Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1449: Destined to fight?


Illya clapped her hands together and brought up another subject to dispel the weird air.

"Rin-nee said Onii-san and your friends went to collect cards at another location, how did it go?"

Miyu also raised her head as she waited for Wu Yan to respond.

Wu Yan shrugged before lifting his hand.

He clinched a tarot card between his index and middle fingers. The tarot card had an assassin with a skull mask engraved on it.


Miyu continued.

"The Assassin card."


Illya blinked as she took a closer look.

"Rin-nee said this is an insidious spirit."

"Yes, it was slightly tough."

Wu Yan agreed.

"It is not strong individually. However, the heroic spirits knew how to use their Presence Concealment and do sneak attacks in the dark. Its Noble Phantasm of splitting into clones was always on so we fought like over 80 of these guys in the forest last night."


Miyu gasped.

"Isn't that almost an entire company of soldiers?"

"Well, they're just numbers on their own."

Wu Yan sighed.

"The Heroic Spirit had to split its power between 80 individuals. After killing off its clones, the assassins were pretty much useless. Rin and Luvia should have had no issues fighting them.

"80 assailants..."

Illya patted her chest.

"Luckily, we didn't meet Assassin last time."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Nah, I think Assassin is easier than Caster."

Illya silently gulped.

"Anyway, once you two master the art of lighting, Caster should be easy too."

Wu Yan turned to Miyu.

"Miyu, give me your hand."

Miyu hesitated before presenting her hand.

Wu Yan traced his finger along the back of her palm. He drew something with magic.

Then, he finished up the formation as Miyu felt something hot near the back of her palm. The formation turned warm soon after.

With a frown, she looked at Wu Yan.

"It is a simple flying spell."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Inject mana into it and it will start on its own. It will allow you to fly as freely as birds in the sky."

"Free flight?"

Miyu's eyes lit up.


Illya clapped happily.

"Isn't that great? Miyu-san, you can fly too!"

"A flying spell?"

Ruby and Sapphire examined the spell circle.

"I've never seen a spell construction like this. Where did you acquire this magecraft?"

"No use trying to search your archives, I made this myself."

Wu Yan said.

Wu Yan was lying.

There are dozens of flight spells in his 103,000 grimoires. Each had its drawbacks and pros.

Wu Yan compiled the best of these spells and improvised them to create this amalgam formation. This is an optimized flight spell that he uses on an almost daily basis.

He improved the control features to allow even a complete novice like Miyu to achieve free flight.

Miyu caressed the formation.

"Why are you helping me?"

Miyu asked.

"We're enemies."


Illya tried to calm Miyu down.

"Jeez, you ladies sure like to question people's motives..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Rin was like you. Do I really need a reason to help someone else?"

"Okay, fine, let me answer you."

Wu Yan rubbed her head with a gentle smile.

"I don't care that they're people out there who help with ulterior motives. Me, personally, I don't need any reason to help. But, don't give me reasons to harm because I will do that too."

"Our interests do not align in the future but helping you out is something I want to do and that is that."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Well? Are you satisfied?"

Miyu wasn't sure what to say. She had trouble controlling her thumping heart, she also blushed.

Illya's eyes lit up with stars.

"Onii-san is cool just like my Onii-chan!"

"With that, I think you two should be fine in your Caster fight tonight. We will go after another card. If all goes well, we will have to fight for the last and seventh card."


Miyu continued.

"What do we do after collecting all the cards?"

Wu Yan grinned.

"We duel to see who gets the cards."


Illya gasped.

"We will have to fight with Onii-san?"

"Most likely."

Wu Yan nodded.

"Oh no."

Illya sagged her head down in dejection. Miyu is also frowning.

The two were happy to know more about Wu Yan.

If possible, the two didn't want to fight against Wu Yan given his track record.

"Can't we resolve this in a more peaceful manner?"

Illya asked.

"Like competing fairly and see who gets the card?"

"I mean, we probably could work something out but a duel is the best way in my opinion."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"Rin and Luvia need the card to get what they want in the Clock Tower. I have my own reasons. If we did competitions then there is no guarantee that the loser will willingly concede. Fighting seems like an unavoidable outcome."

"Must we fight?"

Illya asked.

"Anyway, we still have cards to collect. This topic is a bit early."

Wu Yan patted Illya on her head.

"Okay, we still have time to kill and there is a fight tonight. Let's enjoy the time we have now!"

Miyu and Illya nodded while sporting complicated looks.

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