Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1467: Violent clashes, dying?


The rooftop exploded as rubbles pebbled everyone.


The shrapnels were flying everywhere and the fighters had to take cover.

"Turning magic into a defensive barrier, maximum output!"

The cascade of rocks hammered the two girls, they were dizzied from the sudden attack but fine nonetheless.

Sapphire and Ruby deployed barriers at a suitable time.

Hinagiku and Mikoto were fine too. They landed nearby although they weren't staggered by the rocks.

Their Moving Churches emitted waves of invisible force that mitigated the impact of those large boulders.

Only Wu Yan reacted in time, they couldn't react in time to dodge that surprise attack.

Wu Yan used a teleport spell to get away.

He carried Rin and Luvia who were still stunned by the sudden attack.

Unlike the others who had the means to defend themselves, these two mortals were helpless against the superhuman attack. Had Wu Yan not covered them in time, these two would have suffered significant injuries.

The seven fighters looked at the empty hole that was the rooftop.

A giant black figure leaped into the air from within.


The giant landed on the rooftop with a loud boom

He had red eyes and stood easily over 2 meters tall. He wasn't wearing any clothes except for a tasset made of rags.

His messy black hair billowed in the wind. His hair looked like it hadn't seen water in ages. His bulging muscles glimmered with a steel-like shine.


The giant moved slightly. This slight movement blew away the dust in the area.

Berserker Hercules: Level 75

"That is..."

Hinagiku turned grim.


"So it shattered the ground with a charge from within the building?"

Mikoto gnashed her teeth.

"A strength-type hero, huh? As expected of the Berserker Class."


Luvia and Rin were also stumped.

"He came out of the ground?"

"No time for thoughts."

Wu Yan looked at the Berserker.

"It is coming again!"


Berserker did what Berserker always does, rampage at the sight of enemies.

Illya and Miyu just stood up when they saw the train made of muscles charging for them.



Rin and Luvia yelled as the Magical Girls reacted.


Miyu ordered.

"Maximum output to defense."

"No, Miyu-sama."

Sapphire advised her otherwise. Berserker slammed into the two magical girls and their barriers.


The two girls were sent into a nearby wall.


Illya and Miyu groaned in pain. They didn't know what had just hit them.

"The barriers..."

Sapphire and Ruby mused out loud.



Berserker charged for Illya and Miyu again. He isn't going to give them time to breathe or recover.

Berserker can shatter their barriers.

Magic barriers are useless against Berserker.

In other words, these two have to be careful as the next strike might kill them.


This is a concept foreign to girls their age. They paled and trembled in fear.



Berserker arrived at the same time Rin and Luvia shrieked in horror.


A bolt of lightning appeared to intercept.

The fighter called out Berserker.

"What a hero you are, bullying little girls."

Another lightning bolt fell on Berserker.

"Have you no shame?!"


Clad in lightning, Berserker started smoking as he was electrocuted alive.


A pink flash sliced past Berserker without giving him time to break out of the crowd control.


The crystal sword slashed Berserker's heart in a pink sword beam. The sword slash was powerful enough to break Berserker out of the lightning cage.

In one clean strike, Hinagiku took Berserker's heart while aided by Mikoto.



Berserker wailed in anguish when the sword slash pinned it to a nearby wall.

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