Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1460: I need a pass from my wives to go out

After the fight with Saber Alter, Wu Yan felt extremely tired.

No one could blame him.

The Saber Class is a hard class to qualify in even for a Heroic Spirit.

The heroes here are powerful in many facets except magic.

Plus, he went up against none other than the legendary king of Arthurian legend, Artoria Pendragon herself.

She is easily one of the strongest spirits.

In a depowered state, the spirit is already at level 75. It also had Dark Excalibur which was a powerful noble Phantasm. Barring his true levels and Vassal beasts, she was the hardest opponent yet.

Excalibur is an A++ Rank Noble Phantasm and an Anti-fortress Noble Phantasm.

Heroic spirits needed Strength, Agility, Endurance, Magic, Luck, and Noble Phantasms to complete their stats.

These attributes are then divided into Category E, D, C, B, A, EX ranks.

If one were to give these ranks a value then E rank would start at 10, D would be 20, and so forth to stop at 50 for Rank A.

Rank EX means the value went over the gauge. It could be anything from 60 to a ludicrously huge number.

EX is meant to capture those values that exceed Rank A.

There are also additional attributes like “+” which means that the attribute can be temporarily boosted for a while.

B can’t A just like B+ can’t beat A over a longer time period.

However, B+ attributes can multiply for a short period. For example, B+ might give the user 80 STR for a few hours which is enough to beat an opponent at Rank A Strength.

Attributes like “++” are even rarer considering that it means the ability can be tremendously boosted for a short period of time.

A++ means the Noble Phantasm can temporarily exhibit a powerful burst of attack that rivals EX-rank Noble Phantasms.

This is what it means to fight Saber and her A++ Excalibur.

Wu Yan can’t put a value on her Excalibur ultimate attack.

However, Saber must have Rank A attributes in at least two of the six mentioned attributes.

Fighting against Saber’s A++ Noble Phantasm, her mana mist defense, and OP attributes meant that anyone who could fight her to a standstill at an equal level is already considered excellent.

Wu Yan won against her and the only cost was slight fatigue. The insiders who heard this would no doubt be amazed.

As someone familiar with the original work, he is satisfied that he won without using Red Jade mode or Vassal Beasts.

Wu Yan forgot one thing.

He was sound asleep so it took him a night’s sleep to realize his mistake.

“Saber, Rider, Assassin…”

His lips twitched.

“Where is Lancer?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at him.

“Lancer Card?”

She tilted her head.

“I thought you lent it to the little girl with black hair.”

“Black hair?”

He finally recalled.

“Ah, I lent it to Miyu!”

“Did she not return it to you?”

Mikoto furrowed her brows.

“Well, you’re at fault here.”

Hinagiku rolled her eyes.

“You hurried back to sleep and didn’t give them any chance to talk to you. I think she also forgot to return it.”

“Moreover, you snatched it from Luvia. Isn’t Miyu her sister or something?”

Mikoto slapped her knee.

“So she chose to keep it?”

“Nah, she wouldn’t do it.”

Wu Yan grumbled.

“I mean, it was theirs in the first place.”

Mikoto retorted.

“Luvia probably had the vested interest to keep mum on the subject.”

He couldn’t find a counterargument.

True, although he hadn’t known Miyu for long. She is not one to break her promises.

The same couldn’t be said of Luvia.

Luvia would probably do something like say that card was hers in the first place so she kept it.

Her friend, Rin also accepted his demonic beast core so the two are probably very pragmatic individuals.

He shrugged.

“I am going to find them anyway, might as well take my card back.”

“You want to find Luvia and Rin?”

The two ladies’ ears twitched. They gave him frosty looks.


Hinagiku smiled with hostility.


Mikoto snorted.

The two Tsunderes got the wrong idea.

“I was going to discuss the strategies to use against Berserker.”

Wu Yan shook his head helplessly.

“We agreed that we would discuss it.”

The two ladies stared daggers into him while waiting for him to blow his cover. But, Wu Yan valiantly met their gazes.


The two ladies nodded.

“Just come home early, yeah?”

“Yes, Madam…”

Wu Yan chortled.

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