Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1453: The sorceress from the Age of Gods

In the Mirror World...

In a world where the lonely moonlight veiled everything...

One couldn't make out the purplish objects from the dark sky overhead.

There are hundreds of magic formations carved into the air above. The formations were active too as they kept spinning in the sky.

A purple orb the size of a human could be found floating above the array.

The eerie magic circle arrays looked like eyeballs from underneath. It was creepy to look at.

These formations are extremely lethal.

They are all made by the figure floating here.

It is a feminine figure with a cloak and sorceress robe. Everything above her nose was covered.

However, one could still see that she is a beauty underneath.

She had a staff the height of a grown adult too. She reined in her presence so that she felt more like a statue floating in the air than a corrupted hero with no rational thoughts.

Anyone with magic power can sense the power she contains.

She is continuously supplying the magic arrays with her magic power.

Soon, the silence was broken by an iridescent light coming from underneath the magic arrays.

The floating magus also looked down.

When the rainbow lights faded, 7 individuals appeared under its direct line of fire.


Hinagiku and Mikoto exclaimed at the same time. Wu Yan also couldn't help but praise the setup.

"Wow, this is practically cheating."

Wu Yan looked at the magus hovering in the sky.

Caster: Level 70

Tier 8 mage...

With her abilities, her fortress of magic formations, and reflection spells, it wasn't odd that Illya & the others had to retreat when she rained spells on them.

However, the story is different this time.

As long as they can fly above the magic arrays, the fixed spells can't hit them. The reflection spells will also be useless. If Illya and Miyu work together, they can still turn the tide of the battle around.

With Lancer equipped, Miyu can go in for a one-hit-kill with her Gae Bolg.


Rin said.

"Fly up there and kick her butt!"


Illya, Miyu, Sapphire, and Ruby said at the same time.

The two girls emitted a burst of magic.

Like an arrow, the two shot for Caster.

Caster only knows how to wipe out everything it sees.

Caster opened her arms wide as she started chanting.

That chanting speed was inhuman.

"Quick Chant?!"

Wu Yan gasped.

"Holy crap, that's fast."

Caster finished her chants and conjured a spell while putting out magic power.


A part of the magic arrays shifted position to aim at the two girls.

Purple lasers filled the sky as the two girls faced a battery of purple magic shots.

Hinagiku and Mikoto watched with their mouths agape.


"That spirit needs to chill."

"Why did you think we had to run?"

Rin said.

"Without her magic array fortress and reflection spells, we would have ended the fight last night."

"All the same, tonight we will finish what we started."

Luvia said.

"When Miyu and Illya fly up there, she is toast!"

The two girls flew up as they avoided the lasers.

Wu Yan frowned.

The closer the two girls got, the greater the magic power Caster was charging.

It looked like she is charging up for a spell.

"I knew it, she wasn't done."

Wu Yan decided to intervene as he stretched out his hand.

Illya and Miyu dodged the lasers while charging at Caster.

Casters weaved her arms around like a conducted. Her magic circles also followed as they rained lasers on the two magical girls.

"Physical defense barrier deployed!"

Ruby said.

"Watch out, Illya. Don't get hit by one of those things. I am not sure I can completely block damage from spells that came from the Age of Gods."

"The fire is getting concentrated, Miyu-sama."

Sapphire said.

"Pull away and recover before doing another charge.

Illya and Miyu split to the sides. Then, with a final burst upwards, they went past the magical formations.

"Here I go!"

Illya swung her wand as a bombardment of pink magic missiles went for Caster.


Medea raised her staff.

A formless field blocked the pink magic bullets.

Bam bam bam bam bam

The missiles exploded around Caster.


Miyu pressed her staff against Medea's back.

"Greatest output, fi-..."

She paused when Medea suddenly vanished.


Miyu turned around in horror as Medea grinned behind her. Her staff shimmered with intense magic power.

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