Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1462: Controlling one's fate

Standing in the living room, Wu Yan's lips started twitching.

"Wu-Wu Yan-nii?!"

Miyu gasped in horror and embarrassment when she saw him.

For a stoic girl like her, this reaction was unexpected.

However, Wu Yan could understand her situation. Anyone in her current outfit and situation would be weird for not freaking out when discovered.

Miyu isn't wearing her usual clothes or her school uniform. She was wearing a black pleated skirt, leggings, and a princess dress-like white dress. She also wore a white headdress.

Yes, she was wearing a maid's uniform.

It isn't fancy, it looked like a normal maid uniform one would see in period dramas.

She had a plate with her which she used to shield herself from view. She peeked at him.


A bit.


A bit.

She just knew she would trade anything for a hole to hide or run away.



The metal plate fell as she covered her face in shame.

"Calm down, Miyu..."

He said.

'It's fine, I don't judge people based on their hobbies and interests. I will pretend like nothing happened."

He wanted to turn around when Miyu quickly defended herself by grabbing his sleeve.

"No! Wu-nii!"

Miyu cried.

"This isn't my hobby, it definitely isn't"

"It's fine, Miyu..."

He turned around.

"I don't know anything. I am sure I will forget what I just saw in a short while. You don't have to explain anything!"

"This is a misunderstanding!"

Miyu wouldn't budge. She wanted him to hear her out.

"This isn't my hobby. Luvia forced me to wear this."


He gave Luvia a scornful look.

"You would make your sister wear a maid uniform and get her to serve you?"

"What are you talking about?"

Luvia replied matter of factly.

"She promised to serve as my maid so she should wear a maid uniform. Don't tell me the maids here don't work in proper uniforms?"

"She promised to serve you?"

He doubted Luvia.

Then, he recalled the original work.

Miyu isn't Luvia's actual sister. She is her adopted sister.

Miyu and Luvia were unrelated prior to being chosen by Sapphire. After Sapphire chose her, Luvia said she would adopt Miyu if she helps her with daily tasks and Card collection.

She had a reason to be so confident.

Before that, Wu Yan had not read enough to know about Miyu's true origin.

He didn't finish the original work but he knew enough about the work to know the major details of the first season.

He still needed clues to cue these memories though.


"You're so rich you can hire a maid whenever you want, huh?"

He mused out loud.

"Using child labor to take care of yourself?"

"Wu-nii, I chose this myself."

Miyu shook her head.

"Luvia chose to adopt me when I had nowhere to go. I don't mind doing this."

"Nowhere to go, eh?'

He squatted down to talk to her on an even level. His deep red eyes felt like it saw through Miyu's façade. She couldn't help but turn away awkwardly.

"Don't pry into her life."

Luvia threw out that line.

"She has her own reason to stay silent. I don't mind if you barge into my house. But, if you try to forcefully open the door to her heart, as her sister, I will not sit idly by."


Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"Yes, everyone has something they would like to keep buried in the past. Yet, without that past, the present couldn't exist."

He looked at Miyu who was faintly sad. He continued preaching to her.

"You can try to hide your past, forget it, or even curse it, but there is no running away from it. You're just hurting yourself more by running away."

Luvia opened her mouth but she chose to stay silent.

Miyu started trembling while grabbing the hem of her dress.


Miyu silently asked for help from him.

"If it was you, if people forced their past on you, if people forced their lives on you, what would you do?"


Luvia gasped.

This is the first time Miyu gave clues about her past.

She tried to pry into Miyu's past but she always remained silent on the subject.

However, Miyu is opening up in front of Wu Yan.

She chose to listen as this was the perfect chance to gain an insight into her life.

"Forced fate?"

He answered.

"Isn't our lives, one way or another, forced upon us?"

Miyu and Luvia paused.

"We cannot choose our parents, we were born into our family and our current looks with little to no agency. Isn't this just fate?"

He rubbed her head.

"Fate cannot be entirely controlled but you do have the freedom to choose how to lead your current life. Your past, your current life, you may deny it but you're still here. You just can't control everything."

"But, don't let that stop you from choosing your own path. Don't be shackled by your past."

He gave her a fearless smile.

"Your current life, your future, you can alter it with your actions and resolve. We can use our will to do what we must do!"

"So what if someone forced their life or fate on us? You can still find meaning in all of this. Live with meaning and let your past pain be just another memory in your personal archive."

"I have a question for you, Miyu..."

He looked into her eyes.

"Do you wish to control your fate?"

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