Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1474: Faking it? choosing to believe

After a meal, everyone ended the small gathering around 3 am in the morning.

They bade each other goodbye as Wu Yan & co parted with Rin & co.

Wu Yan wanted to escort the ladies home but he recanted after giving it another thought.

Who would attack Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu at such a time?

As excellent students of the Clocktower, Rin and Luvia had magical means to defend themselves. Meanwhile, the other two are Magical girls. Combined, they could take on average Heroic Spirits.

Attackers would need to be able to handle bullet-proof Heroic Spirits and then some if they wanted to attack them.

Plus, Rin & co changed their attitude toward Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto.

Even if he offered, they would no doubt turn him down.

Unlike Wu Yan, the two Clocktower disciples felt great pressure.

They are going to face someone who is arguably scarier than the Heroic Spirits they fought until now.

Rin and Luvia turned dark as Wu Yan took his leave.

Miyu also stayed silent because she could sense her mistress’ moodiness.


Illya yawned like a girl her age.

“Let’s go home and sleep. We have classes tomorrow.”

Illya wanted to walk in the direction of her home when Rin stopped both Illya and Ruby.

“This isn’t nice but I need to say it.”

Rin told her off.

“Don’t get any closer to those people.”

Miyu balled her fists while Illya’s eyes widened. She wasn’t sleepy anymore.

Illya forcibly smiled as if she was trying to escape reality.

“Wh-What do you mean?”

“I will leave it to your own thoughts.”

Rin said.

“After all, you already know why.”

They still have one unresolved issue.

Getting all the cards.

They need to get all the cards from the three superhuman individuals who also saved them on multiple occasions.

Run as they might, they knew this day would come.

It is already good enough that they delayed the matter so long.

Any one of the trio could take on their whole group and win.

If they wanted to, it wouldn’t be hard to rob them of the cards.

Heck, Caster Card isn’t supposed to be in their possession. Wu Yan agreed to Rin’s non-interference policy and helped Miyu with Magic Flight and Lancer card. If not for that, the Card would have fallen into enemy hands.

Wu Yan stole the Archer Card once but returned it to Illya in exchange for information.

Lastly, they had 5 cards.

It looks like an impossible fight no matter how one sliced it.

The only option remaining would be to risk sanctions and punishments for getting Illya and Miyu involved while requesting backup from the Clocktower.

Most importantly, they are going to become enemies.

Getting any closer would create conflicts of interest between the two parties. How are they supposed to fight their dear friends?

Going easy on them?

That would mean defeat.

Rin also knows that she is hypocritical.

She is guilty of having feelings for the other party. She doesn’t know about Miyu and Illya but she said that to remind herself too.

Miyu and Illya who were saved, helped, and tutored by Wu Yan also couldn’t imagine fighting him in a real fight.

“Must we fight?”

Illya mewled.

“Is there no other way?”

“Curb your naivety! Illyasviel!”

Luvia yelled.

“We are after the cards! If no one compromises then it is an impasse!”


Illya clenched her shirt.

“We can give up on the cards, right? We already know Onii-san and his party isn’t a bunch of meanies, we can safely hand over the cards, right?”

Luvia was also stumped for words.

“We must retrieve the cards, those were our orders.”

Rin chimed in.

“The Clocktower will never permit us to give up the cards.”

“Well, do you think we should fight Onii-san and his friends?!”

Illya got emotional.

“Are getting the cards worth harming your friends?!”

“They are not our comrades!”

Rin stared back at Illya, her eyes reflected a deeper turmoil within.

“Illya, the world of mages isn’t a kind one. There are crazy, delusional, bloodthirsty, dark individuals roaming this realm. Can you be sure that they don’t have other nefarious objectives? Even if they’re your friends?!”

Illya stepped back a bit.

She’s right…

I don’t want to fight Onii-san, but, what about them?

Does Onii-san want to hurt us?

Will they give up the cards?

Was he lying all this time?

“Wu Yan-nii told me…”

Miyu raised her voice.

“That I am not alone. If I can look past his status as a rival, he is willing to become my pillar of support.”

“I feel safe around him. He emanates an aura like that of my brother.”

Miyu expressed her feelings.

“I choose to believe in Wu Yan-nii!”

Illya thought back about the shopping trip and sundae she shared with Wu Yan. She also recalled that he saved her when Berserker was about to strike her down. She also remembered how he offered to make her fears go away.

“Onii-san isn’t that kind of person.”

Illya steeled up.

“He is honest in his dealings with us!”

“You guys…”

Luvia sighed.


Rin sighed too. She bitterly laughed as their words cured a tiny emotional tumor within her. She bitterly laughed.

“Talk about a messy situation…”

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