Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1454: The second enemy


Luvia and Rin cried out when Caster raised her shining staff to swing at Miyu.


Sapphire also called out as Miyu braced herself for impact.



The sound of a mirror being shattered rang behind her.


A radiant meteor flew into the sky from the ground. It honed in on Medea.


Caster stopped as it felt magic power leaving its body.

Caster instinctively backed away at the last second.


The meteor missed Caster by 2 inches. It hit the mirror sky above her.


They looked at the source of the meteor.

Standing near Mikoto and Hinagiku, Wu Yan used his Meteor Shower which looked like a black crystalline bow with a beautiful sheen coating it to stop Medea's advances.

He was aiming for the reflection barrier beneath them. The arrow broke the reflective barrier and almost pierced Medea.

Miyu lowered Meteor Shower with a grin. He moved his lips to silently give Miyu the green light.

Miyu can read his lips.


Miyu got close to Medea. Since she dodged too fast, the mage couldn't regulate her magic power in time.

"Lancer card Include Limit Expand."

A bloody red light coated Sapphire as it dazzled brightly.

Sapphire lengthened to form a deep red spear.


Miyu swung Gae Bolg like a bolt of red lightning.

"Gae Bolg."

The red spear shot out like a viper.


It was the sound of metal tearing into flesh.


Medea grunted in disbelief. She looked at her chest.

The spear of certain death had pierced her. The tip of the spear was now behind her.

Caster slowly faded into dust as a tarot card hovered in her place.

It was a tarot card with a sage on it. There is the word "Caster" written near the bottom of the card.

"Caster Card, retrieved."

Miyu reported while wiping away the sweat on her head.

Without Meteor Shower's timely intervention, Miyu would have been hit and most likely injured by Medea.


Illya sighed in relief while Rin and Luvia slumped down leaning against one another.

"Sheesh, that was a close one. My heart can't take it."

Rin grumbled. She growled at Wu Yan.

"You, what was that? You could have used that thing earlier if you could destroy the reflection barrier. That would have saved us a lot of time, no?"

"Wait, how is this my fault?"

Wu Yan lowered Meteor Shower.

"You're going after Medea, if I killed her you have chewed me out for kill-stealing."

Rin stopped herself.

"This bow..."

Luvia looked at Wu Yan's bow. She couldn't be sure but she had to verify the truth.

"A-A Noble Phantasm?"


Wu Yan praised her.

"Good eyes."

"A Noble Phantasm?"

Rin retorted.

"A human can't conjure a Noble Phantasm by himself."

"I am a special case. You can investigate at your leisure."

Wu Yan shrugged them off. He cut into the core of the situation.


He aimed the bow in a certain direction.

"I took out the Meteor Shower because..."

He nocked an Astral arrow on the bow. The brilliant arrow lit up the area.

"I need to..."

He continued.

"Save Miyu."

Wu Yan released his hand.


The arrow left a silver trail in the sky as it flew forward.

Before the others could react, the arrow hit a dark sword beam.


Flames and shockwaves hit everything near them.

Illya and Miyu staggered as they recalled why Wu Yan & co were here.

"I see..."

Rin looked at the source of the sword beam.

"Another one?"

Clang clang

They heard metallic footsteps. The flames turned dark as something sinister approached them.

It was a lady in dark armor.

No, the lady was wearing a princess dress that somehow had metallic plates on it to form an armor-dress fusion. The dark colors gave off an eerie vibe.

The lady knight had a visor that kept her eyes from view. She had platinum blonde hair that looked like it had seen better days. However, the skills of the lady knight could be seen from just her stance and gait alone.

She had an arming sword that was dyed in dark-reddish veins.

She emitted a dark aura that was actually concentrated magic power. She brandished her sword before approaching them.

The sinister air around the corrupted lady knight told them that she wasn't here to play around.

The air turned still.

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