Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1459: A long hard night

After a while, the two attacks subsided.

The pillars of flames that erupted everywhere also dissipated.

Plumes of dust rose into the air as the faint arcs of moonlight lit the wreckage left behind by the two ultimate attacks.

The land razed by the two ultimate attacks turned barren with nary a stone bigger than one’s hand to be found.

In the center of the aftermath is a huge valley at least a hundred meters deep that was still billowing smoke.

Wu Yan and Saber Alter stood at different ends of the valley.

They were in different states.

Saber Alter stood with her dark mana mist still wafting around her. However, she drained most of her energy by using that attack as seen from the thin mist around her.

As for Wu Yan, he was fine. His clothes are also fine but he is still down on one knee.

One could determine the victor with astute senses.

Wu Yan survived the Excalibur attack with only slight fatigue plaguing him. This is unheard of.



“Wu Yan-nii!”

Rin, Luvia, and the others called out to him. They wanted to rush to his aid but Wu Yan stopped them with a loud roar.


The ladies stopped while Saber Alter pounced in his direction. The corrupted knight went for the head without hesitation.


Hinagiku and Mikoto also cried out at the same time.

Rin & co turned pale.

Wu Yan knew what he was doing. Unseen and undetected by Saber Alter, he quietly smirked.

The others saw this victorious grin and they paused.

Faint shining feathers dropped from the sky.

This is the second wave of the Dragon’s Breath. The Feathers of Light.

The first wave is a destructive beam.

Saber failed to notice a feather landing on her head.


It sounded like someone just got involved in a car crash.

Saber flinched in pain as if someone struck her with a lightning bolt. She spat out blood as her Black Excalibur fell from her grip.

“Well? Hurts, doesn’t it?”

He grabbed her Black Excalibur.

“I should think so.”

He pinned the blade down before taking out his flaming sword. Ignoring the visor on Saber Alter’s face, his cold eyes glimmered.

“Each of these feathers can kill a dragon.”

He said before dealing the last blow.

The sound of something tearing through flesh could be heard.

His sword poked out of Saber’s back with a dark red stream of liquid on the blade.

The dark mist around Saber sputtered as she also disappeared.

Her lithe but well-trained physique was dematerialized.

Turning into orbs of light, Saber Alter left behind a tarot card.

He grabbed her card.

Saber Class Card: A card made with high-level magecraft. Can invoke the power of the Heroic Spirit within this card.

Include Limit Expand: With a magic dress as the medium and the card as the pass, the user may invoke the Noble Phantasm within this card for a limited duration

Saber Noble Phantasm: The Promised Sword of Victory, Excalibur

Parallel Include: With a magic dress as the medium and the card as the pass, the users may create multiple Noble Phantasms and/or use it multiple times.

Saber Noble Phantasm: The Promised Sword of Victory, Excalibur

Install Phantasm Summon: The user can invoke the powers of the Heroic Spirit and turn oneself into the Heroic Spirit of this card.

Saber class card Heroic Spirit: Artoria Pendragon

Excalibur: The legendary holy sword and strongest Noble Phantasm of King Arthur. It symbolizes the King’s dignity and power. It is one of the strongest Holy Swords forged at the heart of the star using the beliefs of humans. As a divine weapon, it can turn mana into pure light and strike down all in its path. Its power can strike down fortresses and is an anti-fortress Noble Phantasm.


He read the class card before panting and grumbling.

“As expected of Excalibur, my Dragon Breath almost lost. I had to rely on the Feathers of Light to win. Sucks that I have to fight in this depowered state against something like an Anti-fortress Noble Phantasm.”


Hinagiku and Mikoto squatted near him.

“Are you okay?”

“I am fine.”

He bitterly laughed.

“But, I am tired.”

“Talk while you get up.”

Hinagiku helped him get up like he was a patient in a hospital.


“Wu Yan-nii…”

Illya and Miyu ran over while Rin and Luvia slowly walked to him. They were glad, relieved, and worried at the same time. Rin and Luvia also looked like they had thoughts to share. But, Wu Yan turned them down.

“We can talk next time. I am tired and I want to sleep.”

The ladies nodded without saying anything.

The seven of them left the Mirror World without any hitch after that.

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