Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1476

The shops lined the two sides of the commercial.

It isn't a holiday, everybody has to be in school. This is why the commercial district isn't flooded with people.

The weather still brought a lot of people out of their homes. The commercial district is about half of its maximum capacity even without the presence of students.

Wu Yan and Rin walked along the street as they walked hand-in-hand.

He doesn't know if Rin skipped school but since she was here, she would probably fess up once he strolls around the commercial district with her.

Rin also stayed away from heavy topics. She ony talked about daily life and some other topics like what are in the stores here.

Nobody could peg her as a magician from the Clocktower.

They visited the stores here like a normal couple.

As time went on, the bags Wu Yan carried started to pile up while Rin also held onto a few bags of goods.

The two spent most of the day shopping without engaging in further intimate actions like saying sweet-nothings to one another. They also held each other’s hands throughout the day except for when Rin had to go try on new clothes.

The two were shocked by how long this charade continued.

Wu Yan couldn’t believe Rin had held onto his hand this long. He expected her to shake him off.

Rin also proactively held hands with him after trying on new clothes, a feat he didn’t expect.

Rin is also confused by her own reaction. She didn’t understand why the concept felt so natural to her. She also felt a bit disappointed whenever he let her go. Subconsciously, she would always grab his hand at the next chance to do so.

It was only a week ago that they met each other for the first time. Ignoring the lucky pervert moments, the two should have been enemies.

Maybe revised her perception of him after the lucky pervert moments?

In any case, they wrapped up the morning by having some quiet time sitting on the bench in the park. He cast his bags of goods aside with a relieved smile. Rin also stretched her back with a toothy grin.

“That was fun.”

“Of course.”

He raised the bags as if to remind her.

“You used my money to buy your stuff, anyone would be happy if they were in your shoes.”

“Yes, not gonna lie, that felt incredible.”

Rin drank her beverage with a single glance in his direction.

“Plus, you looked like you had no issue forking out the dough. Surely, you wouldn’t argue about small change with me, right?”

“You’ve got an astute pair of eyes.”

He rolled his eyes.

“Money is just a string of numbers on a digital sheet to me. If I wasn’t so modest, I am sure I could buy Fuyuki City.”

“The entire city?”

Rin almost spat out her drink.

“You’re that rich?”

“Yes, unfortunately.”

He shrugged.

“I am one of the bourgeoises you hate although I wouldn’t classify myself like that.”


Rin gnashed her teeth.

“Had I known I would have bought all the gems in the jewelry store just now.”

“You’re talking about spending other people’s money without batting an eye.”

“Anyway, we went on a date, we also went shopping. It’s about time you tell me why you invited me out, right?”

Rin stared silently at the fountain in front of her.

Then, she asked the question on her mind.

“Why are you gathering the Cards?”


He was interrupted.

“I am collecting the cards because a VIP in the Clocktower asked.”

Rin said.

“That man said he would make me and Luvia his disciples if we collected the cards.”

“That man’s tutelage will benefit me greatly. This is why I willingly took on the mission.”

“Although I am not desperate enough to say I would put my life on the line, I would still fight for it.”

Wu Yan also looked at the fountain.

“Actually, I have a similar goal.”

He admitted.

“You want a brighter future that comes as a result of studying under this “master” of yours. For me, I need it because it would grant me a benefit in the form of an excellent opportunity.”

“An opportunity.”

Rin looked at him.

“Yes, the chance…”

He looked at the sky as he reached out to claw at something invisible.

“A chance to stand at the top.”

He chuckled.

“You want to become the strongest, huh?”

Rin bitterly laughed.

“Looks like we are in the same boat.”

He rested his hands behind his head.

“Just like you, I would fight for it. Although I won’t abandon everything for it.”


Rin closed her eyes.

“Okay, what are you going to do if we don’t hand the cards over?”

“I will rob it.”

“Over our dead corpses?”

“Over your unconscious bodies.”

“You won’t kill us no matter what?”

Rin frowned.

“You are not going to say something like you’re not capable of striking us down, right? I know you’re not naive.”

“You think I would kill kids and women for the Class Cards?”

He pursed his lips.

“Sure, if it is my enemies who I hate, I might kill them. But, you girls are not on that list.”


Rin stared at him, baffled, and she giggled.

“We won’t give the cards up so easily.”


He chortled.

“I will rob it.”

“We will be waiting for you.”

Rin took her shopping bags before standing up.

“Okay, my objective has been accomplished, it’s time I make a move.”

Rin waved her hand.

“Right, the two girls are in a bad situation right now, emotionally speaking…”

Then, Rin left Wu Yan to his thoughts before exiting the park. He smiled in frustration.

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