Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1470: An idea, Include: Limit Expand

"A Class Card?"

Rin & co weren't sure why he brought the card out.


"Can your Noble Phantasm deal with Berserker?"


He answered.

"I don't have any Noble Phantasms that can counter Berserker's Noble Phantasms."


Luvia gasped.

"Then why did you bring the Saber card out?"

"I have an idea."

Wu Yan said as he gave them a reassuring smile.

"One shot is all I need."

"You can kill it in one go?"

Rin & co were happy to hear this.

Can they really beat this titanic, self-regenerating, damage-resistant, brute fighter?

"Wu Yan-nii, may I help?"

Miyu asked.

"I can help you Limit Expand the card."

"I can do it too..."

Illya is hesitant, an effect of a close brush with Berserker. Illya raised her magic wand anyway.

The two ladies were the only ones who can help with their Magic Dresses.

The medium needed for the Class Cards to take effect.

The Kaleido Sticks granted their users unlimited mana and can materialize imaginary attacks.

This is similar to Noble Phantasms which are imaginations, beliefs, and fantasy given a physical form.

Wu Yan has no Magic Dresses.

"Don't worry."

Wu Yan turned them down.

"Magic Dresses are a form of modified magic catalyst. Its basis is still magic power. I can simply make one for myself, a Magic Suit."

"You want to construct one with your own magic power?!"

Rin & Luvia gasped.

"Are you crazy?"

Rin retorted.

"Magic Dresses give the Noble Phantasms a physical anchor to reality. Magic power is the fuel for Limit Expand and the Magic Suit!"

"Yeah, I said I can make a Magic suit with my magic power."

Wu Yan smiled.

"It's simple, just weave the magic power into a suit."

"Are you mad?"

Rin asked.

"You want to use your magic power to make a suit, connect to the Throne of Heroes, and summon a Noble Phantasm. Do you know how much magic power is required for that? It's easily the magic power of hundreds if not thousands of mages, do you want to die?!"

Mana exhaustion can lead to death.

Lifeforce and mental energy can be turned into magic power.

Still, the cost of using these alternative fuel leads to either permanent disabilities, lifespan deduction, and/or death.

They thought Wu Yan wanted to use his life to defeat Berserker.

"Sorry, ladies..."

He expanded his magic power aura. The surging magic power assaulted everything like a storm.

"I have magic power and life force in spades..."

The magic power vortex covered the card.

"Saber-class card, Limited Expand."

A ray of light pierced through the magic vortex.

An orb of light in his hand lengthened into a sword-shaped light.

When the light disappeared, he was holding a sword forged with gold and blue motives.

The promised Sword of Victory, Excalibur.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply as he stared Berserker down.

White feathers and golden wisps of lights expanded when he got into a stance.

The golden lights from the Holy Sword rose to another intensity.

"Hinagiku, Mikoto!"

He called out to his ladies.

The two fighters immediately got away from Berserker.


He raised the holy sword up high.

Golden waves of light surged forth.



Berserker roared at the same time he swung Excalibur down.

A gigantic golden jet of light shot out in Berserker's direction.


Berserker just saw a blinding light and that was it.

He was buried in that gigantic golden laser.


He moaned in anguish before being catapulted into the sky by the massive attack.


Excalibur hit the sky like a meteor.

The sky shattered into broken fragments.

They watched with halted breaths.

If Excalibur shattered the realm then they would have to retreat.

Fortunately, the attack receded while the realm was mostly intact. Only the sky was broken.

A hulking figure crashed into the ground in a plume of smoke. Berserker looked like a downed plane. Wu Yan fried Berserker with the Excalibur, he was severely burned and charred from the charged attack.

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