Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1458: Releasing True Name, the Sword of Promised Victory


Violent winds raged across the land. The eerie sounds of rapid gale blasting across terrains reverberated in everyone’s ears.

The powerful surge of power felt like it would snuff all life out. Saber Alter’s dark magic mist bellowed out.


Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu froze up. Mikoto and Hinagiku also gasped.

“What happened?”

Wu Yan stared into the source of this surge of energy

The dark magic energy field burst apart to reveal a battered Saber Alter with her Dark Excalibur raised. Her dense magic energy burned vigorously.


Saber growled as she concentrated mana around her in a giant black tornado.

She raised the Dark Excalibur higher.

The space cracked under the immense power of this attack.

“That is…”

Wu Yan turned grim.

“She is releasing the True Name of her Noble Phantasm?”

Heroes, Spirits, and Mythical beings possess Noble Phantasms. Each Noble Phantasm is also uniquely named.

There are powerful Noble Phantasms among them too. But, most of these Noble Phantasms can be used without calling its True Name in a diminished capacity or de-powered state.

But, when the owner calls out the True Name of the Noble Phantasm, this is normally when the Noble Phantasm becomes its strongest form.

To truly use a Noble Phantasm, its True Name must be called out.

Just like with Gae Bolg, without calling its name out, the Noble Phantasm is nothing more than a durable and sharp spear.

But, once someone calls out its True Name. The spear then becomes the Spear that Reverses Causality, a.k.a. The one-hit kill spear.

Saber is about to do the same with her Noble Phantasm.

She is going to unleash her ultimate attack.


Rin and Luvia turned pale at the same time.

“That attack is no laughing matter.”


“Wu Yan-nii!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto also got ready to intercept. Hinagiku drew her Shirosakura while Mikoto manifested lightning around her body.

They knew they had to take the attack seriously.

Wu Yan basked in the pressure emitted by the Dark Excalibur. He slowly exhaled as magic power exploded out of him.

“What is he doing?”

Rin and the others couldn’t believe it.

“He is going to fight against that attack?”

He opened his hands to reveal two deep red magic formations.

He is going to take the attack head-on.

The magic formations burst apart to form dark cracks in space.

The dark cracks in space also emitted a terrifying power that rivaled the Dark Excalibur.

Saber Alter got into a stance as she finished charging up for her ultimate attack.

Promised Sword of Victory…”

Then, in a single swing, a dark gigantic plume of light rose and took over the Mirror World.

The ladies turned pale as they stopped moving.


At the same time, the other attack took the form of a terrifyingly huge laser that went for the black gigantic sword beam pillar.

Dragon’s Breath…”

His white gigantic laser competed against the dark laser.

The land and sky stopped.


An earth-shattering explosion burst out the moment the two attacks met.

Everyone was busy defending against the shockwave of the ensuing collision.

As if that wasn’t enough, the flames and shockwaves cracked their concentrated multi-barriers.

It felt like someone was pummeling them on the chest with a sledgehammer.

The sky started cracking.

The rows of intense hot flame pillars spread outward in the Mirror World, completely engulfing Saber and Wu Yan.

After the flames and shockwaves died down, the ladies released their barriers while sighing. They were moist from sweating cold bullets.

They already knew the ultimate attacks were nothing to scoff at, however, they seriously pondered their insignificance in the face of such brutal attacks.

Only Heroic Spirits had powers on this scale.

Even so, Wu Yan took all the attacks and fought back with equal ferocity. His tenacity and skills were etched into the minds of the ladies here.

Rin and Luvia wondered about a familiar question.

Can they really snatch the Class Cards from this man?

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