Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1461

“I believe it was somewhere here?”

He looked around a medium-sized street with different houses lining the sides.

Rin always talked about Luvia and her wealth.

Although he isn’t sure what is the net worth of her household, he saw the mansion when he sent the little girls back.

In a normal residential area like this, the huge mansion stood out like a sore thumb. Miyu guided him here once and that was enough to remember the mansion as the landmark.

After going through another street, he finally found the huge mansion. The cold iron fences also appeared in his field of vision.

“Hmm, an out-of-place mansion, this must be it.”

He praised the size of the house.

“It is comparable to the enormous villas in Silvaria World Institute for Special Students. I see why Rin insisted that this Luvia woman is a bourgeoisie.”


He examined the fence.


He touched the iron fence.

“A barrier formation?”

As expected from a magician household, they laid down barrier formations at the perimeters of the mansion.

They can’t let normal humans know about Magecraft.

“A disorientation barrier spell.”

This spell warded off public detection so even if there were people fighting inside, it would look like a normal quiet mansion from the outside.

Naturally, Luvia might have laid down other traps inside.


Wu Yan had an evil thought. He wanted to prank her.

“Maybe I should get rid of this barrier.”

It wasn’t hard to get rid of a simple ward like this.

It should also tip Luvia off and make her jump out of her bed, right?

“Whatever, I better don’t. I am not here to pick a fight.”

He pushed open the door.

Immediately, the garden appeared in front of him.

It didn’t look drastically different from the external view.

If there is one thing that is different then that would be…

Ding dong ding dong

The chime of a security alarm.

The alarm blared loudly as he mused out loud.

“An alarm?”

Wu Yan sighed.

“I didn’t see this coming.”

Ignoring the alarm, he went into the mansion.

Not only is there an expansive living room, but the ceiling also had luxurious chandeliers that were lit 24 hours a day. The soft glow lit up the interior of the mansion.

There is a staircase at the end of the living room. It led up to the second floor. He could see balconies made of expensive wood and multiple doors lining the walls on the second floor. Those must be the rooms of the inhabitants here.

Talk about luxury.

“Well, now, what is going to happen?”

A black silhouette jumped down from the top of the balcony. He stood between the living room and the staircase leading up.

The old man looked like he was 70 years old and he wore a suit.

“Apologies for my tardiness…”

The old man pressed his right hand against his left chest before bowing respectfully. His sharp gaze remained on Wu Yan throughout the greeting.

“I see we have an uninvited guest.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

He shrugged.

“I am friends with the mistress of this house. Call this a surprise visit, okay?”

“Oh, my apologies for my rudeness.”

The old man continued.

“However, I don’t recall my mistress having a male friend like you. Would you mind if I get to know you a bit better?”

“Know me?”

Wu Yan turned around.



The old man tensed up as he got into a stance. Then, he leaped in his direction.

“Let me see if you’re dangerous!”

He initiated a roundhouse kick that was aimed at Wu Yan’s head.

“Stop, Auguste.”

A familiar voice stopped Auguste the old man. The kick was only 2 inches away from Wu Yan’s face.

The wind ruffled Wu Yan’s hair. However, he ignored the kick and tidied himself up.

Luvia in her evening dress started walking down with a dark look.

“Back down, Auguste.”

Luvia warned.

“He’s way more powerful than you.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

Auguste backed away to the side like a loyal retainer.

“He has spirit.”

Wu Yan chuckled.

“He can live another 3 decades or so at this rate.”

“Please, you flatter me.”

Auguste replied.


Luvia narrowed her eyes.

“Why did you barge in here?”


Wu Yan winked.

“You already know why I am here.”


Luvia laughed.

“We’re only on the same side for one purpose.”


He shrugged.

“But, you’re wrong. I am here for a card but I am not here to steal or rob. And, I am not here for you.”


Luvia frowned.

“What does that mean?”

“The famous Edelfelt heiress doesn’t have the decency to sit her guest down for a talk in the living room?”

Wu Yan crossed his arm.

“My neck and arm tires easily so…”

“What an annoying guest…”

Luvia rubbed her aching temple.

“Auguste, please show the guest to the living room…”

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