Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1469: A solution to this problem?


Berserker roared again.

"You're noisy!"

Mikoto swung her arms and the rooftop lit up like a giant generator. Blue lightning wrapped around Berserker.


Immune to lightning, Berserker dispelled the lightning with a mighty swing of his fist.


Hinagiku went in for a quick stab. Her petite figure didn't stop her from unleashing a piercing stab.


Her cold blade bounced off Berserker's abs.

It felt like she was hitting a solid wall. The shock paralyzed her hands.


Using this chance, Berserker swung his hammer-like fists down on Hinagiku without hesitation.


A series of purple magic formations appeared around Berserker.

Following that, a bunch of shining chains shot out from the magic formation, tangling the fighting monster before he can hurt Hinagiku.


Confounded by the chains, it started struggling as the brute wrestled the chains around it.

Hinagiku dished out dozens of slashes while Berserker was distracted. However, all the strikes failed to do any damage.

Clang clang clang clang.

Iron swords landed on Berserker but they failed to do anything against Berserker. It was like they were hitting an iron fortress.


Hinagiku pulled away. Wu Yan kept the beast locked in chains while Mikoto assisted with minor attacks.

"He is so tough, is he immune to all my attacks?"

"Same here."

Mikoto is very frustrated by her inability to harm Berserker.

"Iron sand and lightning are useless against him."


Hinagiku asked with Shirosakura down.

"You have more techniques, don't you?"

"Hard to say."

Wu Yan continued pouring magic power into his Chains of Commandments. Meanwhile, Berserker continued to struggle against his magic chains.

"Godhand can block any attacks that aren't above a certain Rank. I can't use the weak ones on this guy. Strong attacks will also blast this place to pieces. I need to balance out the potency with its destructive potential. However, I can keep it locked in place with my other skills."

"Other than spells, I have ESP and CQC. He is immune to my lighting attacks, physical slashes and piercing attacks are also useless. My Noble Phantasms are also below the threshold. Flames from Nietono no Shana isn't enough too."

Wu Yan continued to grumble.

"Looks like Meteor Shower is the next best option."

"My current True Ancestor physique may compete but that brute can outperform me."

"Vassal beasts?"

Mikoto asked as she kept her eyes on Berserker who bellowed in rage over Wu Yan's magic chains.

"You can borrow a portion of the vassal beasts' powers, right?"

"Well, Hei Long is out of the question. We will be dead if he shatters this realm."

He thought about it.

"Natsuki is focused on manipulating space. Her offensive powers are limited. Her Guardian focuses on slashing and piercing attacks. Kanon has no offensive abilities. My white dragon and Nagisa's Avrora are the only attacks powerful enough to do any harm."

His three red jade modes are probably useful too.

Other than that, he has hidden trump cards that he would prefer to stay hidden for now.

Suddenly, he had a thought.

"Hinagiku, Mikoto."

He cut off the magic chain's power.

"Delay him for me."


The two ladies couldn't react in time. Wu Yan ran off.


Berserker started rampaging when the chains broke.

"Tell us before you dump him on us!"

The two ladies started holding Berserker off.

He told Luvia and the others to back off.

"Just retreat if you can't handle Berserker."

"This enemy is immune to weak attacks, can become immune to strong attacks, and can resurrect itself multiple times. How are we supposed to win?"

"You three are powerful but if only the monster's Noble Phantasm wasn't around, victory would have been possible."

Luvia advised them against staying in the fight too.

"Wu Yan-nii."

Miyu anxiously said.

"Let's go back and come up with a new strategy."


Illya wanted him to run too.

"I know this foe is a troublesome one."

Wu Yan stood between Berserker and Rin.

"But, there is one solution."

Wu Yan took out a card.

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