, Rider is in that scary man's hand, you know..."


A hand grabbed Ruby as Illya shrieked.

The assailant pulled the magic wand away from Illya.

"So, I am a scary guy, eh?"

Illya identified the man before freezing up.

"I wonder how punishing a magic wand feels..."

Wu Yan put more strength into his hand.

"Tell me... can you feel this?"

"Argh! It hurts!!!"

Ruby started struggling.

"No violence! I protest against excessive use of violence!"


Illya stuttered.

"T-The man from that night..."

"That scary guy!"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"Hey, girl, don't talk about people behind their backs... That's rude..."

"N-Not me!"

Illya sold out Ruby in an instant.

"Ruby said it first!"

"Illya! You traitor!"

Ruby yelled in despair.

"I was wrong about you!"


Wu Yan knocked Ruby's head. Then, he tossed her back to Illya.

"Anyway, I didn't think I would get the Archer Card so easily..."

Illya and Ruby both stopped at the same time. Wu Yan stole that card from them without them even picking up on it.


Illya turned teary-eyed.

"Oh, no, Rin-nee is going to yell at me for losing the card..."

Wu Yan raised the card to her face.

"You want it back?"

Illya nodded vigorously.

"I can give it back."

He spun the tarot card on the tip of his index finger.

"But, you need to answer my question."

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