Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1477: lost, consultation, an answer

Homurahara Academy, elementary school division…

Ding dong

The school bell chimed.

Everyone could hear the loud bell.

The teachers exited the classrooms after giving the kids homework and other assignments. Then, the kids packed up for the best time of the day: going home.

The clatters of classroom furniture and the rowdy noises of kids doing what they do best, having fun could be heard reverberating throughout the hallways of the school.

Kids had it easy, they can go play once they finish their homework and other academic preparations. Some also went to their clubs to develop their interests.

Illya stood up. She packed up her stuff like every other student in her class.

Nobody knows that this girl is a Magical Girl at night.

However, close friends could see that Illya lost the bright shine in her ruby-like eyes.

It isn’t just her.

Miyu seemed more distant than usual. Her cool exterior took on a frostier look.

Nobody could fault them, their minds are elsewhere and they are not happy.

Ruby and Sapphire who hid behind their hair stayed silent. They knew better than to talk when their hosts are crestfallen.

Kids lacked the astute perception needed to pick up their low-energy vibes. Most of the students went home without paying heed to their dark mood.

There are only four students other than Miyu and Illya in the classroom.

One of them had shoulder-length black hair.

Another one had pink twintails.

The other one had braids that ran down the front of her shoulders.

The last girl sported blonde hair tied in two buns at the sides of her hair.

These girls are on good terms with Illya and Miyu.

The four gathered in a group as they observed their sad friends.

Well, three are worried, and the last girl looked like she couldn’t read the mood.

“Yo, Illya!”

The blonde girl slapped Illya’s back with a mighty swing of her arm. That power could knock sandbags back.

“You’re so slow. I thought you would have run home by now. You don’t look like you’re in your best state today!”

“That dumbass.”

Her three friends face-palmed.


Illya almost had the air in her lungs slapped out by the blonde crazy girl known as Tatsuko.

She forcibly smiled.

“No, this is fine once in a while…”


Tatsuko wagged her finger in disagreement.

“No, you’re not in your optimal mo-ooff!”

Somebody used a handblade to chop her head.

“If you can tell that much then don’t stir up trouble for her!”

The pink twin-tail stomped the downed Tatsuko like she was not her friend.

She apologized to Illya.

“Sorry, Illya, you know her, her screw is always loose.”

“It’s fine Nanaki.”

Illya ignored what just happened. She shook her head.

“Are you girls not heading home?”

“Maa, we figured we could hang out for a while.”

Nanaki shifted the topic.

“You don’t look fine, are you sick?”

“Miyu too.”

The girl with shoulder-length hair approached them. She asked if Miyu was fine.

“If you aren’t feeling well, I can assist you as we head to the infirmary…”

“The teacher should be in.”

The girl with braids looked at Miyu and Illya.

“Want me to call her over?”

“N-No Need.”

Illya denied as she frantically waved her arms.

“I am fine, Mimi, Suzuka…”

“I am fine too.”

Miyu said.

“Don’t worry.”


Nanaki, Mimi, and Suzuka exchanged a look.

Miyu finished stuffing her bag as she went for the exit.

“I am leaving first, bye.”

“Wait! Miyu!’

Illya tagged behind her.

Her friends sighed.

“What now?”

Mimi asked with an anxious look.

“They don’t look fine.”

“Stop worrying about the small stuff, you will turn bald.”

Nanaki crossed her arms. She wheeled around to Suzuka.

“Suzuka, you wanna tail them?”


Suzuka, the grown-up of the group shook her head.

“Let them be for now.”

Illya and Miyu changed their shoes at the locker area before heading to the school’s exit.

The two didn’t exchange a single word. The air is heavy with silence.

Illya broke the silence first. She couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hey, Miyu.”

Illya asked with trembling eyes.

“What do you think?”

Miyu paused for a second. Then, she continued strolling forward.

She understood her vague question.

Just like her, she is confused too.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t?”

Illya’s shoulders sagged down.

“What are we going to do?”

Miyu replied after another pause.

“I don’t know.”

“If Miyu has no clue then I don’t know either.”

Miyu turned around as she glanced at Illya who is both frustrated and sad.

“You just got dragged into this mess by Ruby. I don’t think you want to continue on this Magical Girl path, right?”

Miyu looked forward with a resolute look.

“Illya, if you don’t want to fight, you can always back out.”

“Run away?”

Illya turned still.

“You never wanted any of this.”

Miyu said.

“Rin won’t say anything if you choose to run.”


Illya wasn’t so sure.

“What about Miyu?”

Miyu turned around. She didn’t want her to see her weak mien.

“I don’t know.”

Miyu headed for the exit.

Then, a figure emerged to block her path.

“I see, so this is what she meant by your poor emotional conditions, huh?”

Illya and Miyu looked up at the same time. They gasped.



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