Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1450: What did he do? Where did he touch you?

When night fell and engulfed the light, the land turned dark.

There is a luxurious mansion in Fuyuki city. Currently, Luvia is pacing back and forth anxiously while mumbling. She was also fidgeting with her phone. Rin bit her fingers nervously too.

She looked at the decent house behind.

It is Illya's home while the mansion housed Luvia and Miyu.

It is already dark.

The two young girls should be home by now. However, they're still out there.

Rin and Luvia are worried for good reasons.

With Ruby and Sapphire looking after Illya and Miyu, they should be fine. But, Illya's family is already calling Rin about Illya's whereabouts so the two had to come up with answers.

Luvia was thinking about using her connections to search for Illya and Miyu.

"Talk about troublesome kids..."

Rin sighed.

"Just where are those two?"

"I don't know. Maybe I should have gone after Miyu after throwing her off a chopper."

Luvia turned off her phone.

"Is Miyu mad at me? Maybe she is throwing a tantrum?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if she did, you went overboard."

Rin rolled her eyes.

"Plus, she is a rational kid. I don't think she will stay mad at you."

"Miyu is mature. True, she wouldn't do that."

Luvia clapped her hands together.

"Illya isn't home too. Maybe they're together? Surely, your Illya wouldn't corrupt my Miyu, right?"

"They might be. They are good kids. I am sure they have their reasons."

Rin looked at the sky while leaning against a wall.

"I hope they can make it for tonight's fight."

Luvia started pacing anxiously again. Soon, her source of anxiety disappeared.

At the end of the street, three individuals arrived as they strolled toward the two ladies. It looked like an elder brother taking his two younger sisters out for fun. It was a serene scene.

However, the two ladies were not happy to see the guy.

Wu Yan just returned from taking Illya and Miyu on a fun trip around Fuyuki's sprawling commercial complex.


Luvia gasped in horror.

"Him again?"

"So it was him..."

Rin growled.

She was sure the two girls wouldn't do something like staying out late. This nefarious demon must have kidnapped the two girls with his sweet words.

He probably got his hands on her Archer card too.

Rin inhaled deeply. Then, she charged at the guy before jumping to do a flying kick.

"You damn bastard!"

Wu Yan didn't flinch. He casually grabbed her leg while still chatting with Illya and Miyu. Shifting his angle, he redirected her force and deflected her away...

To a bunch of trash cans...

In an instant, Rin's face turned pale.


Bam clatter

The moaned in pain as she crashed into the trash cans. The lid of one of the trash cans rolled past them.

As for Rin...

Illya and Miyu wanted to confirm her state of being but Wu Yan just grabbed their hands instead.

"Don't look, she's dirty."


Something is trying to get up in the heap of trash. The tearing of plastics could be heard.

Illya and Miyu can only imagine the state Rin must be in. They allowed her to keep her dignity by not looking at her pitiful state.

Wu Yan delivered Illya and Miyu to their homes while giving Luvia a casual glance. She looks like she is trying to process the situation.

"Okay, thanks for taking us home..."

"Thanks, Onii-san, it was fun today!"

Illya beamed at him.

"We should play again soon!"

"Be careful on your way home."

Miyu bade him farewell while letting her hostility and guard go.

Wu Yan waved at them before disappearing in a poof of mist.


Illya was a bit sad about how the day ended.

"He went away..."

Miyu looked at Luvia.

"Luvia, are you okay?"

Luvia grabbed Miyu's shoulders after recovering.

"Miyu! Are you fine?!"

"Yeah, I am."

Shocked by her reaction, Miyu stepped back.

"We just played longer than expected. I am sorry for coming home late."

"I don't care about that."

Luvia said despite ringing up her contacts to search for Miyu.

"Did that man do anything weird to you? Did he take you to shady places? Did he play some weird games with you?!"


Miyu backed away again.

"No, he didn't Wu Yan-nii didn't do anything."

"Wu Yan-nii?"

Luvia looked like she was staring at the Apocalypse.

"You're already chummy with him? He did something to you, didn't he?! Didn't he?!!!"

Luvia pounced on Miyu.

"Let me check if that bastard left his marks on you!"

"Luvia! Stop, what are you doing?!"

"Miyu, stop resisting, this is for your own good."

"You're touching weird places..."

"Rin said that man is an enemy of women. He probably did something to you, I must check!"

"Stop, don't take off my clothes!"

The two messed around in front of the mansion.

Illya looked away from this mess.

"That man.

Rin approached her with crossed arms. She forgot to peel away the banana peel on her head.

"He didn't do anything weird, right?"

"No, he didn't."

Illya tried to vouch for Wu Yan.

"He is a great guy. He isn't as bad as you described..."

"You're still young. You must not be fooled by his manners!"

RIn gnashed her teeth.

"That man touched my..."

"Touched your what now?"

Illya wanted to know but Rin stopped short of fessing up.

"Anyway! We don't have time for this. Get some rest, we've got a card to collect tonight!"


Illya helplessly acquiesced.

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