Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1465: Before the battle, preparation, insurance

Fuyuki City...

On the streets, the pedestrians slowly declined as time ebbed on.

Warm lights filled the street as the dark night serenaded the nightlife, the city lit up like a reflection of the starry sky overhead.

Inside Fuyuki city, in a large villa. Wu Yanan used his golden flames to draw something on the ground.

Hinagiku and Mikoto watched as he continued drawing with his magic flames.

It is a complex and intricately-designed magic formation.

It is a ritual magic circle.

This ritual magic circle lacked the catalysts to complete it.

Ritual magic is powerful but only when the catalysts required are present to facilitate the magic spell.

The living room turned silent as he focused his attention on the magic circle.

Hinagiku took out a handkerchief to help wipe his sweat.

Mikoto wanted to help but she's sure she would be more of a hindrance than a help.

She stayed away from him to keep distractions to a minimum.

Then, the living room took on a new air.

Magic poured forth from the magic formation.

The golden magic circle expanded and with this expansion, it increased in complexity. His hands also slowed down as he traced out the details of the formation.

The magic formation was successfully completed.

When his fingers left the magic circle, the golden circle lit up the room.

For a few seconds, the room was lit up by the magical golden sheen of his magic circle.

The magic formation slowly spun.


He sighed in relief.

Hinagiku gently pat his sweat down with a handkerchief.

"Thanks, you were a great help."

"Glad I could help."

Wu Yan smiled radiantly. He grabbed her small hand tighter to express his warm gratitude.

She blushed before Mikoto interrupted.

"Are you finished?"

Mikoto praised the magic circle.

"This thing looks powerful."

"It's a half-finished product. Even if I finished the circle, I only used my magic power to substitute the catalysts. Once the magic power is all used up, the formation will crumble. This should hold for a night."

He grabbed Mikoto's hand too.

"Okay, you two, step into the circle."

The two ladies exchanged a look before stepping into the magic formation. They didn't question him.

The magic formation sped up the moment the two ladies entered the formation.

The magic formation shot out golden strings of light that flew around the two ladies like magic silk. The magic silk formed robes of light for the two ladies

Wu Yan closed his eyes when the lights became too bright.

He got down on one knee again. This time, he poured more magic power.

The robes of light formed into Magic Dresses.

Red hakama, white kosode, and red fingerless long gloves that went well with the two ladies appeared. The look he went for was the Miko attire.

This isn't just a normal Miko outfit. He used the Moving Church and modified it to produce indestructible Miko outfits for the ladies.

They are going to collect the last card tonight.

They promised that whoever defeated Berserker gets to keep the card. However, he can't guarantee that he can beat Berserker on his own.

Unlike Rin & the others, he knew who he is going to fight today.

Pure stats alone, Berserker is on par with Saber.

If Saber has her Excalibur sealed then she would lose to Berserker.

Moreover, Berserker's Noble Phatasm is annoying to deal with.

Twelve Labors, God Hand.

It is a passive-type Noble Phantasm that turns one's body into the Noble Phantasm.

It is a terrifyingly powerful one too.

It grants three main effects:

1: Turns one's body hard as steel. Most attacks cannot damage the user at all, be it magical or physical in nature. It must be above a certain rank to harm the user.

2: This Noble Phantasm automatically revives the user every time the user is dealt a fatal damage. An opponent must kill the user twelve times to completely defeat the user. The user can also regenerate the resurrrection limit with enough mana.

3: The user cannot be killed with the same method twice.

This is a cheat-like Noble Phantasm.

Given the opponent's resilience and powerful abilities, Wu Yan thought about giving his ladies protection.

The Moving Church, otherwise known as the Indestructible Barrier.


"Why did you make it a Miko's uniform?"

The two ladies retorted.

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