Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1481: Start of the fight, ample preparations

The night came just as promised.

Except for the dim lights in dozens of houses and the streetlights along the roads, the city looked faintly lit. The town looked peaceful and calm.

To ordinary citizens, this calm is just part of life for them.

However, for a particular group of individuals who are going to brawl, this calm is just the serenity before the storm.

The Edelfelt mansion is still brightly-lit as the huge construct exuded a sense of disquiet.

The faint light of the mansion permeated the giant living room.

Four ladies stood on the balcony on the first floor. They looked out into the city with nervous looks.

Rin wore a white T-shirt and biking pants. She also donned a red coat that made her look regal. She is serious about this fight.

Luvia wore a white dress that seemed inapt seeing as she needs to fight too. Rin’s battle-ready attire would have suited her too. However, the rich lady also looked forward with an anxious look.

Miyu and Illya were already in their Magical Girl outfits.

The two fairy-like girls were also ready to fight.

Although they would be going up against rational foes, the rivals will likely not admire their cuteness.

Returning to the living room, the two girls clenched their magical staves with unease.

Luvia looked at her watch.

“One more minute.”

The people raised their guards.

“One more minute.”

Rin wiped away her nervous sweat.

“We are fighting our strongest opponents yet. Don’t go easy, remember to fight at your full might!”

“Full might.”

Illya and Miyu hesitated. However, they resolved themselves in the next instant.

The enemies are powerful, if they go easy, they will have their butts handed to them.

Wu Yan looks powerful enough that anything they can throw at him will likely not even scratch him.

So, they know they can go all out.


Luvia declared.

“5 more seconds…”

Rin tensed up.


Illya raised her staff.


Miyu emitted a sharp glint from her eyes.


The space in front of them shimmered.


The spatial distortion expanded while spewing out fog.


Three individuals emerged from the portal.

A lady with brown hair, brown eyes, an orange coat, and short jeans. She had a gallant air.

The other one had pink hair, green eyes, a white dress, and a red coat. She looked like a trained knight.

The last man had black hair, red eyes, a black shirt, a pair of black pants, and a dark coat.

He emitted an oppressive air.

The three emerged from a spatial distortion under the chandelier.

They looked up at Rin & co.

Rin & co vs Wu Yan & co.

The four ladies looked nervous while the trio looked laid back.

“Sorry for the intrusion.”

He asked tongue-in-cheek.

“We aren’t late, are we?”

“Nope, you came just on time.”

Rin grinned.

“I would complain if you were a second earlier.”


He shrugged after glancing around.

“Looks like you had ample time to prepare.”

“That’s right!”

Luvia revealed gems that were hidden in her palms.

“I had to prepare for my guests, you see!”


Luvia cast the stones out. The gems hit the floor.


The gems glowed brightly before drilling into the ground.


A giant formation expanded to cover the living room, the house, and eventually the whole mansion and its exteriors.

Then, the formation faded.

Wu Yan and Mikoto felt something interfering with them.

“This is…”

Mikoto looked at the feeble static electricity between her fingertips.

She frowned.

“My powers are weakened?”

“Not just lightning.”

Rin also tossed a gem out.


The gem shattered against the ceiling as a mist of powder spread throughout the room.


Hinagiku looked at her Shirosakura with disbelief. Then, her hands trembled before she dropped her sword.


Hinagiku gasped.

“It’s so heavy.”

The pink particles clung to her blade like invisible chains.

So the gem was used to seal Shirosakura.

Mikoto had her lightning severely nerfed while Hinagiku can’t use her sword.

The two ladies had their strongest attacks sealed.

Raising an eyebrow, he chuckled.

“Good job, I expected this much in terms of preparations.”

“Using all intel to the most effective extent, that is basic planning in a fight.”

Luvia ran her fingers through her blonde locks.

“We used the dragon vein as a medium for these formations. It took us 5 hours to draw this up. Unless you can completely erase the land, your two assistants won’t be able to help you much.”

Then, she saw something despairing.

The original intention was to completely seal Mikoto’s EM manipulation and Hinagiku’s sword.

However, Mikoto can still use her powers albeit at a depowered stage while Hinagiku can swing her sword but it looked more taxing to do so than normal.

So his ladies were superhuman freaks too, huh…

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