Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1455: Just let the guy die once

Saber: Level 75

Alter Saber wielded her corrupted Excalibur as the fiery flames behind her raged on.

As a Saber-class hero, Artoria carried a presence that intimidated Luvia, Rin, Illya, and Miyu. She continued strolling forward menacingly.

"A second spirit..."

Rin and the others backed off.

They didn't want to have anything to do with Saber Alter or her dark magical aura.

They knew Saber alter was stronger than Caster.

This spirit is far stronger than Medea.

If Wu Yan & co hadn't joined them then they would be facing Saber by themselves. It won't be funny when Saber starts pummeling them with sword beams and strikes.

It is like Wu Yan said.

He is here to save them.

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto exchanged a look.

Saber Alter was on the same level as them.

Saber-class spirits are typically powerful fighters and have specs far exceeding other classes of spirits.

To make it into the Saber-class, the Heroic Spirits needed to be immensely powerful.

Hence, there are only a handful of Heroic Spirits that can qualify as Saber-class.

They are as rare as they are powerful.

The dense magical air she is giving off told them that she stood at the top of the heroic spirits.

Fighting her will not be a walk in the park.

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto burned with fighting spirit when a strong foe like Saber Alter stood in front of them.

The trio quickly formed a circle as Saber Alter slowly inched closer.

Rin and the others couldn't believe what they did next.




The trio competed to see who would win the right to fight her.

Wu Yan threw a scissor while Hinagiku and Mikoto threw papers.


"No, why did I use paper?"

The ladies sighed with dejection.

"I won!"

Wu Yan faced Saber Alter.

"Okay, I am going up!"

The trio actually dueled to see who gets to fight the strongest spirit?!

"Hey, are you crazy?!"

Rin shrieked.

"Are you really going to 1v1 that spirit?"

"That isn't a normal spirit. I can tell, that level of magic power is no joke."

Luvia said.

"Ganging up on her is the logical choice, right?"


Illya offered her help.

"Gang up on her! I can help too! Fighting alone is too dangerous."

Miyu also frowned. She was worried about Wu Yan.

"Guys, you give Wu Yan too little credit."

His ladies vouched for him.

"No doubt, that is a powerful spirit."

Mikoto said.

"But, Yan can still handle her alone."


Rin was frustrated.

"He is powerful but this is no time to be dueling a spirit, right? Isn't retrieving the card more important?"

"Yeah, we need the card."

Hinagiku said.

"But, the mission isn't the highest priority, we can still have fun while doing the job, no?"

"You guys..."

Rin exclaimed.

"What if he slips up?"

"An accident?"

The two giggled.

"Then just let the guy die once."

Rin & co couldn't believe the ladies.

Were they joking?

They didn't look like they were joking.

Wu Yan understands the situation. He has to fight seriously.

Wu Yan started raising his power output. He grinned as he faced Saber Alter.


An explosive surge of magic power came out of him. The magical winds assaulted everything.

Feeling an attack, Saber Alter raised its dark magical mist output too.

Then, it got into a stance.

The dark magical mist wrapped around her blade.

With a clean slice, she swung her blade.

A sword beam reminiscent of a dark crescent crashed in Wu Yan's direction.

"A magical sword beam?"

Wu Yan frowned.

He raised Meteor Shower.

"Alright, let us see who is stronger, your dark Excalibur or my Meteor Shower."

Wu Yan pulled his bowstring as a silver arrow took shape.


He released the arrow to hit the dark sword beam.


The two magical attacks collided in another fiery explosion.

The arrow won as it pierced through the dark sword beam.


Saber stood there as the arrow hit her.

Wu Yan stopped smiling when he identified Saber Alter's state.

She was unharmed by the massive attack.

The dark magical air around her served as her barrier.

She blocked the attack with her dense magical field.

"That magic density..."

Rin gasped.

"It blocked a Noble Phantasm?"

"Blocking my attack with pure magic power?"

Wu Yan sarcastically laughed.


Wu Yan stood still as the space behind him split apart.

It looked like he opened a door in midair. The air turned red while black swords jutted out.

"Can you block all my Noble Phantasms?"

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