Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1464: taking responsibility and hosting a wedding


Rin continued sobbing on the couch like a scorned woman.


Luvia is stressed, and frustrated, and she doesn’t need to take this inside her home.

“Hey, how long are you going to cry?”


Rin continued crying. Normally, she would be up in Luvia’s business giving her the verbal jabs Luvia was looking for. Yet, she continued crying like someone had just bullied her.


Luvia looked at Wu Yan.

“You created this mess, you fix it.”


Wu Yan cried foul.

“I was a victim, I didn’t do anything on purpose.”

“Wu Yan-nii…”

Miyu advised him.

“You’re not addressing the issue here.”


He laughed.

“Okay, how do you propose I fix this?”

“Take responsibility for a start.”

Luvia suggested.

“I want to trade her for all the cards you have. You get to do anything you want to her. Sounds like a great deal, no?’


Someone kicked Luvia in the face.

“I knew you would try to sell me out.”

Rin roared.

“If you want the cards so much why don’t you use your own body to trade, huh? Men like plump females like you!”

“H-How dare you kick me…”

She stood up with a grudge.

“Being plump beats being a skinny monkey like you. Yes, I am more charming than you.”

“Hah?! The whole town knows I am prettier than you, you’re just a rich bitch.”

“Pretty? Please, your joke can cure global warming. You got your chest touched, your butt groped and you even gave your first kiss away. What did that get you? The guy who did it is trying to get away from you, you call that pretty? Sounds pretty bad to me.”


Rin grabbed Wu Yan by his collar.

“You’re trying to shirk off your responsibilities?!”


Wu Yan defended himself.

“You’re fixated on the wrong point.”


Luvia laughed like a mean queen in old movies.

“There, see? He doesn’t want to take responsibility.”


Rin’s temple bulged with scary-looking veins. She also gave him a sinister grin.

“You have no intention to take responsibility?’

“Look, can I just point something out?”

He said.

“You keep saying responsibility but I have no idea what you mean by that.”

“Needless to say.”

Luvia continued.

“Just get hitched with this unwanted gorilla.”


Miyu’s eyes widened.

“A nuptial?”

The two exchanged a look. Wu Yan was grinning while Rin looked away in a hurry with a beet-red face.


Rin blushed while biting her index finger.

“That is too soon.”

“I don’t think so.”

Luvia saw the opening and she took it.

“Just get your future hubby to give me the cards and I will handle everything, I will pay every bill, plan every detail, and I will even give you my guarantee that I can get everything done in an hour. You can even tie the knot by tomorrow if that is what you two want.”

“I would be long dead by then.”

He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Hinagiku and Mikoto will take turns dicing me and turning me to ashes with high-intensity lightning.

“Anyway, just leave it to me.”

Luvia puffed her big chest out.

“I will handle everything! Ohohoho!”

“This rich bitch…”

Rin wanted to add another bruise to Luvia’s red face.

“My wedding is settled just like this?”

Wu Yan helplessly sighed.

“You only knew my name because Miyu told you.”

“Isn’t that great?”

Miyu chimed in.

“Rin-nee is pretty, isn’t she?”


He turned his head the other way.

“Moreover, why are you staring at me with a negative light in your eyes, Miyu…”

“No reason.”

Miyu turned her head the other way. Then, she took out a card.

“Speaking about cards, I haven’t returned this to you yet.”

“Lancer Card.”

Wu Yan recalled his original purpose for coming here.

“I came for the Lancer card.”

He proceeded to take out his other three cards.

He had a tarot card with a rider on a chariot, another one with an assassin equipped with a skull mask, and one with an armored Knight bowing to the reader.

Rin and Luvia also stopped fighting around. They took out their Cards, the Archer and Caster Cards respectively.

They deduced the final card.

“The last card…”

He grinned.


“So you wanted to talk about Berserker?”

“Yes, we agreed to move separately.”

He shrugged.

“But, how are we going to fight for Berserker?”

Rin and Luvia stayed silent.


Miyu asked with a complex look.

“Are you really going to fight us for the Class Cards?”

“You think too much.”

He rubbed her head.

“Don’t worry, if that situation comes to fruition, it won’t develop as you imagine…”

Miyu nodded. However, she still looked like she had something to add.

“I say we do a free-for-all. It’s the last card, whoever can get it, keeps it.”

Rin said.

“Whoever defeats Berserker gets the card.”


Luvia wanted to interrupt but Rin stopped her.

“What? Do you want to give the card away? Or, do you want to make him give up on the card?”

Luvia had no idea how to respond.

“Then it is settled.”

He chuckled.

“Let us meet at midnight tonight. Don’t be a square, okay?”

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